Press Conference and Long Preview for MBC Drama Shopping King Louie Premiering this Wednesday

The arrival of MBC‘s new Wed-Thurs drama Shopping King Louie (Shopoholic Louis) snuck up on me, a combination of W: Two Worlds ending so listlessly and this drama not getting overly promoted. I’m totally going to check it out because the two leads Seo In Guk and Nam Ji Hyun are so winning in all the promos, from her patented country girl earnestness and his doofy lost boy schtick, the drama succeeds in selling the both the rom and the com aspects in previews alone.

The long preview released at the press conferences sets up the premise nicely and ends with the cutest shirt tug ever. The press conference itself is a hilarious odd mess, from second lead Yoon Sang Hyun dressed like Korean Colonel Sanders to second female lead Im Se Mi trying put a new Star Fleet cocktail waitress uniform, it’s all capped off by Seo In Guk rolling in like he rolled out of bed complete with messy hair, track pants, a hastily slapped on black sweater, and the requisite sneakers with no socks. He’s definitely channeling beggar Louie from the drama lol. Continue reading