SBS Wins the Ratings with Mon-Tues Drama Doctors But Loses with Wed-Thurs Drama Wanted

SBS premiered two new prime time dramas this week to opposite spectrum results, and the one win greatly trumps the one loss if you ask me. Doctors with Park Shin Hye and Kim Rae Won burst out of the gate to fantastic ratings, garnering 12.9% AGB nationwide on Monday and the second episode rose 1.3% to bring in 14.2% AGB nationwide ratings. That’s an impressive success right off the bat and a big congrats to the two leads who radiate chemistry and wonderfully portray their characters.

My only quibble is that I hate hate the subtle hints that they like each other when he’s still her homeroom teacher and she’s still an underage high school senior. I’ll just pretend that aspect isn’t there and hope the early sequence ends soon so the adult romance that happens will no longer feel icky and wrong. Over on Wed-Thurs, new kidnapping thriller drama Wanted had the opposite fate of Doctors despite sharing the same three syllable one word type title – episode 1 aired to only 5.9% ratings, less than half of what Doctors brought in.

I think Mon-Tues are a lock for Doctors for the remainder of its run, and if it keeps doing well it could pass 20% ratings nationwide and that would be fantastic for Kim Rae Won, still rocking his post Punch comeback, as well as Park Shin Hye being the focal point headlining this drama. Wed-Thurs is pretty dead for ratings on all three dramas, with Lucky Romance not even breaking 10% still, so I think Uncontrollably Fond premiering the first week of July has a chance to make a ripple in the placid time slot.


SBS Wins the Ratings with Mon-Tues Drama Doctors But Loses with Wed-Thurs Drama Wanted — 101 Comments

      • People love that romance lovely comedy stuff and I can’t watch things like that too often ,beautiful mind and wanted have suspension, tension! Everything ! Such a different plot too ,the ratings will go up for sure

    • yes you are correct! They were entertaining but with just enough of a vibe to make me feel a bit less intrigued by the show. I have started watching BM on – it’s a reliable site. But even though i watch BM after Doctors has aired because for me Doctors has the story line I want.
      So I’m saying everyone has the ability to watch what they find the most intriguing.

    • Beautiful Mind is so damn good, Jang Hyuk is creeping the hell out of me yet I am intrigued by his acting, there’s a chance this will be second “I remember You” for KBS2, critically hit but with low ratings. I hope the numbers pick up though.

    • I know right, ratings don’t tell everything. Beautiful Mind is way better than Doctors.

      Such an amazing drama, blows my mind away! Well done Beautiful Mind!

      • You is everywhere to replay then praise BM good but i dont think so.. haha, I see just you who always in side BM, my advice please looking for friends to think as same as you, you will be great haters, daebak hater then

        Even song hye kyo send coffee truck to support shinhye drama, so you dont influence anything to try downgrade doctors. Lol poor

  1. doctors is SO good. it is predictable but honestly i don’t care. i really like both of the main actors in anything they do but i do agree that the high school setting is kinda off putting. i hope they jump to the present and fast so i don’t have to feel like a creep for shipping hye jung and ji hong together (i felt SO bad about squealing during the scene in the science lab)

    • same!! I caught myself grinning like an idiot while watching that scene and then I got angry at myself for enjoying it :/ lol

  2. I love DOCTORS. The first 2 episodes are great and the drama seems promising. I am hoping it will continue to gain the ratings, given that the drama continue to be consistently good. Hopefully that will give a heads up when Scarlet Heart: Ryeo premiering after Doctors. I so badly want my Lee Jun Ki to be seriously recognized since he has been taken for granted after his comeback from Military Service.

    • can’t give love to Wanted because I haven’t watched yet but will solve that now by watching. I am still firmly entrenched in my fave Doctors. I have already devoted significant feelings to BM but if I had to rate them then Doctors earns a top grade from me with a slight lowering for BM. Not sure about wantedyet,

  3. Fell asleep half way through the first episode …that’s how bad park shin hye’s acting was plus she lost a lot of weight too …I see the ratings falling further next week .

