First Preview for C-drama One Smile is Very Alluring Brims with Romantic Flirtation in the Rain

The highly anticipated first teaser is here for the C-drama adaptation of popular college romance novel One Smile is Very Alluring (Wei Wei Yi Xiao Hen Qing Cheng), the one starring Yang Yang and Zheng Shuang and not the movie version with Angelababy and Jin Bo Ran. The drama’s English title is A Smile is Beautiful and the first teaser has plenty of beautiful smiles from the two leads. I can’t say either Yang Yang or Zheng Shuang are particularly good actors in the past or will be in this drama, but they are certainly visual matches for the extremely good looking novel leads, college students who are also master gamers.


First Preview for C-drama One Smile is Very Alluring Brims with Romantic Flirtation in the Rain — 10 Comments

  1. He reminds me of Yang Kuan for some reason. Its probably the bery pronouced jaw line.

    I was a fan of the original story but might check it out anyway. He could be the next Harwick Lau.

  2. The scene is so cringe worthy. LOL…I’m more used to cool, reserved, and taciturn Yang Yang on screen. This teaser was too flirting. LOL again. Way for Yang Yang to build up his credibility as a leading man. He did a very good job in The Whirlwind Girl but his scree time was very limited because TWG was a female-centric drama. I read both novels of TWG and One Smile is Alluring. He should get a lot of screen time for the latter. I have high expectation over him. Hopefully he can nail this one as he did for TWG and The Lost Tomb.

  3. Yeah, that was cringe worthy. It’s too much – kind of icky. Anyways yangyang’s has the flower boy looks, that’s for sure. His acting could definitely use improvement.

  4. I was very distracted by the lack of continuity with those rain-caused wet spots of his shirt. But the two definitely look pretty together.

  5. They are going for visually pretty and they did nail it. But im still hesitant of Zheng Shuang. Didnt like her in Love through a millenium. Hoping she has improved and they both cab bring out the characters in the novel. I enjoyed the novel alot and pray they dont deviate too much from the novel.

    • I wonder how they will manage to present some sizzling hot scenes on TV. There are a lot of those narratives in the novel. Yang Yang always looked neat, cool, and a bit chaste on screen in the past. Can he let go of his past image and be sizzling hot Shai Nei? Wallace Chung did a good job in My Sunshine. But he’s got way more similar experience with that on screen. LOL

      I’m so curious.

  6. Since my memory about the novel is still fresh (read it just a few months ago), I replayed two teasers for drama and movie several times. I gravitate towards the drama version more. It has more vivid vibe in line with the novel feel. But teasers can’t really tell the whole story. Let’s see.

  7. i love the movie version.
    hope they would potray Xiao Nai and Wei Wei character differently..
    because the title and plot all same with the movie ^^

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