Wallace Huo Confirmed Opposite Zhou Xun for C-drama Sequel to Legend of Zhen Huan

I thought it was a million in one shot in the dark that HK acting god and superstar Tony Leung would make a return to television drama after a 27 year hiatus. And now casting news has confirmed that the attempt to lure Tony was a no go, but in his place comes an actor who has been surging in acting acclaim and popularity in the last few years. TW-actor Wallace Huo has been confirmed to play opposite C-actress Zhou Xun in the upcoming mega high profile period C-drama Ruyi’s Royal Love in the Palace.

Zhou Xun has worked with Tony before but as far as I know this will be the first time acting opposite Wallace Huo, who is coming off the abysmally awful The Imperial Doctress but the critically well-received Love Him if You Dare. Wallace is slated to play Emperor Qianlong, the most famous and longest ruling emperor in the Qing dynasty, while Zhou Xun is playing his most beloved consort wife Ruyi. The drama is billed as the dramatic sequel the hit Legend of Zhen Huan hence all the early attention and the ability to land such big name leads. Filming starts this summer for a 2017 premiere.


Legend of Zhen Huan launched and/or invigorated the careers of so many actors, from Sun Li to Ada Choi to Jiang Xin to Chen Jia Bin and Li Dong Xue, expect the same for the cast of Ruyi even if not playing the leads. I’m also hoping for insanely apropos catchphrases – I still use “a bitch is always bitchy” (贱人就是骄情) whenever I want to sass.


Wallace Huo Confirmed Opposite Zhou Xun for C-drama Sequel to Legend of Zhen Huan — 12 Comments

  1. Omg omg omg! To be honest, Wallace has never came across my mind for this role, buuuut…I’m so excited about this news! I’m not sure if he matches the Qing’s hairdo though, I’ve only seen him in that hairstyle in The Great Protector (镖门) and I don’t really dig that look. But taking on this role would definitely propel him further in his career.

  2. looking forward to this…but not till next year? I love Zhou Xun as an actress…and Wallace has always been a favorite.

  3. I saw this photo of him with his new shaved head. He is still very handsome. I am not very sure of the roles and the storyline though.

  4. I’ve always had a soft spot for Wallace Huo. But after The Journey of the Flower I’m totally obsessed with him. Hunting all of his dramas now with the only exception the Swordman. Looking forward to this one. Particularly since I also like Qianlong the coolest King ever.

  5. …… Oh gosh, I wasn’t expecting them to choose him… Sure he was good in Chinese paladin 3,butta in some of his recent dramas that he starred,i thought he was lacking, plus I think it’s his eyes where they lack a bit of life and I just feel that he’s a bit dull in acting….. Hopefully the drama cast and directing makes up for it imo

  6. oooh I really want to see emperor Qianlong stories, and I like HJY in period drama, but it’s on 2017, be patient my heart

  7. What!!! ” Abysmally awful”!!you have to be kidding me!!! I loved it! Lived it. I live in San Francisco, Ca and I cant believe I was ab l e to find it on drama fever!

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