    • “I don’t see this drama doing well cos she can’t ride on the fame of an it k drama actor on this one .”
      I see you change your words since doctors is off with a great start lol. I bet the rating will rise next week and i do hope so for the sake of bitter fans

    • Though being you then, why not admit you simply can’t watch one of her shows because you are afraid you will start liking her. She is a particularly unique young actress and once you get over the unreasonable dislike – who knows you might just like her drama. But you don’t have to admit any satisfaction you get from watching her badass gangsta persona…….so awesome.

    • Aiv seen ur comments spreading hate on PSH everywhere. U’ve hated her for so long, then why bother watching her show or giving comment in each of her articles? Save ur energy to spread love on your bias. It’s better than showing ur hatred on PSH everywhere.

    • That is exactly what happened to me. I tried watching Doctors (thanks to Kim Rae Won, obviously) and had to give it up after the first half of the episode because I was repelled by Park Shin Hye’s hungry dog expression and bad acting (she has also such an unpleasant nasal voice; really, I have never understood her popularity, but, well, everybody has different tastes after all).
      Anyway, Kim Rae Won deserves the ratings, so I don’t mind the drama having been well received (unfortunately for me, I won’t continue watching it – after all, it’s nothing new when it comes to a Park Shin Hye’s drama).

      • It’s funny how much you comes to her articles even though you hate her.
        Must be her overwhelming popularity

    • you will be great haters, daebak hater then.. congratulation! God safe you

      Even song hye kyo send coffee truck to support shinhye drama, so you dont influence anything to try downgrade doctors or shinhye. Lol poor

      • She sent coffee truck to “scarlet heart ” team, not to “doctor” team , Pls make sure you check the fact before post it

      • No the truck wasn’t from SHK it is from an actress who is in the same company SALT she us park shin hye ‘friend.

    • Didn’t you said this drama will flop because no popular guy to carry?
      Seem like you need to eat your words and probably some more next week

  4. I totally forgot about Doctors premiering this week!! Off to watch KRW’s sunny smile lol

    And well.. some years of manga made me kind of ok with that set up, it’s fiction and at least PSH is not underage in reality.

  5. Correction Ms. Koala, LR premiered with 10.3% but didn’t exceed 10% after that.

    Doctors didn’t leave a huge impression to me for it’s first 2 eps because it seems too cliche but then again it’s only been 2 episodes, definitely room for improvements. The ratings though, seem to be very promising.

    Going to give BM a try, I did see some people more impressed with it’s premier although it’s the minority.

  6. I didn’t watch doctors but beautiful minds was absolutely fantastic. I thought the synopsis was cheesy but decided to take a look because of yoon hyun min and well, the execution was really different from what I thought would be a romance drama lol. It was very sleek and fast paced, and it feels more of a thriller that is set in the hospital. I highly recommend it.

    • Though I love Doctors, I watched the 1st episode of BM respectively. It’s quite watchable until ep.2 it becomes so cringy due to the laughable dialogue and scripts.

    • Yoon Hyun Min is fantastic. I really wish he could headline a drama deserving of his talent one day. I fangirl so much whenever he shows up on the screen– especially in this latest version as a glasses-wearing doctor. What a hottie. Basically if he was my doc, I’d choose to be chronically ill as well. Too bad because he’s second lead, the show might make him evil for the sake of a twist. Since he did steal that heart right out of the cadever in ep 2. LOL I’m crying.

  7. Doctors isn’t very original or even quality material, but it’s very successful in not objectively sucking in any aspect. I went in with low expectations, but came out pleasantly surprised by the show’s watchability.

    Now Beautiful Mind…. Gahhh. I’m still suffering from the whiplash. Despite thinking the show is taking itself too seriously, I really enjoyed episode 1. I almost convinced myself the drama might be good if I shut down half my brain and not over think it. But episode 2 happened and was so cringy and awful that I sincerely feel sorry for the talented and supremely likable cast. I’m saddened by what could have been. BM had the potential to be an awesome drama… But too bad its writer has the psyche and mentality of a teenager who has no business pretending she can craft a ‘sophisticated’ thriller. Everyone in the show is making overdramatic gestures and acting as if they’re geniuses, except the characters are largely incompetent and can’t seem to make logical deductions. Lots of telling instead of showing as well. The OTP chemistry would have worked fine, except within days of meeting, the writer has to force the heroine to spout lines like “why is he making my heart beat so fast?” while she’s supposed to be investigating him for murder. LOL. Also she TELLs him she believes he killed a patient, while they’re alone in an isolated area. And he’s like “it’s a good time to kill you right now.” No duh Sherlock. She’d be loooong dead if she investigated every murder case this way.

