SBS Fills Out Supporting Cast for Lee Min Ho and Jeon Ji Hyun’s Mermaid Drama Legend of the Blue Sea

From the rumors to the confirmation of casting, upcoming SBS fantasy drama Legend of the Blue Sea is taking actual shape and form unlike the mystical mermaid at the center of the tale. The drama has the one-two-three punch of being from the screenwriter Park Ji Eun of You From Another Star and Producer, and starring top Hallyu stars Lee Min Ho and Jeon Ji Hyun. It’s basically mashing together too much ratings and buzzy goodness into one concoction, whether it tastes good or not will wait to be seen.

Because the leads are Jeon Ji Hyun and Lee Min Ho, I feel like the production isn’t even trying when it comes to casting the supporting crew, or maybe that’s the point, so as to not steal their thunder. Joining the leads will be veterans Moon So Ri and Lee Hee Joon, along with rising stars Lee Ji Hoon and Shin Hye Sun. The story is based on a traditional Korean folktale of a magistrate who released mermaids back into the ocean, and Lee Min Ho will play a con man while Jeon Ji Hyun is of course the central mermaid.

Legend of the Blue Sea will be directed by PD Jin Hyuk, himself a huge name in the K-drama directing world having done City Hunter, Doctor Stranger, The Master’s Sun, Prosecutor Princess, and Brilliant Legacy/Shining Inheritance. The drama is slated to premiere in November following Incarnation of Jealousy on SBS Wed-Thurs.


SBS Fills Out Supporting Cast for Lee Min Ho and Jeon Ji Hyun’s Mermaid Drama Legend of the Blue Sea — 56 Comments

  1. I just feel so sorry for other dramas that have the same time slot. But who knows huh… UF was predicted to be more (or the same) successful as DotS, but W stole the thunder.

    • Legend of Blue Sea will be flop! This is just another media play, then who can trust park ji eun after her messy drama last year?

    • UF is a joke. LOL @ all the hype.
      To the opposite, there were actually a lot of doubts about DotS before it was aired.

      • UF is a tras* drama of the year.. because of the lead casts, wanted drama deserve better recognition.

    • I think it will be different story with W and UF. Even UF did so much media play, the leads of W and UF are in the same star level,W leads are more acclaimed actually. I don’t think KBS and MBC can bring the stars who are in same level with JJH and LMH.

      • After KBS cast suzy & woobon / MBC casts lee jong suk and hyo jo, they doesnt have any money to cast someone as popular or A lister as LMH & JJH.

  2. I feel jjh is playing too safe since her comeback… I get where is coming from since it took her over a decade to be relevant again but come on!!!Kim soo hyun Lee min ho… Who Is next song joong ki?

    • Ummmm whaaat? This hardly feels like a safe role. Playing a creature that is not human takes some guts.If she was playing a doctor/the girl next door/ a girl who pretends to be a girl/ cheabol. Now those roles are safe and basic roles that you see basically everywhere. Also she doesnt really pick her own co-stars. She can agree on them or threaten to drop out if she doesnt like them. But why would she do that when those costars guarantee some fan girl views and chinese investments? Not to mention if they have a clean record of good ratings from their past work?

      • So she is going to play an actual mermaid? I thought that was just a metaphor. Um…I’m out. Too fantasy-land for me. That’s also the reason I never watched You From the Stars.

  3. *I meant a girl pretending to be a boy. For some reason the casting sort of reminds me of YWCFTS. I hope that the non-lead casting are really have some great acting chops because what makes a drama good is a well rounded cast and excellent production. Nirvana in Fire and Six Flying Dragon. Good writing too.

  4. I don’t agree with you on that production isn’t even trying when it comes to the casting of supporting crew. They’ve got veteran movie star Moon So-ri to play a supporting role. Also new actors like Shin Hyesun and Lee Jihoon are extremely good if you’ve watched them, they are capable of stealing thunder from leads. The whole supporting cast is really good so far.

