Yoochun’s DNA a Match to the Evidence from the First Accuser and Police Clarify He Has Not Been Cleared of Any Charges Yet

There’s nothing definitively smoking gun to report as an update on the Park Yoochun rape allegations investigation currently ongoing in the Seoul police department. But then again, a smoking gun either way would be preferable to this death by a thousand cuts for his fans and for certain drama fans in general who just want to know whether his dramas can be rewatched again because he’s wrongfully accused and/or a guy who has sexual predilections but hasn’t committed a crime, or whether his dramas will forever be tainted by the spectre that he’s a criminal and one that preys on the most vulnerable of women in the downtrodden who resort to taking adult entertainment jobs. The latest news is that his DNA is a definitive match to the semen found in the underwear of his first accuser, which just proves he had sex with her but not whether the sex was assault versus consensual. It once again underscores why so many rapes go unreported or not prosecuted, it’s simply a he said/she said to try and convince 12 jurors or one judge.

There was a bit of crazy this week when the SBS news department released a report that said Yoochun was cleared by the police of all allegations and the police were preparing to file blackmailing charges against his accusers. That was followed by the police department releasing a statement that the news report is NOT TRUE, Yoochun has not been cleared of any charges as the investigation is still ongoing. Yoochun’s recent dramas have been on SBS, one wonders how much the network is invested to try and break any good news for him. It sounds like the news report would have been accurate by saying the investigation has not unearthed any definitive evidence that proves Yoochun raped the accusers who have filed charges. That’s likely since evidence of sexual intercourse doesn’t meant it was forced, and even bruising could be from vigorous consensual sex. It might come down to civil suits much like between Kim Hyun Joong and his baby momma ex-girlfriend.


Yoochun’s DNA a Match to the Evidence from the First Accuser and Police Clarify He Has Not Been Cleared of Any Charges Yet — 65 Comments

  1. I think fans will have to accept that they are never going to know what happened for sure because Koala is right…it is he said/she said. He had already admitted to a consensual relationship. Unless the police can turn someone in PY group of friends, which I highly doubt, I don’t really know what more is going to happen criminally.

    I do wonder what people in k-dramaland think about this; people who had worked with him before. I expect in their world, this was actually known about at least in terms of raunchy behavior in hostess clubs. Because he’d been visiting them obviously for years.

    The whole thing is a crying shame for all parties involved.

  2. I don’t know but if a guy drag/force me into the bathroom, you can be sure I’ll be screaming my ass off and making a scene until someone hears.

    Of course if one is too intoxicated and drugged, then that’s another topic of its own. But the big question here is “Precaution.” One must take themselves out of those environment.

    • And mind you. The big question is always CONSENT. not precaution which would imply if I am careful enough then such horrific thing never happens to me, which is not true. Don’t put the responsibility onto the potential victims ok?

      • I stand by what i say!!! As this world is not ‘perfect” I’m going to do My part first by taking “precaution.”

        I’m not taking side. It’s just very hard to prove someone guilty in a he say/she say.

    • First, that bathroom is a private one inside the party room. Second,the girl was working there as a host and PYC was a guest they had to please as hard as possible. Third, there was music playing super loud in the room. According at least one of the girls, PYC told her he had something to say to her and suggest they step into the adjacent bathroom to avoid the loud music.

      I would fall for that suggestion especially if there are a lot of people in the room which gives a false sense of safety.

    • Let me tell you that not all woman could have the same reaction in this situation. Some may scream for help from outsider while other scream for the man to stop his action.
      Some woman would be too scared to scream that they can only cry, have a blank mind, paralyzed, etc.
      But there are also some woman who could stay calm and get herself out of this kind situation.

      For example I once got sexual assault from my primary school classmate. It was really unexpected that my mind was blank. But when he made me fall to floor i got up and ran.

    • I get your point Lil. We have to look out for ourselves first and foremost. That’s not to say that if anything happens, we are at fault. Rather it’s better to be mindful of where you are, who you’re with, and what you’re doing in order to prevent anything from happening to you. Unfortunately, women and children really have to be careful in todays world.

