SBS Wins the Ratings with Mon-Tues Drama Doctors But Loses with Wed-Thurs Drama Wanted

SBS premiered two new prime time dramas this week to opposite spectrum results, and the one win greatly trumps the one loss if you ask me. Doctors with Park Shin Hye and Kim Rae Won burst out of the gate to fantastic ratings, garnering 12.9% AGB nationwide on Monday and the second episode rose 1.3% to bring in 14.2% AGB nationwide ratings. That’s an impressive success right off the bat and a big congrats to the two leads who radiate chemistry and wonderfully portray their characters.

My only quibble is that I hate hate the subtle hints that they like each other when he’s still her homeroom teacher and she’s still an underage high school senior. I’ll just pretend that aspect isn’t there and hope the early sequence ends soon so the adult romance that happens will no longer feel icky and wrong. Over on Wed-Thurs, new kidnapping thriller drama Wanted had the opposite fate of Doctors despite sharing the same three syllable one word type title – episode 1 aired to only 5.9% ratings, less than half of what Doctors brought in. Continue reading