Moon Chae Won All Smiles Even After the Disappointing MBC Drama Goodbye Mr. Black

Having a drama fail to engage me despite starring an actor or actress I really like is becoming so routine now, and I cut my losses quick nowadays rather than slog on. It also means I fail to see how the performances are fleshed out as the drama progresses, only getting an initial glimpse before the story line or poor directing, and sometimes even in failed dramas the acting can still be worthwhile. MBC failed to hook audiences with it’s 2016 spring prime time Wed-Thur drama Goodbye Mr. Black, though it’s making up for it now with the summer drama hit W: Two Worlds, and I was part of the majority vastly underwhelmed and unimpressed with the recycled revenge saga. I also missed out on darling Moon Chae Won‘s charming acting style and wonder how she performed in the drama. All I know is that she rocked the tomboy hairstyle which is impressive enough already. Any Moon Chae Won fans stick it through the entire drama and want to share thoughts on her performance?


Moon Chae Won All Smiles Even After the Disappointing MBC Drama Goodbye Mr. Black — 55 Comments

  1. She’s actress I love most. And whatever it is, I always tried every drama she’s in, including GMB. It’s really great, the acting is superb, but the story is too dark for everyone taste. Still it remind me of old great dramas in the past.
    I hope she make comeback soon, in the role she comfortable… I want to see the cheerful and relaxing side of her…

  2. I felt her acting as a tomboy was too forced in GMB.. I kept seeing her this soft feminine person trying to act all tomboyish. She was no where near close to YEH in Coffee Prince. The drama was frustrating at best.. I cut my losses quick so I didn’t have the patient to see people making stupid noble idiotic decisions.

    • I think she did a good job in GMB and I kinda like her portrayal as a tomboy. On the contrary, I think YEH’s portrayal of a tomboy is less natural compare to MCW and partially because I am on the minority who dislike Coffee Prince, feeling annoyed by both the male and female leads characters, not the actors. I hope MCW will come back with a much better project but this all depends on luck and timing. All the best, MCW.

    • IMO her character, Swan was not meant to be a tomboy like YEH in CP. So, don’t think we can compare the level of the tomboyish that the two performed.

      I agree that the drama was a big mess especially on directing part. It really irritated to watched it.

  3. Goodbye Mr. Black is one of the novel that I really want to see as korean drama adaptation but once the main male lead get announced, being honest, I felt disappointed. Lee Jin Wook is an okay actor but I just think he did not suit Mr. Black role. Though the drama already finished long ago, but I still hope they remake again with another mature strong alpha male actor. I thought Kim Nam Gil, Jo Jin Moo, Jang Hyuk or even idol actor like Eric is better to play Mr. Black than him.

    For Moon Chae Won, I don’t think her role is best in GMB but again, the drama itself is more about the main male lead. The female lead is just like another super hero kinda story so though they’re important but not playing the critical role. I just hope she’ll back in better role. I hope saeguk for the next.

    • OMG YES!!!! I definitely agree. He was a complete miscast and glad that I’m not the only one who still believe so. I was so excited when I first read about the synopsis and even more excited when Moon Chae Won signed on…. until I found out the leading actor. I was one to actually say W.T.F. outlaid. My disappointment and it’s a shame because the storyline had good premises and signed on a very talented actress.

    • Seem like a lot of here don’t like LJW but i really like him as actor i thought he is good actor who always take different role n i guesss korean entertainment industry recognize that it proven he get role alongside many big name actress in korea act in many genre drama, goodbye mr black not that fail, it’s unlucky that this drama air together with big budget drama descendant of the sun in the halfway, as i remember goodbye mr black get no 1 rating after descendant finish airing. If some say he’s not charismatic, i see him first time in the teaser of three musketeers n getting curiouse who is this charismatic actor. I’ m not agree if anyone say eric better as mr black or song jong ki, the story not as dark as i imagine it could be but it’ s still not that bad

      • I agree..its not a fail be honest i like more this drama than the descendant of the sun..i do like sjk but when im already in the middle of watching it i feel kinda bored already and i stopped at watching at once. But when i watched GMB…its a two thumbs for me..its quite amazing eventhough the story is quite dark and revengeful but its really and all the cast gave their best esp. mcw and ljw. Maybe it doesnt get the best rating becoz of the casting doesnt have that much appeal to others or dnt have much supporters compared to sjk and shk that has a much more supporters but when it comes to storyline and the delivery of the acting im more suitable to watch GMB than DOTS.