    • Also in the span of two episodes, we’ve been treated with not just an open heart surgery but an open brain surgery as well. Except in this show Korean genius doctors don’t know how to do anything except walk into surgery with their arms raised dramatically and yell “irrigation! suction! irrigation!” in English.

      • Thanks for this, the other comments praising BM almost convinced me to watch it. Its no wonder so many actors rejected it and networks and it kept getting delayed. It sounds like Doctor stranger X100 and not in a good way. I mean DS showed promise until half ways or it still had hope. And the only thing that got me through it was Jong suk and Kang sora but i’m not going through that again…

    • I agree with the fact that there are some severe tonal shifts and editing problems with BM but the scene where the heroine felt her heartbeat wasn’t because she was falling for him but because she’d just saved his ass from a would-be stabber and was wondering why when her heart was beating so fast (due to adrenaline) that his wasn’t (because of his disorder but she doesn’t know that yet). It definitely wasn’t a romance thing.

      • Thanks for the context. Sometimes I wonder if people are watching the same drama with the different interpretations of the same scenes.

      • @ Shalini

        Thanks for that. I watched episode 2 while simultaneously packing a suitcase, so I definitely would’ve missed things. I just went back and checked out the scene, and agree with your interpretation.

        The direction is a mess here though. I wish they’d just stick to their guns and continue the thriller/suspense vibe from episode 1. Except they presented this scene as a comedic rom-com moment to force OTP chemistry down our throats (when it’s completely unnecessary– chemistry was way stronger when she arrested him like a boss in ep. 1).

        I mean, talk about wasted material: a cop sees a mentally derailing patient charge at a surgeon with a scalpel; instincts take over and she tackles the surgeon out of harm’s way. Meanwhile the adrenaline-charged situation fires up her system and sends her heart pounding. They land on the floor and the side of her head crashes against his chest– and boom. She hears a perfectly calm heartbeat. Said surgeon = possible stone-cold sociopath.

        I wish the director played up the spook factor here. Because her past encounters with this surgeon has given her every reason to be suspicious of him. They could have kept background music to a minimum, with some suspenseful beats playing while the patient takes the scalpel. But then drop to silence as we switch to her perspective– things slow a little and we hear her furious breathing and heart palpitations as she dives to save the surgeon … only to encounter something as cold as the heartbeat of a sociopath. The sheer contrast between her emotional-physical response and his would have been stark enough to be interesting.

        But what the show gave us instead is THIS: awkward comedic/fun-house background music, she’s sprawled awkwardly on top him for too long, and he’s like “uh can you get this patience off of me.” People stare. He goes, “come meet me. alone.” And she’s like “uhhh guys, don’t misunderstand. This isn’t what it looks like hahaha.” He saunters off, and she kabedons some random doctor and goes “why is my heart beating so much?”.. etc etc. Basically it was as cringy and awkward as a teen fanfic. I was too busy making faces to notice there was a cut showing her listening against his chest. But man .. the direction. WAE.

        Also, to follow your top murder suspect to an isolated staircase … smh. I liked her better when she was a no-nonsense hardcore traffic cop in ep. 1.

  8. Doctors is great. Park Shin Hye and Kim Rae Won really rock their character. I Love drama that focus in growth of the character. So many touching moments. Grandma and Hye Jung is just LOVE.

  9. For some reason, I can’t take PSH’s acting seriously. Definitely different girl, attitude wise in Doctors, being tough….same high school student though.

  10. The cast had said that Doctors is mainly a human drama just using the hospital scenes or being Doctors as a canvass and I like it so much as I cannot stomach gore and blood scenes dominating my watching time. To each his own, so to say. I love all the cast already. You can see the subtle nuances of emotions on Kim Rae Won, Park Shin Hye, Lee Sung Kyung, the grandma and the other cast acting also rocks. Plus Park Shin Hye exhibits chemistry with all the cast. The way I see it, there is no going over the line with the student-teacher relationship. KRW treats the students with propriety as a teacher. Of course, others here who are commented first are in a hurry to spread negativity when in fact most has even admitted that they haven’t watched the drama. Just to express bitterness that their choice is not doing well. Tsk…tskkk. Hope that the ratings will continue to rise in the coming weeks for Doctors. I’m a happy camper for this drama. Yay!

