The Cast of K-Bu Bu Jing Xin Wow on the Cover and Pages of Cosmopolitan Korea


Cosmopolitan Korea certainly scored a coup on landing the cast of the K-version of Bu Bu Jing Xin, turning the Goryeo princes from Bobogyungsim: Ryeo (Scarlet Heart: Moon Lovers) back into their snappy modern incarnations. Leads Lee Jun Ki and IU take one cover as the time-crossed lovers, looking absolutely stylish and visually compatible. She does seem younger but that totally fits the age difference of the characters in the original story. The full cast takes the other cover and everyone is looking fabulous circled around Jun Ki and IU, including Kang Na Neul, Ji Soo, Nam Joo Hyuk, Hong Jong Hyun, Baekhyun, and Yoon Sun Woo. The drama is actually just a little over a month away from airing so I’m glad the promotional ramp up is starting if things look as good as this.


The Cast of K-Bu Bu Jing Xin Wow on the Cover and Pages of Cosmopolitan Korea — 29 Comments

  1. This is the year of over pretty-ness in K-drama. Moon Lovers:Scarlet Heart, Cinderella and the Four Knights and Hwarang. But ML-SH sure takes d cake in term of the hype.

    Maybe they should promo d drama like Park Bo Gum did for Moonlight Drawn By The Clouds. His “bomba” flash dance sure entice me to watch the drama.

  2. WOW!Lee Jun Ki looks so awesome in the top cover. Why doesn’t he do more non saeguk?

    And that group photo, I don’t know where to look first or in any order, this is just too much.

  3. They’re a really gorgeous couple & I know it’s becoming a trend right now to have leads with large age gap but I couldn’t sense their chemistry as a couple from the pic. Well, not yet. It seems like an oppa-donsaeng pairing which is not bad but they’re supposed to be lovers so idk. So different from PSH-KRW couple where I could sense their sizzling chemistry just by looking at still cuts, not even teasers just BTS pictures. That was the main reason why I watch Doctors despite not planning to do it in the first place. Anyways, I hope Moon Lovers can prove me wrong.

    • IU does look very young compared to LJK. They look beautiful in these pictures but I don’t see conspicuous nor lack of chemistry between them. We’ll have to see what comes out of this pairing when the drama starts. It can’t be worse than SWWTN where the female lead character was terribly childish. IU will have to step up to be both young and innocent & yet display the courage and maturity that Ruoxi had.

      I didn’t notice any sizzling chemistry between PSH and KRW in their stills or teasers but when the drama started, I just couldn’t watch them. I don’t think it’s KRW or PSH’s fault. It’s just that KRW’s character is a turn off for me. I can’t get over the teacher-student dynamics which carried over to present and it emphasized their age gap. I don’t think it will happen to this pairing. Don’t get upset, it’s just my opinion.

      • Now that u mention about the PSH-KRW…I agree with u. KRW’s character initially came across as cute for being open about his feeling but as d show progress, he turns to being too cheesy and a leacherous old man which grosses me out. My mom couldn’t watch anymore because of Hong Ji Hong.

      • “he turns to being too cheesy and a lecherous old man”

        I didn’t dare to say these because I keep thinking I must be the only one who felt this way. In most places, people were raving over Ji Hong and I thought KRW got more popular with Doctors. I stop watching the drama because it was affecting the image I had of KRW which really, it shouldn’t.

      • Nothing against KRW, I think he is a great actor. I am blaming the screenwriter for playing out the excessive cheesiness. KRW just doing his part as an actor and he does have great chemistry with PSH, even better than her chemistry with her much younger previous leading men. I hope the screenwriter/director will tone down the cheesiness cos I am still watching the drama simply because I have faith that there is a good story to be told.

      • +1 to your opinions.

        KRW is a very good actor. But somehow his role in Doctors is not appropriately penned out and unmentionable. The current pop culture including dramas seems to encourage unethical relationships. If there were no obvious hints and indications in the plot of Doctors that KRW’s teacher character had developed romantic feelings towards his student, then it would be arguable whether the OTP’s post-school romance is inappropriate. Why the heck must the writer make him appear so obviously unethical?

        Acting and chemistry aside, I just can’t get over this plot point.

    • So the same visual will end up with very different emotional interpretations through eyes of different ppl. Totally to your opposite, I think the chemistry between JJK and IU in the first still is irresistibly hot while I cringed at EACH romantic scene on screen between KRW and PSH; where’s there chemistry coming from? It’s mostly cringe worthy when KRW tried all his best to woo PSH. Also the romance between a high school teacher and his student is ethically unacceptable here in the US. If the OTP of Doctors were not in the high school student-teacher relationship, I might continue to watch the drama. Now I quit watching and don’t feel like going back to follow up at all.

      Totally agree with D. Yes, please don’t get offended. My opinions are not particularly against the cast of Doctors personally.

  4. Wow, Lee Jun Ki really look gorgeous. Can’t even tell that he is actually a lot older than the rest of his co-stars.

  5. I think better the remake at modern days than goryeo era, if they can changed the history background from the book, why not they made it to internal family battle of chaebol prestigious family and iu came from the future of course hehe.

    The casts look better with modern outfit that the costume of goryeo era.

    • Indeed they are but LJK’s small slanty monolid long set eyes are in a totally different league and let’s not mention the shape of his face, like a beautiful cut porcelain. He is beyond gorgeous.

  6. Omg so HOT! I don’t see the age difference in the first pic at all. Probably bc I barely notice IU. LJk’s eyes are so piercing and captivating! Can’t take my eyes off him. And that group pic….so epically beautiful. LJK <3

  7. Oh Lee Jun Ki. No word to describe that smoking sizzling smexy hotness. IU….get your hands off my man Jun Ki ?. I am jealous here. They all look great but Jun Ki sure looks most gorgeous.

  8. I’m seeing too much pretty in K-Dramaland this year.. IU do sure young and innocent in the photos. I do agree to a certain degree that they would have been best in modern suits acting as chaebols sons ala BOF or struggling through manipulations and political strife within their company but then that would be too mainstream and cliche-ish.

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