K-stars Walk the VIP Movie Premiere Carpet for Son Ye Jin Film Princess Deokhye

The turnout was a smidge on the less-than-star-studded side for the VIP movie premiere of period film Princess Deokhye, starring Son Ye Jin and Park Hae Il on the life of the last princess of Korea. On the plus side there was weird fashion aplenty starting with a surfeit of ugly jean cuts, but made up by having a few nostalgic drama star reunions. Hyeri had lovely hair and makeup but decided to wear her silk pajama top out, maybe because her Answer Me 1988 costars Ryu Jun Yeol and Ryu Hye Young were both attending and they were going to chill afterwards. Leading drama ladies Lee Min Jung and Gu Hye Sun made in too mature print dresses, while the secondary OTP of The King 2 Hearts Jo Jung Seok and Lee Yoon Ji gorgeously rocked the premiere carpet and brought back all my feels. Check out the attendance array below to see if some of your fave or long-time-no-see stars made an appearance.



K-stars Walk the VIP Movie Premiere Carpet for Son Ye Jin Film Princess Deokhye — 15 Comments

  1. I see the new pyjama fashion trend has arrived in korea. Wondering which person designed this overseas but i know it is a hit with many celebs ard the world.

  2. not just the prints! the entire outfits had really unflattering cuts. such a waste when both ladies are pretty! :/

  3. PJ party is common in N America, BUT… Hyeri, please don’t put on makeup if u decide to go to a PJ party… LOL… u like a ghost with that super red lipstick… SMH…

  4. Don’t know half of the people there but song hye jin is up there as one of the most beautiful actress in SK .
    Beauty and talent to boot and an actress who challenges herself.

  5. Err… didn’t Ryu Jun Yeol attend the event first and foremost for Ra Mi Ran, his mom in R88, and one of his fave noonas according to BTS scenes, istead of SYJ?

  6. Don’t know who she is but she’s wearing this khaki thing and the Stones bag. Must be the most awful ‘dress’ ever presented on a red carpet. And that says something.

  7. The lady in the red and blue pleated dress looks like she’s planning an act of murderous revenge.

    Pajama tops should stay off the red carpet IMO…

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