    • Completely agree with your post. It’s too funny sometimes because on the other hand…..professional actors, and even top notch directors! keeps praising her and wanting her to be in their projects! Latest comment from the actor playing her grandma on the show.

  11. Doctors for me is enjoyable because of PSH…..showing how her character is acting like that of the usual male character in most dramas, while KRW’s character is the female counterpart…..Must be what the local audience sees in the drama, hence the good rating. And maybe because of the pull of both actors popularity. Having been absent for the last year, may also contribute to that! Super glad Korean audience are watching , sounds good for this PSH fan.

  12. I thought i was the only one who find BM interesting but being overboard at times. Ep2 live surgery scene is just “huh? Seriously you let another neurosurgeon to replace the supposed one without even bothering to consider his credibility and knowledge heavily on the surgery he’s going to carry out??” Just simply asking question ‘do you know what to do?’ to another ns then right away makes him as tge replacement doesnt make sense at all. Not to mention the ‘realistic’ of min sun wook’s tantrum in the OT. As much as people said doctors is cringeworthy, i see no difference with BM either. I guess it’s the human side of doctors tht caught audience attention. Thriller has limited audiences tbh. take reply88 and signal as examples, both are from tvn but the difference in ratings though… i love signal to death while i dont even finish watching reply88 but it’s a fact tht reply88 appeal to a larger group of audience because of its human side and relatable much to people compared to signal.

    • You might be right.
      But I love suspence and thriller more than i love romance because it makes me want to know why all of this is happening and to find with the lead actor who is the criminal. I loved signal, Blind (movie) etc…. but I watched both Beautiful Mind and Doctors and in this case I find Doctors more appealing
      (Sorry for any grammatical and spelling error, im french)

    • About the switching of the surgeons… The other doctor may not be as good as the orignally planned surgeon, but that’s really only in the viewer’s eyes since we know the original is a genius. In the drama however, not all the hospital staff recognize as of yet that he’s that goof and the replacement surgeon is still a doctor within the hospital—he should be relatively competent enough. We can also assume that the replacement neurosurgeon should be up to date on what the surgery is about, as well as the rest of the department. As viewers, do we really have to see all the obvious specifics? Nd he did sort of freak out, but he was working on a presidential candidate no less. Poor dude LOL.

  13. Minutes into Doctors,i was already hooked,whereas i found myself skipping scenes in Beautiful mind. I can see,As always the minority(specifically those bitter nonfans of PSH whom i feel wouldn’t have watched the show in the first place) are trying their best to put down Doctors as much as possible. At the end of the day, it all comes down to personal preference,what you like may not be good to others and viceversa. Albeit all that we can try to enjoy our choice without putting down others. Anyways, Park shin hye is nailing it.Can see how much hardwork she has put in. And to see a female centric drama topping the rating,i feel proud.

  14. I have watched Beautiful Mind and the story is good so far, the acting is excellent but, I don’t know, I think the director is the problem. There is something wrong with the way the drama is crafted (especially the second episode). I hope it gets better.

  15. Doctors has a very solid starting with Kim Rae Won & Park Shin Hye’s incredible strong chemistry. But Beautiful Mind’s plot is more profound & thrilling. Jang Hyuk’s such a brilliant actor.

  16. LOl with the hate comments. If she’s really bad at acting, how come she got praised all the time. SHe’s the top Hallyu star…so keep hating and she’ll get more successful. ???

      • Of course she will be A list actress I can’t wait next movie CMS haha yes and the haters gonna hate

      • Says who? SH gets offers left and right and there are actors/directors’ interview which are all praises for her acting. She’s now considered an Alist actress

      • Yes she is an A lister but MBC choose to use LJS to promote for the drama… just like SBS choose to use PSH promote for the drama.
        HHJ focused more in chungnuro while PSH focuses on drama.
        There popularity and status are different.
        I can’t say one better than others.

      • kimster.. A list or whatever you compare shin hye to han hyo joo. what your motive anyway???? ok i just hope LJS will bring luck to HHJ bring her name big at China too. If her dating LJS also good. Just like SONGSONG COUPLE.