  3. Koala where u get this information, by one media or from Press conference by police(just for make sure the validity)but yeah congratulation to mr yoochun,you officially destroy you entertainer career. I don’t think people care if he a raper or not now.I Just hope if one day he not kill his self.

    • You will be surprised to know that he is still very popular with fans support in a different country… Maybe he will be a movie or drama there after his MS…lol… PYC has been showing a different image to his fans & onscreen for years while doing his dirty act in room salons with his friends. This is his private life… just now very embarrassing to be revealed to the public!

      • Well, if it is consensual kinky stuff, I don’t think it should ruin his career, because he didn’t break any laws, and what he likes in his personal life (in the context that there is no criminal activity) is just that – his personal life.
        That being said, now, I’m all for innocent until proven guilty, but still, the fans shouldn’t just be giving him blind support since that is be very disrespectful to the victims, and I’m pretty sure most of his fans are girls, so how would they feel if they were put into the victim’s shoes?!

      • exactly… what are those fans who are still supporting him feeling right now?

      • @oakroad: Prostitution is illegal in Korea so if he bought service from these women instead of raping them, no he is not innocent. He still involves himself in illegal activities unless the women were not paid and willingly had sex with him.
        Whether he bought service from these women or raped them, he looks bad either way. The only way that doesn’t make him look so is that he and these women had consensual sex, which is as hard to prove as rapes. Both sides must admit to consensual sex without coercion.

      • @candycane
        Yeah, it’s really sad how some fans are so crazy into their idol, they’re willing to make up any excuse for them. Girls, that is not okay!
        @Hye Mi
        Well, in my comment, by consensual I was thinking non-paid consensual activities and that’s what I’d meant. I get it’s hard to prove, but I was just surprised reading comments all over the place that seem to imply somehow an entertainer’s career would be over if he/she was exposed to be into some weird things, even if it’s legal. Not so much exactly PYC’s case, just a broad statement is all. Now, I certainly have my views on prostitution, but that’s irrelevant here.

  4. only reason he didnt get caught raping the poor woman is he rape her in a room that have no camera.

    the woman should trun her iphone voice recoder on when she went in there with rapist PYC. she should know when a guy want to talk to u in private room it mean only one thing.

    • “she should know when a guy want to talk to u in private room it mean only one thing.”

      That sounds a lot like victim blaming. It’s not a woman’s job to not get raped. It’s a man’s job to not rape.

    • I don’t think you have time to do that when it happen to you,if you have time to do that, why don’t you call police. That the reason why dna test and forensic is important. And cctv record on outside toilet still can catch the motive too.

  5. It sounds like a lot of your readers here need to understand the meaning of victim blaming.

    Let’s put this story aside and get this straight:
    It is not the responsibility of the victim to NOT be assaulted.
    It is entirely the fault of the perpetrator that the crime occurred.
    If someone goes to a party, gets completely drunk and blackout, a bystander who is a decent human being would think “Hmm, this person doesn’t let so good. Let me find his/her friends and get this person somewhere safe”. Being drunk does not equal open invitation to do whatever you want.
    If a person follows someone else into a private room, that does not mean permission to do anything unless it is explicitly agreed upon. If the person says no, it means no. Stop blaming the victim by stating “oh she should’ve known to not follow him”. No, all she knew was that they would be talking in a quieter place. If she did not want to have sex, then it is rape.

    The issue is not the setting (someone’s home, at a party, at a bar), the time (daytime or nighttime), or the victim (wearing too little clothes, being too provocative, etc). The issue is the person who committed the assault.

    Want an example? Let’s take a look at the Stanford rape case, which many people have heard about (if you haven’t, look it up). Two guys stumbled upon another guy raping this girl in a deserted area. She was undressed and unconscious. The rapist ran away. Being decent human beings that they are, they proceeded to chase after the rapist, call authorities, and tried take care of the girl. They did not take advantage of her, despite the circumstances being ‘ideal’.

