Park Shin Hye and Lee Sung Kyung Deal with Friendship and Rivalry in Latest Doctors Drama Stills

The onscreen face-off of Park Shin Hye and Lee Sung Kyung in Doctors takes shape in the latest drama stills from the arriving soon Mon-Tues SBS drama. Looks like they are friends back in the high school days, and in the present turn into colleagues in the neurosurgery department of the same hospital. First loves in Hallyu dramas are overplayed but so are high school rivals bit, even Facebook can’t keep me virtually connected with people from my formative years, much less landing in the same career and company as adults.

Lee Sung Kyung has gotten really mixed feedback from Cheese in the Trap and some of it is warranted, she can overact even on top of being told to overact, so her acting goal has to be restraint and more restraint and I think she’ll be fine. Park Shin Hye continues to rock the role of high school gangster turned mature neurosurgery resident, showcasing in stills and teasers that the acting improvement from Pinocchio is here to stay.


Park Shin Hye and Lee Sung Kyung Deal with Friendship and Rivalry in Latest Doctors Drama Stills — 19 Comments

      • all of mybeloved friends, please do not over defensive

        She/he just comment do not influence anything. Lets enjoy this forum. Spread love!
        shinhye really nice girl as you too

    • Well, I blame the styling. I think PSH can still pass as a HSS if she ditches the bangs. IDK why but she just looks much younger showing her forehead with a fluffy ponytail.

    • I think there are older actresses still play High school scenes added to that is just part of her flashes of the past so we can understand her growth from this stage to be doctor .

  1. I love PSH look in the drama…basically everyone is praising her that she looks so young that she can pull hs look easily..I’m so eagerly waiting for doctors to air..the new teaser is really great..imo she had awesome acting abilities even before Pinocchio..she is going to kick many asses in this drama I just can’t wait to watch badass hyejung.

  2. Totally love the newest teaser, Shin Hye rocks!!! Her high-kicks are awesome and I can’t wait till 20th June. Why does it feel like eternity???

  3. Koalas, I am waiting that you will review treaser 3.. really awesome, shinhye more improvement in act she is beautiful as always

  4. She should older…she is 18 in that high school uniform and the character is supposed to be tough so she can not look baby faced . Eagerly waiting for the 20th, we can finally see her in her natural kind of tomboyish persona just like her in real life.

  5. I hope you all stop seeding that troll. She/he is obviously has nothing to do other than creating hate and fan war. Just ignore her

  6. These days, some mentions are like fire starters but I’ll call a spade a spade. Heirs is one good example of casting actors who looked too old to play high school students. This kind of things do bug me in the beginning but in the end, it’s how convincing or good the actor is and less of how he/she looks. In I Hear Your Voice, I really liked Lee Jong Seok in there despite the fact he didn’t look that much like a high school student. Lee Min Ho looked older but I found his Kim Tan childish. So, looks may seem jarring in stills but the drama may still work if the actor is good.

    Park Shin Hye somehow reminds me of Anne Hathaway in her looks. She has strong features which make her look severe with thick straight bangs. Strangely, it ages her instead of making her look younger. However, if she kicks ass looking this way, I will take her anytime over the younger looking but totally pathetic Cha Eun Sang.

  7. I just hope writernim be good to us. I know your script has won an award but i dont know why i have reservation..Good thing you have strong cast…DOCTORS FIGHTING…

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