Jay Chou and Hannah Quinlivan’s Daughter Hathaway Turns 1 Years Old

While TW-ent is currently on a baby spree, what with Michelle Chen and her fiancee Chen Xiao expecting a baby, and Ruby Lin and her fiancee Wallace Huo maybe expecting a baby, it’s nice to check in on a celeb couple that already had a baby in hand. Taiwanese superstar singer-producer Jay Chou and his model-actress wife Hannah Quinlivan married two years ago and had their first child the year after.

Their baby girl Hathaway Chou turned one this week, a big milestone for any baby and in the Chinese tradition especially so. Since Hannah is of mixed ethnicity, baby Hathaway is reportedly got her mommy’s beautifully defined features with some of daddy’s style thrown in. I’m just impressed how fancy baby Hathaway’s black tulle birthday dress is, and it seems to match Hannah’s outfit as well judging from the skirt portion. Congrats to the Chou family for hitting another happy milestone.


Jay Chou and Hannah Quinlivan’s Daughter Hathaway Turns 1 Years Old — 5 Comments

    • Who cares about age or fidelity as long as he has money is the Asian theme for husband picking. But Jay seems genuine so my blessings are for the blissful family.

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