Ji Chang Wook and Song Yoon Ah Lead Script Reading for tvN Political Thriller The K2

The stellar cast of tvN‘s next Fri-Sat drama The K2 has assembled for script reading, but one pretty young face is conspicuously missing. Present for the table read is leading man Ji Chang Wook, making his K-drama return after the cult hit drama Healer, but his leading lady Yoona of SNSD was not able to attend since she had not officially accepted the role at that time, thereby depriving fans of that first look opinion of seeing them side-by-side. The other leading lady Song Yoon Ah was there and she plays a powerful woman puppet master type character manipulating those around her as she tries to get her husband elected as the next president of South Korea. She hires Ji Chang Wook as a bodyguard and tries to deal with Yoona who is the bastard daughter of her husband with a movie actress. The K2 takes over in September after The Good Wife wraps up.

Also present for the script reading are second male lead Lee Jung Jin, veterans Jo Sung Ha and Kim Gab Soo, and actresses Son Tae Young and Shin Dong Mi. The K2 will be directed by PD Kwak Jung Hwan of Chuno and Runaway: Plan B fame and written by the screenwriter of Yongpal.


Ji Chang Wook and Song Yoon Ah Lead Script Reading for tvN Political Thriller The K2 — 13 Comments

  1. I dont have hope for Yoona’s acting but I hope the chemistry is fire atleast. So much that I hope they date afterwards. Like LMH & PMY city hunter 2.0

  2. I’m so excited for JCW’s return. Finally! His C-dramas weren’t really doing much for me in terms of availability and just my overall comfort level. Now K-dramas, that’s a whole different story. I’m thrilled!

    Also, I think him and Yoona would make an absolutely gorgeous couple! She was great in her last drama, and tbh, I hadn’t thought much of PMY before she turned a leaf with JCW in Healer. So I hope it’s the same for Yoona. More than that, Chuno and Plan B are amongst the best action dramas for me so I’m super looking forward to this!!!

  3. i cant wait for this drama, september seems so far away , i have no pb with the
    cast, as they were handpicked personally by the production and the director looking forward for the gorgeous couple!

  4. 1. The first script reading took place on 4 August, so not all cast members were present.
    2. Yoona had not officially confirmed accepting the role until 10 August, so her non-appearance was not due to ‘overseas activities’.
    3. Can you put a stop to the term “bastard daughter”? The proper term is “illegitimate.” Anna’s birth father may be a “bastard” to us viewers, but using that term is a rude and demeaning descriptor to any child born out of wedlock.

  5. My expectations for this drama is not high, given the writer, but will definitely check it out anyways for Ji Chang Wook.

  6. Still watching C drama Whirlwind Girl just to get a dose of charm from JCW. LOL….Definitely will check this one out. I hope it’s entertaining and action packed.

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