    • The role wasn’t enough interesting for her after his anothers great characters. And i don’t know why LJW couple with seems so flat. It was the same with Ha Ji won. These 2 ladies have proved to have fantastic chemistry with their costar in the past. She was wonderful with Park Shi Hoo And Song joong KI .And Th script has nothing to do with “Le comte de Monte Cristo.”

  4. She was literally the saving grace of GMB and even then, I couldn’t finish that mess of drama for her. It was so bad with so many plot holes lol.

    Not trying to take a dig at LJW (sorry LJW) fans, but he is just so uncharismatic as an actor. I think he should stick to 2nd lead roles, he’ll probs be more likeable as such. Guy can’t romance a tree to save his life.

    • I tend to agree. She was good in her role, but the drama was doomed to start with. And LJW constantly is bad in dramas. Yes, he was good in Nine and it was a good drama, but otherwise he’s been bad. He was also horribly outshined by Kim Kang Woo in GMB.

      • I wonder why he got paired with high profile actress while he even did not get any hit dramas. Nine is good but the ratings was just so-so. First Ha Ji Won then Moon Chae Won. Such a bad luck for those girls.

    • LJW isn’t popular like any other name people mention here but he keep getting role in many different genre drama or movie n you say he is bad actor, un charrismatic n should stay as second lead, sorry… but entertainment industry people didn’t think like you and second lead sometimes need better actor than first lead because the charracter more complex. Sometimes so so actor get main role because they are popular, definitely it’s not LJW but, i really agree if people say joo jin mo, jang hyuk n kim nam gil could take mr black role n so LJW, the writing is the problem esp in the halfway

  5. Moon Chaewoon and Lee Jinwook are two of my most favorite actors/actresses and I was really ecstatic when I heard they were going to be leading a drama together. The drama started out really good, the intro and the characters were refreshing; both Moon Chaewon and Lee Jinwook were spunky in their characters (compared to their usual reserved characters in other dramas). However, halfway the drama, when the revenge finally began and the couple reunited, is when they actually lost their spark. The characters they portrayed didn’t make sense and the change of pace from indifference to romance was too quick and shallow. Both MCW and LJW acted in the best of their abilities but the writing and execution of the story was poorly done. It was sad because the secondary characters were actually interesting. The story of Goodbye Mr. Black reminded me very much of Song Joongki’s Nice Man/Innocent Man (another drama I also love), the revenge-themed drama is always a favorite. So the fact that I have very affectionate feelings to the actors and even to the synopsis of the story makes me sad: I’m a sucker for this cliche dramas but the execution of the story was too insufficient that I couldn’t even bear to finish or rewatch it.

    • THIS! Without speaking to anyone’s acting ability or lack there of (cause in most cases it’s all subjective), the issue with that show was the writing: character and plot development went bust early on. Everyone was shortchanged and became an utter disappointment at one point throughout its run.

  6. i love her and always thought she’s an amazing actress… still do. I’ve called it even before the drama aired but I always believed it was due to the poor male lead casting.

  7. I couldn’t sit through GMB even though I wanted to for MCW.

    I think the drama was doomed from the beginning. The fact that KBS dropped it and MCW probably couldn’t get out anymore. Then the half-a** production which I give kudos to the production company for doing so merely weeks before the drama starts airing. Still the drama didn’t really look good. And the writing was downright bad.

    For LJW… I think he is a nice guy but I also admit that I wasn’t happy when he got cast. Although in the drama itself he at least had chemistry with MCW. But that didn’t save the drama. And LJW is kind of a victim of the terrible writing in GMB as well.

    Now I’m just waiting for MCW to choose her next project. As far as I know she isn’t with MS Team anymore and is looking for a new movie project. But who knows? πŸ™‚

    • Now that you mentioned about the production. It was done so half ass*ed and it was glaringly obvious. Too bad for the cast. But well, take it as an experience.

      • It’s indeed sad. Although I think a good production couldn’t have saved GMB either. The writing was just too terrible. :/

  8. hello koala sis!
    hello @Jillia chingu!
    i sit through the drama except i stopped liveblogging at soompi at some point. MCW performance is as always top-notch but you can only do so much with the material given. I must admit i did not really like LJW and even if others said they have chemistry, I am not sold out with the pairing. There are times they are ok as a pair but other times I just shrug it off. The story is okay when it started but it dragged through midway and it seemed forever for the drama to get to its point and end. GMB is the kind of drama that you could get to in only 10 episodes and then it would make sense.