    We should educate our society to not make the burden fall upon the victims for letting the assault happen, but hold the perpetrator accountable for their crimes.

    • Sorry,but I am still confused about what constitutes victim blaming and this has nothing to do with Yoochun’s case.

      Shouldn’t a person, especially ladies, take the basic precautions to protect themselves? Such as not getting drunk and passed out in a party full of strangers. Or avoiding unsafe spots. Or consenting to meet persons not trusted/known only in safe and public spaces.

      In the end,the culprits should still be prosecuted for their crimes, but the victims could have saved themselves much grief and trauma if they thought ahead of the consequences of their actions (or inactions).

      • Lc, that is exactly what rape culture is all about. We’re teaching girls how to prevent from being raped when it should be the other way around.Women around the world should be able to dress and behave however they want without scared that they will be assaulted. Rape victims are never at fault.

      • I agree with Lc. It’s not about the right of being free from a scare of rape. It’s about being wise to protect ourselves as physically weaker gender. Many girls may want to be dressed and behave themselves however they want in sexually flirting ways while naively think that all guys should still stay gentlemen without being randy. Well, keep thinking there’s no risk of being forced into an undesired scenario. I won’t be so indiscreet.

      • I’m not trying to be an arse but the way you guys phrase your stance on this issue is pretty much victim blaming. This is the exact reason why rape victims are not taken seriously at all. How can they be when society keeps on telling them to “cover up” and act in a certain way. The fact of the matter is, boys should be told NOT to rape. Just because females are the “weaker” sex, females shouldn’t need to take the extra step to protect themselves.

      • A woman who is drunk or dresses in revealing clothing is not asking to be raped. Why aren’t you asking why a man believes that it’s okay to take advantage of a woman? You perpetuate rape culture with your remarks. Because rape and sexual assault are not about sex, they are about power. It’s about the entitlement that the rapist believes he has over his victim. “I want this and I will have it no matter what.”

      • How is this to do with victim blaming? The logic behind the random labeling of “victim blaming” to justify your argument is beyond reasoning. You can teach your sons and make sure your hubby not to be easily seduced by sexually attractive women. Nonetheless how are you sure ALL men are as decent or teachable as your hubby or sons? LOL…

        While the society should expect all guys behave themselves on any occasions and hold them accountable for any violation of human right, we as women are supposed to do our part to be mindful of the risk of alluring unwanted physical contact with men just bcos of inappropriate clothes or flirting verbal/body language. How is this falling into the definition of victim blaming? Your so-called rape culture is nebulous and dubious unless you haven’t yet done a good job to get your points across.

      • Drama2016, I’m not trying to personally attack you, but I do find your wording very disturbing. You mention husbands being seduced but attractive women. Again, this puts the blame on the woman. So what if she’s sexually attractive? Shouldn’t a man be able to control himself? The way you say these things makes it sound like men are stupid animals that can’t restrain themselves from temptation.

        It doesn’t matter if I’m naked or covered head to toe in a burqa. It is not my job to prevent my own rape.

        Can I walk into a store and steal an expensive item because I wanted it? If the store didn’t want me to take it, why did they just leave it out in the open? They should have taken precautions because I just couldn’t help myself.

        That’s what you are saying. When you replace rape with stealing, your stance is ridiculous.

      • @Drama2016 Research shows that over 75% rapists are friends, colleagues or families that the victims know and even have good acquaintance. Most of the time Precaution won’t change much! Especially after the rape has happened, it is disgusting to say it’s the victim’s job to prevent it!

      • To those who are still stuck with “victim blaming,” I don’t think you were preaching to the right audience. LOL..I assume most of the commenters here are K drama fans who I assume again are mostly women. So, to make your points effectively get across throughout the society as you have been advocating to do so, I suggest you get on online strip bar forums or any men’s clubs where the majority audience would be the ones you are supposed to preach. For me and other ppl who think regardless of occasions or locations where we may run into, we should all take precaution to fall victims of sexual assault. You go ahead keep insisting we are victim blaming on this blog site full of female audience, that won’t change the “rape culture” you hate so much.