      • Just to say, she is only 26 and already recognized as Hallyu star. That must say something, right?

  17. Love Doctors after watching 2 episodes. Already fall in love with HJ and JH characters. Well done and congratulations to PSH, KRW, PD-Nim, and the crew for the ratings achivement.

    Will give a try for BM or Wanted.

    And for all critics go for PSH actings, they just give a comments. Why should take a weight of it.
    Just shake it off, haters will always hate.

    That’s not gonna make her life difference, just give a “meh” of it.

  18. I’m so happy with Doctors curent success. Some said that this drama will fail because there is no flower boy with halyu power, writer whose her previous drama questionable, and the new PD. But I’m glad that the pairing work so well, the chemistry is awesome. The story is touching. The writer did a good job so far. And the PD, well honestly, I can’t believe this is his first drama debut. People can connect with the story, with the characters, and that’s very important when we’re watching dramas. There is this warm feeling that i feel when i watch doctors. And i think many people feel it too. Can’t wait for next week episodes.

  19. I caught Doctors and got a really Japanese vibe from it, it reminds me of a Japanese show I watched ages ago about a girl gangster in high school too. Who turned her life around due to a teacher who was extran atrentive to her, there was no romance between them only a father daughter relationship. That is probably why I found the relationship so icky.

    I can’t get over how thin Park Ahin Hye is. I could barely recognise her. Her acting style has changed a bit, maybe because I haven’t seen her work since Heirs so I didn’t see it coming. I’m liking her growth.

  20. To all haters who are simply group of pathetic loosers using Jan Hyuk drama to hate on park shin hye drama doctors in which she is dominating I remembered all of your hateful comments before this drama and after it shows how much your pathetic soul which is full of hatred and to someone said hungry dog expression seriously are you even know how to talk 1st seriously keep barking like dogs while the ship is sailing a lot of haters simply don’t watch or bother yourselves about her news or articles .

  21. Try to watch Doctors but give up on the half of Episode 2. For Mon-Tue drama, i still enjoy Monster. Its getting better now with new rating record and i love Kang ji hwan-Sung yuri chemistry..

  22. Park Shin Hye fans still in their mid teens mentality, B class they said A class, and so naive thinking the praise are really genuine, all are paid media play and fans lobbying.she is far from great actress. Thinking rating equal quality, teenagers very easy to buy.

    • Seriously ha what a hatred can do in the people ?
      Spreading their shit
      Being paid are you stupid and crazy the love won’t be bought
      And for your Infos you are pathetic looser .

      • I don’t see how negative comments (some people still think, I believe that comments must only be positive) regarding Park Shin Hye have anything to do with hatred. Hatred, actually, requires a person to thoroughly invest his/her emotions (I doubt anyone here wastes his/her time to do that).
        Let me explain it to you, Nilechocolate: most of the times, negative comments have nothing to do with hatred; in fact, they reveal the commenter’s critical thinking.

      • What are you calling the comment above ???
        And the negativity I see here is more like to be hatred toward the actress rather than negativity for nothing as park shin he responsible for the damage in their personal life …..!

    • psh fans comment the mature one in here not teen minds. No one getting paid, and we don’t care if she A list or B list even Z list, in reality she got offer left n right, and last offer is with CMS. please don’t spread hate comment toward her.

    • LOL, this is the biggest lie I have heard. Why don’t you say it’s your personal psychotic thoughts only. Media play??? Do you think a small company like SALT can afford it? Such a kiddy comment. Also, PSH fans spans a wide age range this is why she has different shippers. Duh!

  23. Wow – this article is so filled with hate that it makes me sad. Why do people go to such extreme lengths to follow any and all articles with Ms. Shin Hye’s name in it just to make themselves fill better by writing put downs? Does it improve their mental well-being? I doubt it because I have a feeling those who have picked someone to hate don’t feel any better after they type put-downs, sometimes vile words and rejections. I have a feeling they have a moment of glee that they have once again got in a hateful comment against the star but I bet there is no lasting satisfaction. What goes around comes around and somewhere in your future you or yours will experience such hatred. Please remember that you don’t have a right to say anything because you have been doing the same for a long time now.
    On the other hand, PSH and KRW rock in Doctors! It doesn’t seem like something I have seen before and I think it is amazingly fast paced and interesting. It is not just good but very good. If haters don’t like her or her drama then go to the website or article that praises your favorite drama or actor and praise them – don’t belittle or put your self worth down by writing things you might cringe about in years to come.

