Third Movie Trailer for Bounty Hunters Ramps Up the Action and Sparks with Leads Lee Min Ho, Wallace Chung, and Tang Yan

I’m going to place my bet that there will be a big bounty at the box office waiting for Korean-Chinese movie Bounty Hunters when it premieres on July 1st. The third trailer really hammers home the fun factor, and for caper and chase movies like this fun outweighs the substance so there’s not a huge hill to climb to win over viewers. Starring Lee Min Ho, Wallace Chung, and Tang Yan, the movie hops from China to Korea as Tang Yan’s lady boss ropes in a bunch of bounty hunters to help find an international baddie. K-movies of this genre mostly deal with chasing after a prize or treasure but this one makes a person the target and also turns the cops and robbers roles around so that the good guys get framed along the way and have to battle both sides. Check out the new trailer below which is more action packed and confirms that the assembled cast has chemistry and complementary visuals galore.

Third trailer for Bounty Hunters:


Third Movie Trailer for Bounty Hunters Ramps Up the Action and Sparks with Leads Lee Min Ho, Wallace Chung, and Tang Yan — 56 Comments

  1. I believe they share that in common since all HK based actors always use another person voice and the same with the great Bruce lee because non of his movies were his actual voice. The Chinese viewers are use to it and done with this. Tiffany tang, wallace chung and all of them using different voice

  2. What I meant is that they are all use to it and down with this. The dubs are also alot better In china then anywhere else imo. Since I have been watching alot of Bruce Lee films. A person from HK and Sk use the same method in Chinese films

  3. Hope the best for team Bounty Hunters and may fate favor them on the Box office. They need all the luck they can get. while their chances is not bad for a lottery win but everything needs luck

    • He was filming this movie before the drama news in Thailand. The drama comes after the Movie. it just got announced

    • he was in a super horrid accident with JIW years ago before they got famous. they barely came out alive and he has a rod in his knee causing him to have lots of issues. trust me i hate it when people skip on their service but LMH (and JIW for that matter) have a super valid reason.

    • How is this even relevant to this topic. As you have already read his going to enlist as police officer and to my knowlegde he will have to serve 2-yrs without being active

    • Lol he won’t be escaping military service. Where you read that? He will do public service instead of active along with his friend Jung Ilwoo because both were in an accident and are not fit active duty. He would still be gone from entertainment business for 2 years.

  4. LMH seems to struggle with weight on and off or bloatedness? He had that before heirs but came into the drama perfect. but in this movie, he seems a little bloated in the face.

    • He has been struggling with that since Boys over flowers. But he usually always comes in fit and meets the weight when shooting

  5. He has been growing as an actor. It’s been a pleasure to watch all his things and feels like it has been forever. can’t believe his going to be leaving us for 2 years after giving wonderful 8 yrs

    • His not leaving just yet. lets wait for that part. this moment is to good. I know he has to enlist but I hate everything about enlistment. It’s covered up jail time

      • What I meant by the last sentence is that how Minoz view it and just my personal belief I don’t belief in military

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