        Well, your insistence that we should agree with your definition of victim blaming sounds really nonsensical to me. Again, you’re preaching to the wrong audience. Just stop whining. That won’t make this world much better except that you might feel better if a lot of ppl amen your comments.

    • both sides have valid argument
      However, .human being is just an advanced animal . When there are still lust, desire , greed and when the beast side dominate the human side , there’s crime involved . Having said the world we live in is not an ideal world where everyone is saint
      That’s the reason why everybody needs to take precaution for their satety
      It’s not about victim blaming ,
      I myself carry pepper spray when I went out in the dark , I do not sip a cup of water handed to me from a stranger in the bar or getting drunk in a place where everyone is a stranger ( bar , party place ) because I believe if something happened to me I will be the one suffered the most . the perpetrator will get punished by justice but the one who lives in scar is the victim

      • Honestly , anyone here who can be certain and tell your daughters : it’s okay to get drunk with complete strangers in a bar ? Or will you educate your daughter : girls , you need to be careful when you go out , text me when you get home , who is your friend going with you ,, …
        That’s taking precaution
        That’s my point of view

    • It’s a bit frustrating to read some of these comments saying stating that it’s just common sense to teach your girls to not go to strange places and not take drinks from strangers, and not dress provocatively. I am not arguing against common sense, although I take issue with people telling women how to dress — at what point does that stop? A woman who is confident in herself and her body should be allowed to flirt and be sexy — that is NOT a glaring sign that says RAPE ME.

      Most rapes and sexual assaults are done by people who the victims know. So , contrary to the popular image of a dark alley where the evil man awaits, it can actually be that guy you talk to every so often. Females are raised and taught the things that are being said here: don’t take drinks from strangers, don’t get too drunk, don’t go to parties, don’t go alone, etc. However, when boys are growing up, are they taught similar things? Things like: always ask for consent, being drunk means you can’t give consent, if a woman is drunk don’t take advantage of her? Our society needs to change this paradigm where boys aren’t being taught these things. Instead, right now the burden falls on the women to not be assaulted.

      Like I said, victim blaming is an issue because by telling women how to act, people are essentially placing the responsibility of moral behaviors on the women. Furthermore, it complicates the issue because it makes victims less likely to come forward. These victims have already suffered from the physical and emotional trauma of being assaulted; if coming forward means they’re going to be criticized for how they behaved and add to their mental burden, why would they? Our society and this mentality it has does not create a conducive atmosphere in which women feel supported in coming forward, and that’s why it needs to change.

      • I agree that men need to be educated, but the truth is, that there are scums out there who won’t listen and will still act on their urges, in an ideal world, women should be able to feel comfortable and safe wearing whatever they want or behave however they want without having to worry about fending off unwanted sexual advances or attention, but sadly, the reality is that we are living in an unsafe world & where possible, we can try to reduce the chances of us being viewed as targets by those with ill intentions, whether that means not putting ourselves in situations where we would appear too vulnerable or being mindful of our surroundings etc. Of course, that’s not a safety guarantee, because there are people out there who will choose to attack at random when they spot an opportunity, regardless of the precautions taken.

        Just want to reiterate, that I (and I’m sure many other people here are too) don’t condone victim blaming, but we’re just saying that we can try to take sensible steps to protect ourselves from such situations and reduce the likelihood of us being preyed upon by those who choose not to exercise self-control. We’re not excusing rape or the person who committed it, they should be condemned and prosecuted (castrated even). It’s difficult and not possible to predict and prepare for all scenarios in real life, but we owe it to ourselves to do whatever we can to try keep ourselves safe. For example, if someone were to saunter into a club/bar, scantily dressed & then proceed to get drunk out of theirs wits, it’s definitely not an open invite for people to have their way with them and by no means do they deserve to be attacked, they were not asking for it, but it would be wise/sensible for them to have some measures in place to try to ensure their own safety.

