Hwang Jung Eum Gets a Lucky Romance Love Triangle with Ryu Jun Yeol and Lee Soo Hyuk

This coming week is the premiere of Lucky Romance now that Goodbye Mr. Black has bid farewell at last to its revenge schemes. GMB was the ratings leader during the Wed-Thurs time slot after Descendants of the Sun ended, but never passed 10% ratings as far as I recall, so it’s not clear if Lucky Romance can strike it lucky with viewers since rom-coms haven’t been as popular in recent years. It’s as good a time as any since the late spring to early summer period seems primed for romance in the air, and LR looks really high energy and wacky as befits the K-drama penchant to make rom-coms as comedic extremes in set up as possible. I see leads Ryu Jun Yeol and Hwang Jung Eum looking on point in character even if I’ve seem similar personalities from them before onscreen, whereas Lee Soo Hyuk catches my eye for being oddball and quirky when he’s usually the cold arrogant typecast in dramas. If the romance between the leads hits my sweet spot then it’ll be nice to follow a more typical rom-com again.


Trailer for Lucky Romance”


Hwang Jung Eum Gets a Lucky Romance Love Triangle with Ryu Jun Yeol and Lee Soo Hyuk — 15 Comments

  1. Seems cute but it would’ve been really nice without a (maybe complicated) love square.

    I also hope Suho isn’t (just?) the typical cold arrogant genius, not to mention, rich guy. Good thing he isn’t a chaebol. These teasers aren’t really much to judge from but I don’t think Junyeol’s playing another Junghwan.

    HJE, I have no idea. I didn’t watch her last two romcoms but I’ve always had a soft spot for her, starring in two of my fave melos(Giant and Secret). And I hope LCA gets more recognition. First saw her in Temptation of Wolves and I’m wondering why she hasn’t been headlining dramas.

  2. LJS had different characters in his last dramas. In Valid Love, his character was not so cold but just really lonely and in Neighborhood Hero ( I didn’t see all the episodes because the story was weird) he was like a puppy :p

    I’m curious about this drama because of Ryu Joon Yul. He was really praised for his role in Reply 1988 but I didn’t watch. But I’m a little bit afraid that the story will be not so original.

    • mte. when they announced all the changes and new elements that they added in like the love triangle/square, or the male lead becoming a ceo, my interest just dropped. I like RJY and will check out for him but still have reserve about HJE, really can’t stand her overreaction.

  3. Lee Soo Hyuk’s face has looked different to me in all the promotional stuff for this drama…but I can’t pinpoint why, it’s weird. (And no, this is not me accusing him of PS).

    • I think he’s gained some weight, especially in his face. Which, although it means he’s lost his defined cheekbones, makes him also look much more relatable and adorable.

  4. RJY only had 8 seconds of screentime in the latest teaser… I’m wondering how people are already drawing conclusions on his character b/c so far I haven’t been seeing anything? Is it because he’s not a happy-go-lucky character that he’s automatically playing another Junghwan? genuinely asking…

    Anyways, i’m excited for my queen HJE to return. I don’t really mind her screaming, that’s why computers come with adjustable volume lol. Never seen LSH in anything before but his character seems cute… I loved Jung Sang Hoon in YOF so i’m excited about his character too

  5. HJE – same acting from Kmhm, SWP and now LR. Also, as with SWP, she looks older then both leading Men. Dont get me wrong, I like HJE but 3 shows back to back with same acting style – I wont care for. Peace.

    • We wont care for you either, what acting is she suppose to show? I don’t get it why some people are so envious about HJE having so many shows.The producers like her, the Korean audience likes her,the sponsors like her…if you don’t want to see her, throw your laptop into the trash can.

      • @garnet I am entitled to my opinion. I said I like HJE, so whats yr beef? I have seen u chew out okoala about HJE as well. And I dont have laptop, I watch on my ipad. ??

    • +1000

      Why can’t they have 2 separate lovelines like DOTS? That worked perfectly well as the audience lapped it up as the love triangle/square are overused and predictable.

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