Lee Jong Seok and Han Hyo Joo Breach Dimensions to Meet in W: Two Worlds

It’s T-minus countdown time as upcoming MBC Wed drama W: Two Worlds premieres in a little over a week on July 20th. So far I’m still waiting for full on crazy rabid drama love, with neither of the recent two anticipated dramas for me in Doctors or Uncontrollably Fond being love at first sight. I’m still watching both but am itching for that addiction connection to kick in, so come on W! There’s new stills from the drama, including manhwa versions of Lee Jong Seok that show us what his Kang Chul character would look like to Han Hyo Joo who knows him as a two-dimensional character from her three-dimensional universe. Everything just looks so beautifully creative on this drama, and it helps that Lee Jong Seok’s brand of flower boy intensity mixed with impishness appears to fix the character like second skin, even when he’s covered in blood and freaking out Han Hyo Joo.


Lee Jong Seok and Han Hyo Joo Breach Dimensions to Meet in W: Two Worlds — 48 Comments

  1. HHJ, how’s your dongsaeng and your family right now? .. ¬¬¬¬¬

    As long as you have money and connection, it doesnt matter if your family member or even yourself did a scandal of mistake.

    When I watched ‘Queen Classroom’ I know what is the reality of life and ‘discrimination’.

    But justice will come soon, who knows 🙂

    • lol, the first line of the comment seems ripped out of a pressed knet.
      She didnt kill any one.
      Her brother allegedly bullied someone which, of course blame him. But how is she responsible/have to pay for that?
      Its not like shes gonna read this so I dont get the stupid rhetorical question.
      Justice? Justice for what? is she somehow guilty by proxy because its her brother? pls kindly f off

      • Justice means her brother should be punish , or her family should tell the truth, and apologies, korean netizen need explanation.

        I just remembet his case similar with Who Are You School 2015, make someone commit suicide is disgusting! Her family shouldn’t protect him, it just make bad image for HHJ.

        Her family should say sorry to public, same with cha seung won did for his son.

    • -_____- girl…why should her or her family have to apologize for something they did not do. Her brother did it now her. Her family should tell the truth? Its not like they all went to the military together and they saw him bullying the man himself. What would their confession do exactly?

      And does saying sorry change any thing? That mans son still sexually assaulted a minor. Him apologizing, what does that change? You just dont like her which is fine. no one is forcing you to like but again kindly F off 🙂

  2. I like Han Hyo Joo but not the male lead. Howeever I think the actings of both lead are better than Suzy-Kim Woo Bin

  3. Wow! Can’t wait! I am not a fan of both the leads yet the story is really intriguing. The posters and its promotional pics are awesome. So is the teaser. I will be tuned in for W! 😉

    • Can’t wait. The stills are very interesting so far. Hope they will live up to my expectation. Ail keep it low, as anticipate all my favorite coming drama.

  4. Han hyo joo is so pretty but her acting leaves a lot to be desired ..dong yi anyone ????
    Lee jun suk always chooses beautiful dramas am so looking forward to this one .

  5. @flyme, nobody knows yet. take a look at Doctors. nobody knew it would hit 15% let alone 20%.if the ratings keep dropping for UF,it’ll be becos of the acting. Koreans usually likes stories like UF. but I can’t wait for W. from the stills and teasers released, it sure looks interesting.

  6. Can’t wait for this drama.
    And I hope LJS didnt meet PSH in dramaland again. Because most of PSH fans and her shipper always bashing LJS. Poor him.

    • actually that’s sad isn’t it? I am a fan of PSH and I don’t hate or bash LJS. I am his fan also. I like watching both of them but suppose time will have to pass before they can show friendship or act together again. Such a shame (especially) Korean actors can’t live normal lives. I think LJS will become one of SK’s excellent actors as time passes. He is unconventional and perhaps that is why some don’t like him. I might not like the drama/movie he is in but I usually watch because he is just so watchable. Same for PSH – she is just so watchable. I really hate fan wars but it usually turns out to be just a few who start it and sit back gloating at the mess they cause.
      Looking forward to W and already love Doctors…..

    • Unfortunately I should agree, before Pinocchio the comment section of his articles were always praising him but after that drama & especially since their dating rumor many PSH shippers who are really active started bashing him, although many of them support them too but spreading hate become normal by some of them… I really don’t understand them!!!

    • I don’t understand you dragging shin hye name here and basically your name showing hatred toward the actress 1st no one hate him so grow up the bashers don’t represent any fandom they are represent themselves seriously pathetic comment

      • o__o
        i like her….
        badass is sounds cool for me, i watched doctors and shinhye looks badass as yoo hyejung.

    • I still think they are dating lmao! OK I have to admit I’m a hardcore shipper. I wish one day they’d get cast in another drama. I think LJS is the only actor PSH can have proper kiss with.

  7. I’m really looking forward to watching this drama. Han Hyo Joo and Lee Jong Seok seem to have great chemistry.

  8. Really happy to see Han Hyo Joo coming back to the small screen. ❤❤❤❤ Glad she has a great, talented actor as her onscren partner too. W for the win!

  9. no reason this drama cant do as well as doctor. both lead can act. uncontrollably fond. both lead blow at acting. as we see korean is not like chinese were they just watch for pretty face. they actually watch for the lead acting.so SUZY/LWB will be lucky if their drama is still hiting 10s once W start airing. wouldnt surprise if uncontrollably fond is in the mid 7 8 once W air. lucky romance could do so much better if the lead male didnt sux so much in acting.Hwang Jung Eum is the only one worth watching. just like ji sung is the only one worth watching in his drama.

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