    • Annyeong chingu! πŸ™‚

      For the chemistry: I think what I mean is that I could see they (MCW and LJW) liked eachother. The chemistry wasn’t as good as between MCW and SJK though. πŸ˜€

      And I agree on the length… With good writing 16 episodes would’ve been sufficient to make this drama work.

  9. Watched if for my Dark Blue Panda Song Jae Rim, it had the potential to be great but too many cliches ended up drowning the boat despite having a stellar cast. Individually they all tried their best but as a combined whole it just didn’t make much sense. The romance didn’t make sense to me either. I mean the male lead fell for her out of nowhere and MCW did not impress me this time around. Better luck next time I guess.

  10. Watched first two episodes of GMB and then quit. MCW is one of my favorite K actresses. I love her in The Princess’ Man and Nice Guy. But dang, she shouldn’t have undertaken this project with LJW. Personally I think LJW isn’t a bad actor, but just boring. For a dark revenge drama, they should have cast another actor.

    BTW, I can’t help imaging if SJK and MCW were the OTP in Uncontrollably fond. LOL

    • +1

      Omg. That would have been amazing! To date, I think Song Joong Ki’s best on-screen romance was with Moon Chae Won. They had the most amazing chemistry!

      And we share the same sentiments about Lee Jin Wook. I don’t think he’s horrible, but he lacks some sort of spark. He just wasn’t suitable for such a dark, vengeful role.

  11. Not trying to disrespect her or her huge fans but i don’t understand her appeal. To me she is just an average in term of screen presence and appearance. GBM was really cringing time wasting. But I guess I didn’t watched many of her dramas to pass my judgement about her acting.

    • It’s called personal preference & opinion. If we all have the same preference/opinion and can understand about what appeal to others, then I guess, there won’t be diversity in opinions and personal taste. Just for example, I don’t find Julia Roberts as beautiful or have much charisma on screen but others think she got them. And that’s normal. I don’t have to try to understand them hehe

    • She is impressive in Nice Guy. Compared with uncontrollably embarassing acting of Suzy in UF of the same writer, she was charismatic in NG. But I think her costar made a huge difference. LJW is no SJK, to put it blunt. Even Park Si Hoo was charismatic and had incredible chemistry with MCW in Princess’ Man. CBM is just a typical revenge K drama like Hotel King, not great, not particularly crappy either, but definitely needs a talented actor to pull off the role of the hero. LJW was miscast. Besides, CBM was unluckily in competition with the hit drama Dots that made it look particularly miserable. Bad luck for MCW.

      • To be honest, she’s great in all of her roles. From Painter of the Wind to Good Doctor, she’s an ace. Even her films, most especially Awaiting. Coming from one of her number one fans, I feel sad for her because of GMB. You know, we all want to see our faves for a long time but because GMB is not as good as it could have been, it didn’t last and was easily replaced. I want her back asap πŸ™

  12. LJW is to blame for GMG. the man alway look so bore in all his scene.

    was a bad idea of moon to take the drama. should have left when they cast LJW as lead.

  13. I adore MCW as well, but this was my least favorite role of hers to date. I watched the whole drama and still don’t know why. Some actors can still do well even in a terrible drama and with a badly written character (Kim Kang Woo kind of pulled that off in this one). But MCW’s character was really annoying and poorly written and did not suit MCW at all. It was such a mismatch that it made her acting seem poor in this; she was not the MCW we are used to. I was very disappointed.

  14. I finished the drama (though I struggled a lot) and even if I’m a fan of Moon Chae Won, I wouldn’t deny the fact that the drama was such a trash..SMH. Less or no promotion at all, bad directing, mediocre script not to mention it goes up against the pre produced DOTS which by the time GMB aired its pilot episode had already gained a huge fan base (I think DOTS was already at ep6? not sure)…it’s indeed doomed from the start. Anyhow, about the performance, she’s definitely shining in her role as Kaya at the first half (or should I say first quarter?)of the drama but she kinda lost the spark midway when she became Swan, I’m not sure if it’s because of her hair, or her freaking wardrobe (I couldn’t forget that oversized coat), or her poorly written character or is it just her who seemed so uninspired towards the end of the drama. I still love her no matter what, my only wish is that for her to find a good drama that would unleash her full potential as an actress. I’m willing to wait for her even if it takes her another 3 (or even more than that) years.. ?

