Angelababy and Jin Bo Ran Meet Cute as Game Avatars in First Movie Trailer for Love O2O

A month after the television airing of the C-drama adaptation of One Smile is Very Alluring starring Yang Yang and Zheng Shuang, the movie version hits the big screens on August 20th as the summer movie season starts to wind down. The movie version has the English title Love O2O with Jin Bo Ran and Angelababy as the leads, swapping up things after Jin Bo Ran and Zheng Shuang played the OTP in Love Through a Millennium, the C-drama version of Queen In Hyun’s Man. While the drama released a super romantic and cheesy cute first teaser with the two leads flirting in the rain, the movie’s first trailer played up the gaming aspect of the story, showing how the leads connect as their game avatars before falling for each other in real life. The movie actually looks effortlessly charming to me, and for whatever reason Angelababy and Jin Bo Ran have very good chemistry which goes a long way to sell a college romance.

Trailer for Love O2O:


Angelababy and Jin Bo Ran Meet Cute as Game Avatars in First Movie Trailer for Love O2O — 17 Comments

  1. Regardless of acting skills, Angela Baby doesn’t have the aura of the heroine, Wei Wei. Zheng Shuang appears to have a bit edge over Angela Baby in terms of temperament. Jing Boran looks a bit too serious in the teaser. But he was said to be a solid actor. So I hope to check this out just to see how the movie version fares compared to the TV drama. Wonder how it’s possible to condense a mid-length novel into 2 hour (?) movie.

    In the novel, the physical contact between the OTP isn’t only cheesy, but also sizzling HOT. LOL..I’m curious how those scenes will be presented on small screen. Aren’t C dramas censored like K dramas too?

    • Yeah theres censorship in china for main channels. Unless its a web drama like Princess Go Go. They are okay with kisses but not okay with serious cleavage or heavy foreplay.

  2. Im not sure about angelababy acting skills. But i like that the movie play up the gaming part. Its d main gist of the novel. The trailer for the drama version is over oozing with cheese and probably not for everyone

  3. I love the novel a cute story. I think Angelababy and Jing boran can pull it out. The characters are not complicated anyway. Just a story about online romance. Sure watching this. I can’t watch Zheng Shuang movie anymore after watched her reality show. She is such an ill mannered young girl.

  4. One of my earlier reads. I’m ok with both guys playing Xiao Nai, but i prefer the movie version right now because the trailer showed the in game parts. I wish they would show some in the drama trailer. For the actress, I’m neither a fan of Angela baby or Zheng Shuang, but I think look wise Angelababy looks more the part. There’s something off about the Zheng Shuang feel in the drama. They made her too cutsy where the girl should be more cool.

  5. The movie is very disappointing, cheaply made, and lost all the charm of the novel. I just pulled an all-nighter to watch it and then followed up with more recent teasers of the drama version. Now I can say definitely the movie is no comparison to the drama in EVERYTHING. The screenplay of the drama was done by the original author Gu Man and she kept the narratives almost 100% the same as her novel. I’m looking forward to the premiere on 8/22.

  6. Watched the drama and I fell in love with it. Now that I heard that was a movie and novel, I really want to watch and read it. However, I can’t find any source. Could someone recommend links for me? I will appreciate it.

  7. Oh My that lovely drama………… At first I thought that it was some joke or something……. N when I keep on watching that it turn out to be a very lovely drama………. I’m looking forward to watch more for Angela Baby.

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