Park Bo Gum and Kim Yoo Jung are Lost in Each Other’s Eyes in Official Drama Poster for Moonlight Drawn by Clouds

I gotta give Moonlight Drawn by Clouds visual team all the kudos for making this youth romance sageuk as pretty as a portrait. The first official drama poster is out and the colors, framing, and background are all top notch at conveying the heady scent of sweet romance. If Park Bo Gum and Kim Yoo Jung don’t convincingly sell the OTP I’ll be supremely surprise, so far they are equal in all factors and simply need a great story to anchor the narrative while their eyes convey all the longing. The fourth preview is also out and I see a lot of arrogant crown prince attitude that will need to be taught humanity through falling in love, and who better to do it than a cross-dressing girl who also make him question his sexuality, lol. I know sageuks aren’t everyone’s cup of tea but youth sageuks can be a nice entree to the genre since it forgoes the strict seriousness for a playful vibe.

Fourth teaser for Moonlight Drawn by Clouds:


Park Bo Gum and Kim Yoo Jung are Lost in Each Other’s Eyes in Official Drama Poster for Moonlight Drawn by Clouds — 31 Comments

  1. The teaser of MDbC reminds me of Sungkyunkwan Scandal…Hope it’s as good as or better than SS which launched the career of the actors: Song Jung Ki, Yoo Ah In and Park Yoo Chun and actress Park Min Young.

    • Oh, please. Scarlet has all the advantage. I’m a big Bogum and Yoojung fan and I know it will be hard for “Moonlight” to beat a drama riddled with stars and idols and led by a good PD. It’s nice enough that KBS is doing a good job promoting “Moonlight”, they casted it well, looks to be a total crowd-pleaser and a good outlet for Bogum and Yoojung to show how great actors they are.

      • (Not pertaining to you specifically…)

        Okay, I get that the comment really is dumb as dumb can be. But I hope that fans of Scarlet don’t scoff around when they (predictably) get higher ratings. Like, you got all the advantages in this production, no need to be soo haughty, arrogant and petty about it.

        Truly, it’s good enough that this itself has a built-in fanbase due of the popularity of the webnovel. Without that and Bogum and Yoojung’s likability and popularity, this would have been swept under the rug long ago.

      • @Jamie
        I don’t think @Hu sounded arrogant. In fact, she was arguing on why the need to mention Scarlet if ones prefer Moonlight. Scarlet sure has the upoerhand but let’s just enjoy both dramas as they are. What’s the point of comparing now since we have yet ti viewed either one of them?

      • Why cant we just enjoy both dramas without bringing down the other one? And if we are so desperate to pass some judgement, lets just wait until both go on air then only we battle out which one is better.

      • @Jamie, if you have been following the threads on Scarlet Heart and Moonlight, you would have noticed that fans of Scarlet don’t even want to talk about or compare with Moonlight, ‘cos we just want to spazz about the drama, the good looking cast, the gorgeous cinematography etc, and if we want to compare, we are busy comparing the many princes in the drama itself, as there are many potential ships.

        It is the Moonlight & Bogum fans (or are they really their fans?)who can’t seem to stop comparing the 2 dramas and even go on Scarlet’s posts to trash Scarlet & make never ending unpleasant comparisons.

        I have yet to see any Scarlet fan being haughty, arrogant or petty in their posts. On the other hand, the self-professed Moonlight and Bogum’s fans really need to calm down and stop comparing, and just enjoy the drama!

        And there’s nothing wrong with Hu’s reply to Hye Kyo’s comment that Moonlight is better than Scarlet, i.e. We all have our own preferences, and there is no need to mention Scarlet in a Moonlight post.

      • Well, good to know that no one is belittling “Moonlight” for being an underdog. Because really,

      • I don’t know what’s the fuss on Jamie’s comment because he/she just indicated that he/she is hoping that Scarlet fans aren’t nasty or anything.

        Well, good to know that no one is belittling “Moonlight” for being an underdog. Because really, the one comment on here and the very handful on the other article are such an exemptions to the Bogum/Yoojung fans on Twitter, Soompi and even Dramabeans. They have long accepted and acknowledged that their faves are up against a drama that will surely get more attention and bigger audience. They’re just happy enough that Bogum and Yoojung, two talented and young actors, have finally landed their first ever leading roles. I will even dare say that such commenters are not fans at all and are just people who have nothing else to do but stir up trouble.