    • @Classof2018, I’m agree with you, why they always find a way to hate psh,leave her alone. sick n tired to see all the hate comment toward her, her drama have good rating n her character so different from other her drama. But still they have find away to hater her.And fyi,do you see krw comment about her:in his word ( one of the main reason why I accept to act in Doctor is after I saw the cast list, there is no doubt about Shin Hye ability to act. So I have to accept this offer. If they can, all male actor would want to act with her, because we are aware of her ability to express her role).
      As usual psh always good review from other actor or actress(same like her grandmother at doctor, she praise her too)
      Hater always hater, let them be. In reality psh always kaching the money n famous in her own not because SOMEBODY.

    • It’s jealousy. It’s okay, the more hatred these haters throw the more love PSH will get from her fans and non-biased fans. These haters are acting like Seo Woo in the drama.

    • @Classof2018, you know what, I love your statement on “what goes around comes around”…people should believe in this fate, because it really does happen, we just don’t know when or where…that is why I believe that a person shouldn’t say or do anything bad to other people..both dramas and actors have their pros and cons, just accept it with an open heart…I believe in a principle that, if you don’t have anything good to say or do, then don’t say or do anything…it’ll come back to you someday…how do I know, people?…I went through a karma already, n I wish I could turn back the time…however, I’m glad I learnt it early…so, fellow human, let us live in peace because without us spreading hate, we already live in a world of evil…have a good day…

      • @dumdam – I’m glad others think this way too. My grandparents are very active in my education and think I should think beyond what is in books and school. They want me to think how others feel when wrong is done and how we can work together as a people to help those less fortunate than ourselves. They also have taught me that the universe has a way of turning things around -and I suppose that is karma or fate. I truly believe that wrongs done will return to us maybe not to us directly but to our children or their children. Perhaps I think wrongly but it is a good way to make me stop and think before saying or doing something that might just come back to haunt me in later years! I hope your karma wasn’t too bad and that your life is now good! Good luck in the future!

      • Interesting principle you have there.
        Just imagine what would happen if everybody actually applied it: when reading an article regarding Park Shin Hye, one would read only the following comments: “very talented”, “gorgeous”, “great fighting skills” etc.; when reading an article regarding Han Hyo Joo, people would say: “so beautiful”, “great actress”, “gorgeous” etc.; and I could go on and on with different actors.
        Now I wonder, what is the point then in leaving comments on blogs? One would be under the impression that everybody likes and appreciates every actor (it makes me think of some brainwashed states of mind).
        Therefore, I see nothing wrong in leaving negative comments about Park Shin Hye here. If I went to her personal SNS accounts, or if I sent her letters or, I don’t know, if I spread some unfounded rumours about her, then, yes, that would be wrong.

      • @Sganarel – I have nothing against honest criticism for any actor/actress. I have a problem with the criticism that put down the actor or actress with cruelty or personal dislike. If people stuck to honest criticism and not simply personal taste that would be fine. According to my research the way to really critique and actor/actress should follow certain questions. (quote) 1. “do they portray the character that they play well? are they portraying their character in the correct light according to their attention to detail for performing in the mind-set of the right era and setting? pay attention to the mannerisms and overall physical characteristics of the actor and decide if they correctly suit this period.” 2. pay attention to their vocality during their performance. The actor should be able to read their lines smoothly as if it’s natural and it is in fact a dialogue that they are creating as they go instead of repetition of memorized lines”. and 3. “in order to make a good decision on whether an actor is simply good or not, you need to understand that actors are trained in voice, diction, characterization, and are able to interact with the other characters and movement”.
        The end decision on critiquing is – “Does the actor stir up your emotions or make one’s emotion spike? Do you feel that the dialogue and overall performance is natural? Can you simply believe that the actor at this moment is the person that they are portraying?”
        “You want to believe the performance and the actor, to be pulled into the performance and to believe that what they are saying could almost be true, could be simply another moment in time, in your life, that is probably just a little bit more exciting.” (unquote)
        If those critiquing actors/actresses (no matter which) would actually say things about the acting and not things along the line of “she’s ugly” she couldn’t act her way out of a bag” he is so slow he can’t even….” well you get my meaning. Honest critiquing is ok but silly put-downs of an actress or actors looks etc are nothing more than personal feelings.
        I adore Ms. Shin Hye but I recognize she has some more growth to do in acting but she is definitely getting to the top of her profession and her willingness to accept roles that are difficult for her proves her ability.
        I just wish I could read a blog site without personal vendettas that started who knows where? Perhaps one actress had a good photo shoot with someone’s male bias and the hate started? who knows but in this hate filled world honesty would be refreshing instead of snide cruel remarks.
        Of course, this is my personal opinion and won’t change anyone or anything.

