Kim Joo Hyun Out as Joo Won’s My Sassy Girl, Offer Out to Oh Yeon Seo Take Over

This may be the first big K-drama casting kerfluffle this year 2016, and it’s certainly big news but for the star involved. Rookie K-actress Kim Joo Hyun went through a months long audition process for the upcoming K-drama adaptation of My Sassy Girl, to be set in the Joseon period as a historical, but less than a month after winning the role she’s lost it in spectacular public fashion. Kim Joo Hyun will not be Joo Won‘s leading lady in drama My Sassy Girl after all, and not only that but the drama will also not be a Korea-China joint production. It will instead be fully pre-produced only with Korean investment, still slated to start production next month for an early 2017 airing date. The search is on again for the drama Sassy Girl and an offer has been made to Oh Yeon Seo to pair up with Joo Won for the project.

There are multiple rumors floating around over why Kim Joo Hyun left the drama – ranging from her acting wasn’t up to par, she was demoted from leading lady to second female lead and didn’t want to accept, and/or the Chinese investors were forced to back out with the current antagonistic political climate between China and Korea and the sole Korean investors wanted a bigger name female star to help market the drama. This may be a major embarrassment and setback from Kim Joo Hyun but hopefully she rises above the challenge and in future acting projects showcases her ability to prove her naysayers wrong.


Kim Joo Hyun Out as Joo Won’s My Sassy Girl, Offer Out to Oh Yeon Seo Take Over — 16 Comments

  1. whaaat? they go thru such a long audition process and in the end they choose OYS? an estavlished actress? at least pick the runner up ffs, this looks like a terrible joke for the contestant

  2. I like oh yeon seo, but please dear.. turn down, im afraid you’ll getting hate from knetz.. its not a good idea.

  3. It is definitely linked to THAAD, no Chinese investor is dense enough to be investing in a joint Korean production now when a nuclear arms dispute is just beginning and involves NK, USA and SK protestors in Seongju.

  4. Another article said Kim Joo Hyun accepted the second lead role. Playing as a princess who has a one sided love on the male lead. Not sure if that’s legit. But its not lookin good for the production. They pull out the gongs and made so much noise with live auditions and then so quickly they dumped the winner out. I feel bad for kim joo hyun and all those who audition for it

  5. I love Oh Yeon Seo and it’s less risky by casting well known actress .
    Personally i think Oh Yeon Seo suits sassy princess role so much. She is supe gorgeous in saeguk too (clue: Shine or Go Crazy) but guuurl.. Please take offer from high quality drama not some drop out from an unknown actress

  6. If it’s really about chinese investor, i feel bad for kim jo hyun but making drama not only about one person, they take this decision it’s must be with a lot of consideration, it’ not good for them but it better than not making the drama at all because many people already commit in thid project

  7. What an extremely cheap ploy by SBS. Why go through so much publicity and all that hard work with the opened auditions just to come to this decision? I feel so bad for Kim Joo Hyun. She’s the real victim in all of this. I hope she gets a better role in the future since SBS screwed her over.

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