        I came across a news article earlier this year about a sober woman who kissed a guy who she said seemed drunk at the time and he was trying to get with her but she refused him, he then followed her into a room and then invited her to take a shower with him, which she agreed to, because she said she had been feeling sick and really wanted a hot shower. As soon as she got in, he forced himself onto her despite her refusal & struggle. She survived the attack and went on to campaign against rape. I really felt for her plight, I certainly don’t think that she brought it upon herself, but I couldn’t help but wonder why any of the events that day didn’t set alarm bells ringing in her mind. She was too naive and trusting.

        Maybe because I often browse and watch the news, I have sort of lost my faith in humanity. Too many crazy and evil things happen in this world, so it makes me paranoid and wary about the dangers that lurk, that’s why I’ve been assuming that everyone else would have a similar mindset as well, that’s why it pains me to read about how some women seem to throw all caution to the wind when it comes to situations like these.

    • I understand the point you are trying to make, but everyone’s opinion of what victim blaming is will differ. No matter what, a human being should not force themselves on another. However, I would not put myself in a situation where I drink to the point that I blackout and have no idea what is going on around me. Why? Because, unfortunately, all human beings are not decent and I would rather be realistic and safe rather than sorry.

  6. This is very much so something that the entire world together needs to work together in preventing and improve on. Much like koala said this is a he said she said situation and it’s very unjust for the perpetrator to be freed and the innocent to be jailed. Consent is the vital part is this crime but it’s very hard to have solid evidence whether or not it was given or even if it was valid nowadays. I hope that through his case where so much has been given, everyone no matter who you are can think about this in an unbiased perspective and seriously think about that we can do to change this about our society

  7. So if he’s not guilty of rape charge, he’s still engaged in prostitution? If that’s the case, then I think he had been leading a low life guilty or not.

  8. rapist Park should just call his crazy fangirl if he so horny. they will be more then willing to let him have sex with them. he just have to rape a prostitution.now his drama career is over.

  9. he had so so singing talent, so so acting skill so he won’t be missed.
    I pity those co-stars of his esp with kissing scenes, they must must feel really gross knowing his true colors.

  10. Once again I am seeing him called a rapist when we don’t know all the facts yet. Consenual sex is a hell of a lot different than rape and we don’t know yet what actually happened.so,referring to him as a rapist is victimizing him just as much as much as the women at this point. Wait until we get the facts from the police before you make a final decision. This is regretfully a he said, she said case so we may never know what the entire truth is and that’s sad for whomever the victim (s) is/are.

      • The police got the dna from the sperms on the underwear. So a more relevant question: how did pyc’s sperms get there?

      • I believe in the beginning that he never denied he had sex with the first complainant and that makes it a case of whether she was willing or not. So if it was consenual sex then it’s not rape.There is so much conflicting info out there that at this time we don’t know how accurate any statement is. Having sex in a bathroom could simply be a means of quickly getting some privacy for some fast sex.Lousy choice, but better than taking advantage of some fan and that place had “pay to play” options so it seems to be it all boils down to whether both people were willing. Money is a strong factor in consideration too.

  11. Birds of a feather they say……
    Song jong ki should be investigated too….wouldn’t put it past him.
    Who else thinks yoo in ha looks gay?

    • Why don’t you contact the Seoul Police Department? lol… Always so inappropriate mentioning other artists who are clearly NOT related to the article. Retard!!