      • Okay Classof2018, I get your point and I like your comment.
        But, you have to remember that none of us here (with some exceptions, maybe or maybe not) is actually a film critic and, therefore, it is expected that personal feelings are involved. For instance, you seem to appreciate Park Shin Hye not only as an actor but also as a person (you said that “her willingness to accept roles that are difficult for her proves her ability”) so you may consider her a great actress partly because of her personality (I’m not saying that you do but your personal feelings may actually be involved). In conclusion, it is possible that someone who doesn’t like her personality might not recognize her acting ability.
        However, I agree, “personal vendettas” comments are wrong.

  24. Well,people opinion differs,I’m watching both dramas and am enjoying it,both are medical drama but with different genres and I’m loving both of them;and the casts too are good.There is no need to drag one drama down just because you are enjoying one than it everyone have different taste.

  25. Why are park shin hye fans bothering themselves to reply to these juvenile trolls,this is something that I know;if park shin hye was the lead actress in beautiful mind,the comments will be “I enjoy doctors more than it;go and try doctors,it is better;shin hye can not even act,what the heck is shin hye acting in episode 2?…..”and so on.
    What is even bothering me is that those people that are commenting do not even contribute to the ratings and if you guys enjoy beautiful mind more than doctors,you should at least contribute to the online ratings too,which doctors is also leading there,
    And a kid calling people teens,ridiculous;both dramas are good but it seems you people are promoting beautiful mind by dragging down doctors which is more pitiful!!!

  26. All commentors that think we dislike Doctors – it is not beacuse we hate PSH but BM is better then Doctors. I dont have any hope that BM will get good ratings as knetz seem to prefer predicatble, mindless, pretty actors dramas.
    Doctors ep 1: what was that fighting seq? Yong Pal ver 2?
    Doctors ep 2: student/teacher riding bike, eating ice cream, getting close in the lab – so cringeworthy. Understood that they have to show conflict for him to leave taching job but seriously…writer has to be better then that.

    I had issues with BM as well. Similar to New Heart, neurosurgeon dont act like real doctors! Getting shaly, nurse yelling, “his BP is rosing” panic filled Opening room is so blah!

    All in all, it is a forum where we express our personal opinion and no one should be called out on tnat.

  27. @class2018, it seems you have a very good brain, you have a classy way of speaking. Your a rational. Keep it up and you will have a bright future. (I think someone will say, here comes the shaman) lol.

    anyway lets enjoy watching bm and doctors. Dont make any comment cloud your mind. If you dont like it any of them, drop it. As simple as that, make a world a better place. Doctors and bm fighting.

    • @Kixamay – thank you….I don’t mean to respond negatively at anyone but sometimes I just wonder why people are anti-fans or why they feel the need to put others down in order to make themselves feel superior…things along that line. Perhaps I should major in Psychiatry or Psychology after high school..But I like Science and Math more….
      I am watching BM also and find it interesting. I just like Doctors more.
      @Liathaiv – thank you. I did see the comment KRW made that he couldn’t refuse the part after being told PSH was in the cast. What a wonderful thing to say about another actor. This story is so riveting or it is to me. Happy watching everyone!

  28. Doctors…you cannot deny the ratings so it doesn’t really matter what the pessimists say they are the minority here …give credit where credit is due…fighting!

