Wallace Huo Shaves Head for C-drama Ruyi’s Royal Love in the Palace Opposite Zhou Xun


It’s probably a good thing that TW-actor Wallace Huo got married to real life actress wifey Ruby Lin before starting filming for his next big role as the male lead in the mega production of the sequel to palace C-drama Legend of Zhen Huan. It’s good for two reasons – one is that he shaved his head in real life for the Qing dynasty role and secondly is that he’s surrounded by so many beautiful actresses playing his onscreen wives and concubines. Nicely done, Wallace.

Filming is underway for Ruyi’s Royal Love in the Palace (Legend of Ruyi) starring Wallace and A-lister Zhou Xun as the titular Ruyi, with Wallace playing Emperor Qianlong in a role that heavily courted HK movie star Tony Leung but in the end couldn’t lure him back to drama land. I’m just as happy with the Wallace-Zhou Xun pairing and the beauties joining in the palace lady intrigue and catfights, including Dong Jie, Janine Chang, Tong Yao, Li Chun, Vivian Wu, Chen Hao Yu, and Zhen Yi Xuan. Ruyi is definitely shaping up to be the biggest C-drama of 2017.


Wallace Huo Shaves Head for C-drama Ruyi’s Royal Love in the Palace Opposite Zhou Xun — 15 Comments

  1. Okay, I like this actor well enough, but I have never been blown away by him. Is there some drama or movie that anyone can recommend as his best work? I made it about half way through Perfect Couple and watched Love Me If You Dare.

      • I second Battle of Changsha.. Next to it the Descendant of the Sun looked so big budgeted but mediocre (both are wartime drama with medical touch).

    • he’s definitely an ok actor. Been watching a lot of dramas lately, recently Singing All Along, the lead actor (starring opposite Ruby Lin!) is much better actor. Plus, Wallace is too skinny. IMO doesn’t look very “man”, but I guess Manchu kings in real life don’t look like handsome stars 🙂

      • I cannot agree enough with you. The Great Protector had the feel of some of the more classic martial arts dramas. After all those years of fantasy rpg, I almost forgot why I liked Chinese dramas in the first place until I saw the choreography in this. Also Wallace looks really good in it lol

  2. He does look really skinny on all the pictures I have seen. I think he would look better with a bit more weight to him, but I am hopeful it will look better in motion.

  3. Looking forward to Wallace and Zhou Xun’s major collaboration. The stills should be out soon. Wonder who are the rest of the cast besides these gorgeous looking “consorts”.

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