    • hye jin is definitely an internet troll…..here is some info on such people…

      Quote “The Sad Truths of Internet Trolls:
      Trolls are immune to criticism and logical arguments. True trolls cannot be reasoned with, regardless of how sound your logical argument is.
      Trolls do not feel remorse like you and me. They have sociopathic tendencies, and accordingly, they delight in other people having hurt feelings.
      Trolls consider themselves separate from the social order.
      Trolls do not abide by etiquette or the rules of common courtesy.
      Trolls consider themselves above social responsibility.
      Trolls gain energy by you insulting them.
      Trolls gain energy when you get angry.
      The only way to deal with a troll is to ignore him, or take away his ability to post online.” unquote….
      …..such a sad pathetic comment on a person with no life beyond internet trolling…….that said such people are not immune from the laws governing cyber defamation…..

  12. Everyone has great arguments. And here is my 50cents. Most perpetrators of crimes say the reasons why they committed crimes is because they were given the opportunity. Yes, Ppl should not rape or kill but we are all taught different morals and there are naturally evil people in the world. Some people you cannot teach right/wrong or cultures still have by gaps between how men/women are treated. We all want to be able to drink without the fear of being rape or walking down a dark alley without getting killed but in reality these crimes will never stop no matter how much we educate our boys/girls to not rape/kill therefore it’s best to learn how to defend yourself/buddy system/anything that may help to make you not look like an easy target. You could be dressed in jeans and sweatshirts and still be raped. Our society now is full of kids that never heard the word NO. Parents need to teach kids NO and manners!! It annoys me when kids ask parents for candy. Parents says no then kids keep asking then the parents end up giving in. So these kids learn if they try hard enough when they hear No they will eventually get what they want.

  13. I’m gonna get out of this thread forever. The comment section is a mess; endless futile arguments won’t make the world better, nor can any bleating about how devilish PYC or a rapist is make nasty men change their dirty thinking. I’m quitting any forums to do with very unpleasant rape scandals. After all, I’m here to expect some updates of Asian dramas that I enjoy a lot most of the time, not to engage in any frivolous debate.

      • At first I do have respect for you but well by calling a person who disagree with your opinion a fool then you lost all that respect ,
        Opinion is opinion , people have different view , accept it and move on
        Calling people fool or stupid doesn’t make you right nor make you better
        I read you feel frustrated when girls have to precautions
        Well frustrated as much as you can
        Be a priest and educate all the men out there to be gentleman first
        I’m waiting for that day
        You can get drunk in the public do whatever you want
        Me and other girls still practicing precaution when surrounded with bunches assholes we don’t know
        You got any problem with that ??

  14. It’s true, you can’t take sides here because we simply do not know what exactly happened. However, we do know that at some point while on a break, he went to an adult entertainment bar, and that it happened more than once. That alone has tainted his image, which is unfortunate because he is a fully grown adult male, but I know that there is this since of innocence that is always placed on celebrities. Whether he gets vindicated of rape or not, I think his career is pretty much over. It is unfortunate for every one involved. I hope that his serves as a lesson to other stars.

  15. PYC rape those woman. his company pay police off. just like kingun company pay police off. these two should be in jail.if not for their company paying police off.

    • how do you know his company pay the police off? just curious… do you have the proof? where do you read this?

  16. I’m wondering if Yoochun wasn’t famous, would they have tried to extort money out of him? Would they have tried to extort out of any regular plain man? I think this is a case of extortion. I think it was consensual sex. What boyfriend in his right mind would want his girlfriend to have sex or get raped by any man. On another note, no decent woman would be caught working in a place like that. I’m not defending Yoochun, I’m totally against rape or anything having to do with force. But when you put yourself in places like that don’t expect to be respected. No man goes to those places looking for a wife, they go there to have a good time. In all countries of the world there are places like those. We have Las Vegas as a good example, you want to make money you sleep around and get paid. This girl reminds me of Monica Lewinsky, who saved her dress to show that she had sex with a president. She wanted to become famous by doing that. Big mistake, now she can’t even live in the U.S. That is the oldest profession of the world. Women wanting to make money by sleeping with men. No one will ever know what happened. Like someone said, its a he said/she said. These girls have to show they were forced, if they don’t then no rape.

  17. I thought when I read he slapped female fans, he was a jerk. If they had been male fans would he have done the same? Just wondering.

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