Uncontrollably Fond Off to Chinese Streaming Success with 44 million views in the First 6 Days on Youku

It’s likely a sigh of relief over at Chinese internet behemoth Youku, which bought the rights to exclusively live-air K-drama Uncontrollably Fond and paid big bucks to get it. The live-airing ability is only available to paid subscribers of the site while those wanting to watch for free with commercials will have to wait an additional day, still not a bad wait since these days shows including K-dramas can’t be aired on Chinese internet portals officially anymore until it gets Chinese regulatory authority approval which is only available for dramas which have completed production. The first two episodes of UF have garnered nearly 44 million views on Youku in the last 6 days since it premiered, slightly off pace from Descendants of the Sun which got over 50 million, but still an impressive showing to say the least. On the top ten K-drama rankings the drama is residing comfortably at the number one spot.

I still don’t think a throwback style melodrama, no matter how the production or KBS wants to package it, is primed for the mass appeal of a DotS which crossed genres from action to medical to romance. With that said, Kim Woo Bin and Suzy are both popular enough in Korea and China for viewers to check out the first episodes on their involvement alone, now comes the hard part of audience retention and growth. DotS kept increasing in viewers, I don’t think UF has that path mapped out but at least it’s not an outright flop. I hope the next two episodes fully reveal everything that went down between Joon Young and Noh Eul so that I can get invested in fixing everything between them now.


Uncontrollably Fond Off to Chinese Streaming Success with 44 million views in the First 6 Days on Youku — 28 Comments

  1. Im not sure how the story will go but im sure we will have the typical “leads finally fall in love but the female lead finds out that the guy’s dad is her enemy”and then they hv some problems.

    • @Skin, I didn’t expect much from Magic School Bus KWB. But he’s actually doing fine. So I don’t remember how he looked like Tyrex before. LOL..

      Other than Beautiful Mind, this is the only drama left for me to look forward to new episodes.. :(((

      • What if she is? It only means she has built up a site that is worth being courted. As to why UF is on the site apparently you came by just to comment on it so must mean that it generates eyeballs.

        Anyway the comment is as stupid as asking “Anon which rival network paid you to spray the comments section:)”

      • Yes koala got paid by Suzy herself. No it’s the other way around, koala is Suzy’s sponsor.

      • I’ve been reading this blog for years and suddenly koala you have some annoying commentors who appear just ruining my likings to reading comments. I love this blog and what it represents and now i have to read childish comments just because they think they have to right to say something?

  2. Was Dots 50mill also for it’s first 2 episodes? Thats a feat. I only know of the internet phenomenon Go Princess Go which got 3 billions views. That is impressive indeed.

  3. Streaming is the new money maker now so flop or no flop….?KBS is still making their papers.
    Honestly uf is not the worst drama out there…so I hope it increases …

  4. Its too early to celebrate!
    I find UF hard to watch.
    I will try keep it up until ep 3 & 4, if its worthy to watch.

  5. @KOALA : Please up date about my shooting schedule, and my partner Lee Min Ho, okay. My fans ask me to update in social media, but I need more site like this, I trust you koala.

    & Koala please I beg you to update about my agency’s friend, Jo Jung Suk, please update about him with his current drama… Thank you so much.

    With Love

  6. I tried watching Uf I said what the hey maybe I’ll enjoy…sorry to say I got to the part in ep. one where she was giving out drinks to her office mates and she was late and I turned it off…aigooo…aigooo cringed…
    I guess I’ll skip this one.

  7. Shows like Pinocchio and It’s okay it’s love that more then 44mio views… it’s nothing to write home about… btw DOTs was pushing well over 160mio in just episodes

  8. if chinese fan can watch blood who sux. no reason they cant watch this one. SUZY/LWB both acting sux. chinese fan are watching for their pretty face not acting.that the reason the view is high. for me. drop after 10min of SUZY bad acting. the polt didnt help. drama was bore too.
    try the second time fall asleep while watching ep1.

  9. Koala, where are your comments about Suzy’s bad acting like you did to Goo Hye Sun ? You even commented on Goo Hye Sun’s bad acting in her dating, engagement and her wedding. Wonder whether you will still start of your articles about their acting before writing about her having babies in the future ?!

    You remind me of Park Shin Hye’s mum in Pinocchio.

  10. I don’t really know why u had to delete my comments but its a good thing u removed the others too.
    BTW,u should put the warning sign after each articles. thank u

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