  29. Oh a lot of people here have their own opinions and we respect that but putting down one show to another is not good.Doctors for me is heart warming and we know in reality it happens and every character you can see of your own.There is moral lesson and you will learn from them.First and second episode was good and looking forward for the next episode.Shin hye and Rae won chemistry was fantastic and honestly I was smiling after watching the drama so for that I am satisfied.Good luck Doctors

  30. I love kim rae won and park shin hye, though the first 2 ep of doctors was enjoyable to watch, but it was uncomfortable to watch like koala said because they were giving out hints they had feelings for each other. I wanted a more realistic drama, but this was so exaggerated, the lines were also cheesy. i’ll still continue to watch though, hope it gets better!

  31. I’m not a big fan of PSH previously (most probably because I don’t really like her past characters in the drama she acted in)

    But now, she is playing this sassy, ass-kicking doctor, I somehow warmed up with her acting. I hope, they doesn’t turned her character into a meek person in the middle of the drama (like some drama where they started with the female lead have all those alpha qualities, then end up somehow become a weak character once she was deeply in love with the male lead)

    Meanwhile, KRW is <3. He is actually my initial reason why I'm giving Doctors a chance in the first place.. Now a fan of their teacher-student romance, so I just hope they would just quickly move forward so I can see adult version Hye Jung and her reunion with Ji Hong…

  32. Wow! Another co-actor saying very nice things about Park Shin Hye! Translated from recent interview, where he also stated that he joined the drama because of her! That’s really a great compliment, some might feel envy….but I bet people who know and met her are not surprised! I have yet to read of another actor having these many people in the industry stating their admiration and love for her…..that must really make her feel good…..on the other hand , she also have to deal with the so called “haters”. This is one of the reasons why I got interested in her…..a phenomenon!

    Kim Rae Won also said :

    For me, Park Shin Hye is a great actress and she often become the talk (topic) among male actor in South Korea. If given the chance, all male actor would like to work with her because we are aware of her ability to express the role that given to her very well.

    Shin Hye said she thinks the compliments as something constructive for her career but also felt great responsibility as an actress because she dont want to disappointing those who trust in her.

    “But as time goes by, i put the compliments that given to me aside and just let my career flow without thinking to much about it”

  33. Come on guys leave the hatred and support good dramas, i am definitely not a big fan of Shin defini either but you can’t say Doctors is not a good drama, it surely is and i think Kim rae won deserves the ratings but the love story still puts me off nonetheless it’s a good show. As for the wed-thur dramas, it’s funny how none of them are getting good ratings after Descendants of the Sun, GBMB managed to get a little but thats it, i hope W-Two Worlds and Uncontrollably Fond can light up wed-thur for viewers and don’t forget jealousy incarnate

  34. So love Doctors , such good drama. The chemistry between PARK SHIN HYE and the males casting is amazing. That shows how good of actress she is. Everybody fall in love with her, males and females. They are constantly praising her good acting and beautiful personality. It is understandable that people that do not have love in their life or feel that nobody care about them, to envy PARK SHIN HYE. Choose love, not hate. Peace and love to you all.I will pray for you.

  35. I have always enjoyed all of PSH’s dramas especially Pinocchio. She is really a great actress and she always delivered all her roles… I feel that Doctors is an interesting drama, is something different for PSH. I luv you PSH…

  36. Well ladies i have my revervations. I hope Doctors keep on doing well. I like PSH and i respect her for trying something new. I was tired to her older roles although i loved Pinnochio i was ready to see her on something i am happy she took this role. Does she has some room for improvement? Yes, but over all is not bad. I have enjoy the first 4 episodes and plan on keep on watching. We r all entittle to give opinions. So watch what u enjoy. I hope all the actors receive reward for their hard work. I remember everyone was crazy about descendenrs of the sun but to be honest it wasnt my favorite. But i enjoyed it and still cheering on the actors and their hard work. So lets be good sports and support what we like and cheer on all of these actors that work so hard to deliver their best.

  37. Yo sigo con “Beautiful mind”, me tiene ATRAPADA, y a veces no se x qué… Ja, ja, ja. pero espero ANSIOSA el 9 capi… El hielo se está derritiendo entre los protas y esa escena tan “inocente” del capi 8, cuando ella está ordenando el tránsito hasta que terminan comiendo, me pareció re “inocente” y propia de niños, ja, ja, ja. Me causó ternura… A esperar…
    Lo intenté con “Lucky Romance” pero me ABURRIÓ.

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