        “Moonlight”‘s PD has perfectly put it in the presscon, both dramas will have different charms and his drama is more like a romantic-comedy rather than a traditional political-romantic sageuk.

  2. Scarlet Heart definitely has an advantage due to it being a big budget production as well as huge names attached to it. There’s Lee Junki in it and it seems like there will be lots of drama and politics. In other words, that drama is a tv-watching ahjumma attractor. While Moonlight consists of mostly rising stars and really young leads. The target audience is totally different for both dramas. However i am rooting for the underdog. I really hope that Moonlight does well. Even if its not a ratings hit, i hope that it will receive as much love and critical acclaim.

    • I was more concerned about criticism for both drama due to rating battles but at least most of us aware of differences, I really hope both does well with its own magic. ?

    • It is set on to look like You Are Beautiful against IRIS in 2009 but time has changed so much and ratings battle are very much unpredictable these days. Scarlet has the advantage but hopefully Moonlight will gain as much love and cult following like YAB did.

      • …and Dong Yi vs Big vs Sungkyungkwan Scandal. All ended with double-digits. I’m sure sensible fans of both dramas would know. The problem is click-bait journos and petty fanatics who would do all they can to compare and criticize.

      • Is there anything wrong with this comment at all? It’s true that the situation looked like replicating the dramas competition in 2009. Why have to be salty over harmless comment like this?

  3. OH GOSHHHHH! That poster! And that preview! They look very convincing (well… not the cross-dressing part LOL Yoojung is too beautiful hehe) My eyes are shooting hearts! <3

  4. You can’t say the big budget must be the winner. Dependence on the viewers, story, writer also pd, n the other aspect. If you say ahjumma will choose joonki, that might not be true becoz from what i know from knet, naver, dll, bogum also have huge of noona and ahjumma fans more than teenager fans. So i just wish both of drama can do well. But i really hope bogum drama will doing good n rating wisely coz this is his first time as lead in major public broadcast… Just pray…

    • I assume you are replying to my comment. Nah I’m not saying that Scarlet is definitely going to be the winner to the ratings battle. Just saying that it has the higher advantage due to the huge amount of star power that are attached to the production. Though of course, at the end of the day the quality of writing and directing for the drama is what makes the viewers stick around. So I’m hoping that both dramas will do well in terms of writing quality since I’m planning to watch both and don’t want to be disappointed. Though, like you, I’m praying for Moonlight to do well in terms of ratings because I just want Park Bogum to succeed in his first challenge as a lead in a historical drama. XD

      • “at the end of the day the quality of writing and directing for the drama is what makes the viewers stick around” … ummm from what I can tell quality and success go together about 50% of the time. There is a y factor that sometimes as an international viewer I think I’m missing. I have seen many a solid drama go under the radar for whatever reason, and I have also seen wackadoo dramas do very well usually due to the actors involved (Dr. Stranger anyone).

        Anyway, after suffering through the Doctors/Beautiful Mind mess wherein both dramas offered something to viewers based on preference…one was a noir/mystery/character study and the other a romance/relationship drama that really had no correlation except being set in hospitals, I am hoping that Moonlight and Scarlet don’t go down the same path with fans. Moonlight looks lighthearted and Scarlet (if like the original) is a much more serious thing. I think we should be hopeful that they both end up with solid ratings.

        Sorry for the long post, but I want to drop in on Koala and have fun discussing the dramas – both of them- without people dragging down either drama because they prefer the other one and basically comparing two different genres just because they are both historical. I really wish the stations hadn’t done this.

        PS: I really enjoyed Beautiful Mind after the rough start and am still enjoying Doctors for the relationships, though it really should have been 16 episodes. I didn’t want anyone to think I was running them down because I wasn’t.

      • @Kat I agree with you. Before it starts you can never know because of ‘y’ factor. I feel like that’s timing… There is a timing of genres to become rating killer and the timing of which drama strikes first. I always find same genre trends each year suspicious so…I just want to believe Moonlight won’t suffer low ratings since cast, directing and editing solid so far a bit worried about writing but we shall wait and see. I saw an article about Moonlight and Scarlet instead of comparing they stated differences such as indication of Moon…For Moonlight it’s the people who influences monarch, for scarlet it’s female lead who influences battle for thrones.

  5. LMAO Bogummy screaming and throwing a hissy fit is giving me life. What a huge departure frm quiet Taekkie and murderous Min XD

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