College Days C-drama One Smile is Very Alluring Releases Poster and Readies for Summer 2016 Airing

The sure to be adorable college setting modern C-drama One Smile is Very Alluring (微微一笑很倾城 Wel Wei Yi Xiao Hen Qing Cheng) is gearing up for its highly anticipated summer 2016 airing. Starring Yang Yang and Zheng Shuang, the drama is less about opposites attract then about two seemingly perfect yet flawed specimens finding a soulmate in each other. Based on a C-novel by writer Gu Man (Shan Shan Come Eat, Silent Separation/My Sunshine), One Smile is about the perfect campus prince falling for the beautiful campus flower not for looks or popularity, but for her prowess at video gaming. Lol, that’s a fresh one even if the idea of the two most popular students in university ending up together seems too perfect to be true. I feel like shipping Zheng Shuang onscreen with any of her male costars is pointless since she’s in so many C-dramas at this point she’s worked with nearly every male actor out there, but here she really does look visually matched with Yang Yang and both age appropriate to pull of college student freshness.


College Days C-drama One Smile is Very Alluring Releases Poster and Readies for Summer 2016 Airing — 11 Comments

    • What do you think about YAMS? Good or no good? My friend recommended me to watch it. I watched BnM and liked it a lot.

      • It’s surprisingly addictive since it’s not even fast paced. The male lead is HOT. LOL

  1. Woohoo! This has been long awaited since I read the novel online last year. Gu Man is such a master at quips and banters that even the plot is very simple and given that I don’t understand all the Chinese characters, I was still hooked and marathoned the story non stop. I had a short stint of crush at Yang Yang for his characters in Tornado Girl and The Lost Tomb. He did such good jobs in making the two novel figures walking alive on screen. I have so much more anticipation of him as the leading man again this time since he should be pivotal and should have major screen time in OSiVA, unlike in TG and jinxed TLT. I hope he won’t disappoint me.

    Thanks Koala for the drama update. Please keep us posted until it’s aired. Can’t wait!

  2. I haveant watched anything with Yang Yang but idk if ZS fits this role. Wei Wei is suppose to be drop dead gorgeous in like an innocent way ofcourse. Not that ZS isnt beautiful but I guess mentally i just over exaggerated the character’s beauty. Besides that ZS played the sassy role well in Queen Inhun’s man C-Version so I expect she will do the same in this one as well. Here is to hoping that she was dubbed in that drama and the same voice actor wont be used to dub her again in this one.

  3. Yang Yang is fine but he has a lot of mean vicious fans that like to put down others. Unfortunately that is my main impression of him.

  4. It’s so funny I accidentally came across the English translations while waiting at the airport last month, and after reading a chapter it was so interesting that I kept reading until I had finished all the side stories (I love MoZhaHim and KO!)…even though I had my last final the day after.

    Then, to my surprise, I learned that the web novel actually had both a drama and movie coming out for this year! OMG lol…what a coincidence. >.< 😀

  5. Gawd, FINALLY! Been waiting for updates on this drama. I read the novel last year and been itching to have a live-action version. CAN’T. WAIT. <3

  6. Been waiting for this drama since i really love all c-novel by Gu Man. Both my boss & me and silent seperation are really good thus i keep rewatching them and never get bored. I hope this drama will be as great as them.

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