    • This, sometimes koala just makes statements that make me scratch my head in confusion. Lee Ji Hoon is sure not a big name but he can act and steal the thunder with a good story. Shin Hye Sun has incredible comic timing and can even do serious, watch five kids if you cannot agree. I don’t think casting is the problem, they will probably never let the supporting cast shine to give the two their ultimate moment. I honestly thought Chang Song Yi was spectacular until I watched more of Jun Ji Hyun’s films and I was like wait so she has played the same loud brat how many times with exaggerated emotions! They are A listers and this drama will be a hit. But I just don’t feel the pairing for some reason. Lee Min Ho is mostly does mostly right shows then does a train-wreck like Heirs for me. He has yet to blow me away with his acting.

  5. I don’t think this new drama will be a flop (disagree with Charis). With two A-listers… they may be aging, but same with everyone else! LOL… I am actually looking forward to this drama, it will definitely be better than UF for sure… I mean with two A-listers who can act as compared to one, this is a no brainer… unless the script totally sucks…

    • You know what i mean..? Producer drama is totally sucks.., I can’t stand for park ji eun works also jjh she is not that special

      • Binnie is one A-lister, but HJM is definitely not. HJM was so so bad!!! what a waste of Binnie in that drama, I was so upset! I think LMH has enough fans to pull in the rating? JJH was great in YFAS and she is an A-lister. Please let’s be hopeful.

      • @candycane

        Everyone was a waste in that drama, tbh. Lmao. Can’t blame it on her alone. She’s not the best, but she can definitely deliver given a good script.

      • @Jane – HJM was the worst. Script was bad I know. But as an actress, couldn’t she try harder? Anyways, she has not been back on K-dramaland and this is good!!

      • @Andes Are you sure it was because of her that it flopped? The whole drama flopped because the story was a mess.

        @candycane I agree this was not her best performance. Even I scratched my head at some parts. Lol. But, honestly, her character just had no substance and she had nothing to work with. It was just a poorly written drama overall. I do like her, and have liked her in previous dramas, so Hyde Jekyll Me really scarred me.

  6. At the end, people will see the writing. There are some dramas that got higher ratings just because of the stars in it without strong storyline but those kinda of dramas will be not memorable. Believe me…

    • If you mean for Park Shin Hye for drama Doctor I know the reason why she is always success in every project because she is kind and care to others (doing charity and something like that). You know “law of attraction” and “feed back”??

      • Too much media cover about her doings. A lot of stars do the same in a more discreet way. I’ m afraid that people might get bored. But in another way , enjoy girl as long is lasts ! Celebrity is so ephemere . There is allways someone ready in the dark to take your spot …

      • lmao that’s not the reasons she is successful
        She is smart and know how to pick her projects

    • I agree Jennifer. Fans will scream about ratings but script will ultimately speak about longevity. I could name a few dramas that might ruffle a few feathers that won’t ever be remembered for the story, just the ratings. Lets see, who knows maybe this will live upto the hype and deliver a uniquely well written drama with the cast.

  7. Glad to see lee jo hoon again. Thought he would do more dramas but he tends to do 1 and disappear for a year or two and then returns again.

  8. I won’t get high expectations for this one. I don’t watch dramas that get very much hype until they end airing. I’ll just wait for this one to end and see.

  9. No matter what I always check out LMH’s drama. I love his action scenes. The Heirs is the only exception that sucks. Both the writer and the PD had solid resumes with good dramas under their belts.

    Nevertheless, can JJH and LMH please shave off a few pounds? A bloating mermaid in the blue sea is comical. LOL

    • Apart from the fact that she does not look bloated to me what is this obsession with her bloating. And why are mermaids thin, white and pretty? The sea has some pretty large fish and mammals, films should think out of the box and give us a chubby mermaid!

      As for KP’s not stealing the thunder, the cast has Moon Sori. As yan says a great actress. SHS managed to make her thankless invalid girl girl in OMG watchable. While I won’t be watching this people have many reasons for watching a drama which does not always include “top hallyu star”. Just saying.

    • Maybe the drama is a comedy? Wait, is it? Lol. Jokes aside, a bloating mermaid would be refreshing. I’m tired of all these stick thin, model-esque body types. And honestly speaking, JJH doesn’t look that bad esp after just giving birth. I mean, you can tell she’s gained a few pounds, but nothing too dramatic. LMH actually looks like a normal guy with some weight packed on. Lol. They are both not at their peaks—in terms of appearance, but that’s not a big deal. All I care about is that the drama delivers!