  15. She was all right in the drama. I hope she comes back with a better script though.

    Her best drama for me has been the Innocent Man….maybe she should reunite with SJK

  16. I loved MCW. but she underperformed in GMB. i know the script was bad but so was her acting. i feel people are more lenient with her cos well…it’s MCW(everyone’s fav.). if it were PSH or SSK,people would’ve condemned them for poor acting. hope MCW picks a better project next time.

  17. Oh gosh. Goodbye Mister Black was such a hot mess! I seriously cringed at the OTP. Their romance was not believable and it just seemed so forced and unnatural. I actually found myself rooting for the second couple more.

    Moon Chae Won is one of my favorite actresses and she worked her ass off to portray Swan, but the characters were so poorly written and the storyline was just all over the place.

    The drama had so much potential, but it just didn’t have enough substance for a dark and effective drama.

    Hoping Moon Chae Won’s next drama is a better one.

    • Agree ! Totally agree. I think Moon chae won do her best (see on ep 18 when she recognized if Baek Eun Do who was killed her parents) but the script is so poor πŸ™
      I hope she will come back soon with jjang drama or film !

  18. CBM is just a very typical revenge K drama like Hotel King, not great, not particularly crappy either. But it needs a charismatic leading man to pull it off. LJW was miscast.

  19. Lee Jin Wook & Moon chae Wan…I love love them both in their acting & their chemistry..!!!GMB was one of my favourite kdrama and I enjoyed it very much ^_*:))

  20. Her role in GMB was not interesting to begin with. I liked her in Princess Man, maybe she should do more sageuk. I don’t quite get the hype on her acting, but she is good actress, but not her roles made me interested. While ppl keeps complaining about LJW had been miscasted, the problem with GMB was the directing and script to begin with. You put best actors in Korea in this drama will not help either since the script was not good.

  21. She was good in the first few episodes particularly when they shot the scenes in Thailand, but her performance started to drop when she’s back to Korea. Her chemistry with LJW was much better too in the first half of the drama. It even comes to a time when I find the 2nd lead actress overshadowed her. Moreover, her hair and wardrobe just don’t suite her feminine look. While people complain about LJW’s being a miscast, I don’t think so. He was alright. His looks and style are just the Mr Black that I was expecting. The main issue would be writing, it is so bad that the story seems so messed up. Some parts just do not make sense anymore. With a script full of flaws like this, even if they have a top star to be the lead actor, I doubt he would be able to save the show.

  22. I like this girl. She’s vary versatile. Lee Jin Wook is good actor and good looking. But I don’t know, he’s boring. He reminds me Oh Ji Ho. Both are okay actor plus have very handsome appearance but whenever they appear, I really don’t care about their presence lol.

    Kim Kang Woo is definitely the scene stealer in GMB. Just saying.

  23. I’m totally agree with the poor script and directing of GMB, but I think all cast have did their best. But, MCW and LJW not compatible little, so it comes unnatural.
    But I hope, MCW still get awards on MBC awards last year, as best actress maybe. I really touched with her shock acting when she recognized that Baek Eun Do is person who killed swan’s parents. Jjang !

  24. This was not a good role for her, I like her a lot, and will look forward to seeing her again. Her hairstyle was soooo cute.

  25. This drama is the reason why there should be a competition for writers to compete with each other, and then submit their work to the film industry to analyze, and then make a drama out of it. HAHA! Just saying.

    Anyways, I couldn’t stand episode one because I personally didn’t really like Moon Chae Won’s style in the drama, aka, her character. But I will still be anticipating her new project (hoping it will be a saeguk).

  26. Writing is definitely the first reason why the drama get attention. Though ratings are uncontrolled but review from viewers would be positive if the writing is good.

    I like Moon Chae Won. But I think her character was poorly written. However, I could see she played her role pretty good.

    On the other hand, the center of this story, Mr. Black just awful played by Lee Jin Wook. I don’t understand why team production chose him for the first place right after the failed In Time with You with ha Ji Won. They already got so much trouble for finding the TV station but then it just turned out being worst after the writing sucked. If only Moon Chae Won quit from this horrible drama. I hope she’ll back in better projects.

  27. I have yet to watch Goodbye Mr. Black thus I can’t comment much about the drama. But, I have watched Painter in the Wind and the Princess’ Man. I simply adore her character in the Princess’ Man. She truly played the character of Lee Se-ryung very well. I believe it’s because she and her male lead, Park Shi Hoo both immersed themselves in their respective characters and were able to move and sweep many K-drama fans off their feet. This is what I call excellent acting.Apart from that, Miss Moon certainly looked lovely in her hanbok. I am so glad that I watched the Princess’ Man.

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