Pretty Park Bo Gum and Kim Yoo Jung Character Posters and New Teaser for Moonlight Drawn by Clouds

I can certainly bask for a long time simply on the pretty alone in upcoming youth sageuk Moonlight Drawn by Clouds. Still premiering on Monday August 22nd following the conclusion of the Olympic Games coverage on KBS, after Beautiful Mind was cut short due to low ratings, who knows if this drama has a shot at bringing in viewers before the seemingly intense K-version of Bu Bu Jing Xin that is Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart: Ryeo premieres the following week on August 29th. I almost wish the audience pool would split and grace both dramas with solid ratings, it’t been awhile since I’ve seen direct sageuk competition and both look great for completely different reasons. Moonlight doesn’t have any real love complications as far as I can see, leads Park Bo Gum and Kim Yoo Jung‘s characters are sparking with each other left and right in the latest third teaser and don’t have eyes for anyone else.

Third teaser for Moonlight Drawn by Clouds:


Pretty Park Bo Gum and Kim Yoo Jung Character Posters and New Teaser for Moonlight Drawn by Clouds — 9 Comments

  1. I really don’t understand what the korean is thinking . Beautif Mind is so good and that how doctor show should be but got cut short due to low rating ???
    what a shame

    • That’s why I rarely take K drama seriously. Only a few among all I’ve watched so far are comparable to dramas of quality in the West. When I say “quality,” I mean by artistry and the depth of exploration in humanity. Beautiful Mind is among those few. Most of the time, I watched K dramas to get my brain really good breaks from being overworked. Therefore being entertaining is mostly what I’m looking for in k dramas. I guess the mindset of KBS management may be all tainted by $$$$ after the hit of DotS brought in huge profits. Just look at how they manage their dramas; how they hyped over-buzzed UF and now is cutting BM short. Let’s see how well this sageuk will fair against K version of BBJX. In my opinion, far from comparison.

    • I wouldn’d say that I’m hardcore kdrama fan since I’ve only watch less than 30 drama so far (since Winter Sonata). I’m quite choosey on selecting what drama to be watch;apparently not many of it have a good hook like Western ones. I do respect BM writer and its crew for making such a good drama (out of normal kdrama). Only then international viewers would not be counted in their rating, plus major viewers in SK mostly either 40+ or minor (less 20 y.o). Definitely the drama like BM would not be as popular as cheesy drama/family oriented drama. Luckily there are many sites that willingly to sub in many languages, hence people outside SK managed to appreciate it. My preferences are more on sageuk drama rather than modern one but I can still enjoy both genre.

  2. KYJ is so ethereally beautiful and PBG is such a sweetheart. Nothing against IU (she is pretty and a decent actress) but I always pictured KYJ playing Ruoxi so it’s ironic that her drama is the one up against Moon Lovers-Scarlet Heart:Ryeo. LJK is my ultimate bias so I am hoping that ML-SH will conquer the ratings. Plus, Moonlight’s storyline seems a bit cliche but ones could never tell what elements the drama could pull to draw the audience.This reminds me a lot of YAB vs Iris in 2009 and let’s hope Moonlight is as wonderful as to acquire its own cult following just like YAB.

  3. I adore both KYJ and PBG but the teaser is questionable to me. I do know that the drama is based on a manhwa but the teaser just giving me too much of a comical vibe (and I am saying comical not comedic) which is weird especially that it is in Joseon setting. Unless Scarlet screw up big time (please don’t for the sake of LJK), I don’t know how this drama will fare in the ratings against such a large scale big production drama.

  4. These youngsters both look equally gorgeous. But Bogum looks a lot like a younger version of Jo in Sung on that solo pic! He’ll age finely definitely! I am rooting for both dramas since and hope they wont disappoint! ?

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