    • @Drama2016… have you seen JJH recent pictures, if you think she still look like a whale you probably need to see ophthalmologist. She is probably thinner than her MLFS role now but \ she always has slender body to begin with which make me feel envious. Not looking forward to seeing this drama anyway coz mermaid or any disney related theme is not my thing besides I’ve never been impressed with LMH acting so far. yeah

  10. I can’t stand the female lead, she is s** and ug** urgggggghhhh! Turn down drama please lee min ho oppa.., without drama you’re still famous oppa, dont worry….

  11. i will watch for moon sori. she’s a-list even her movies are critical acclaimed more than most of JJH works. ppm candy, oasis, won in venice award, people really sleep on her. she’s one of top chungomoro respected actress. actually, i want her to take drama like JDY did, but well i still support her.

  12. Okay, I have nothing against Jeon Ji Hyun (she is a great actress) but I think they should have cast someone else for the role of the mermaid (and they could have created another main role for her – an evil one, for instance).

    Just imagine, for example, IU as a mermaid… While I still think she was miscast in Scarlet Heart (time will only tell), IU would have been the perfect mermaid in my opinion…

  13. They have a clear interest to make a drama with only two leads, like W. People are desperated to make these actors happen, and by actors I mean the guys.

    Known faces and the whole Hallyu wave literally takes away all of the artistic aspects of media (same with money – can’t believe Ji Chang Wook deserves more money for his tvN drama than Jeon Do Yeon and Gong Yoo). I do understand is an industry, but the huge effort is so obvious that puts people off. Actors should never be the most important aspect of a drama. There are tons of dramas who combine great storytelling with a great cast that doesn’t have all the buzz, like the Reply series, Misaeng, Signal and many others.

    These guys who lead dramas in open source channels are stars, celebrities, people who do fanmeetings and create a sick idea that themselves aren’t people (hence the stupid fact that they are judged for dating!), some kind of image to make fan’s lives less hard, which is incredibly bad for both parties. Though all, this kind of behavior makes money, so even with the whole negative aspect, they don’t care.

    I don’t know the supporting cast for this mermaid drama, but the intention of putting two people on the spotlight puts me off, so obviously I won’t be watching this.

      • I have never understand actors who make their fans pay just to see them. I may be wrong but it’s an asian concept ? And they pay to listen lies . Ex: Lee Min Ho said is ideal type was SHK…He’s dating Suzy !!! Yoochun was braging about Han Ji min… He pays prostitutes… Kim hyun Joong … do i have to say more ? they should save the money for their fammily and only see actors like humans who are doing their job. Just my opinion.

  14. The whole matter is about ACTING! JJH can act in differrent roles, but LMH? A conman? Already scratching my head….. A conman with a golden heart or a real bad-ass who falls in live?

      • Some people like me are trying to learn English to be able to comunicate with people who share the same interest. It’s not kind of you to say that. Go back to school to read some authors like Voltaire who said ” Je suis un citoyen du monde”.

      • @SillyKoala…her english is probably 3rd or 4th language. like’s not easy sometimes to find a word in english that represent my thought but I tried my best.

  15. @cahil i dont know about the rest but lmh made that statement in 2009 it was media that made it as if he is crushing on shk but in reality the guy said he loves the way she act and mind you that was 8 years ago… If an actor said he likes someone it does not mean they have to date

    • Sorry, 8 years allready ! My meaning is not about what he said. It was an exemple that came to my mind to illustrate that actors do fanmeetings where they say banalities and people pay for that. I wasn’t badmouthing Lee Min Ho. I talked about facts. Nothing more.

  16. Jjh fighting!,who knows this might be her last drama,maybe she’s planning to leave showbiz after her peak,so maybe she was taking roles while the bun is still hot..

    • Hahahha.. yeah!! Im really surprised that she took on a drama esp after just having a child…but im so thankful cause im gonna devour on her for like 20 episodes, then she can have another child or 2 after this drama and be a full time mom, but I hope not, I still wish she would continue on acting for a long long time…

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