Lee Dong Wook Confirmed for Goblin with Gong Yoo and in Latest Singles Spread Looking Coolly Disreputable


I couldn’t be more thrilled that Lee Dong Wook is now confirmed to be joining Gong Yoo and Kim Go Eun in screenwriter Kim Eun Sook‘s upcoming tvN fantasy drama Goblin. There was basically a 99.9% change he wouldn’t do it, and these days no Korean actor or actress in their right career mind would turn down a Kim Eun Sook penned K-drama. Her works still generating massive ratings is one thing, but for an actor or actress playing one of her leads always lands a role that gets audiences talking, for good or for bad, and neither is a bad. Reportedly Gong Yoo’s character is a goblin, and became one because in his previous life he was a servant struck down by his liege’s sword, and Lee Dong Wook is the grim reaper in this tale who was formerly the king. It’s all too out there to make more sense of but I continue to anticipate this project with complete confidence it’ll work out for cast and audiences alike.

Lee Dong Wook can certainly look forward to many more pictorials in his future after Goblin, but for now he’s starting off the summer in a Singles spread that is part hobo and part louche rock star. He makes it work and that’s all that matters.


Lee Dong Wook Confirmed for Goblin with Gong Yoo and in Latest Singles Spread Looking Coolly Disreputable — 14 Comments

  1. It’s been a while I got excited for LDW project! I like his character even if it’s not a lead role. Hopefully this will be good.

  2. I hope KES equally pens out an independent love line for LDW alone with the 2nd female lead just like DotS. Don’t get these beautiful and talented actors/actresses tangled together so my heart won’t be torn for anyone of them.

  3. Oh that part about their past lives being connected sounded cool. GY’s character sounds like he’d have major beef with LDW. AND he’s a goblin. Aren’t they supposed to be tricky? He should drive LDW nuts!

    • Can you list legitimate reason why you don’t like the actress choosen for this drama. I think she’s a great actress and really cute in her own way, plus she was awesome as sul in CITT even if a bit different from the webtoon. I’m looking forward to seeing both actors on screen, LDW and GY’s last dramas didn’t do too well rating wise. Good luck to this new project.

  4. Too much hotness is one drama, I feel like I’ll get a nose-bleed by the end of each ep and I completly don’t mind <3 lucky Kim Go Eun. Hopefully my Go Eun will sport a long hair, she looks amazing in it.

  5. Omg, finally a drama with a solid main cast I like! I am totally checking this one out! So glad it’s on TVN too. I have been liking a lot of their dramas lately

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  7. I am still drooling over the singles look of LDW? And for ‘Goblin’ with a solid cast, expecting the writer to not let down LDW’s fans & wishing him a great success

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