K-ent Wonders if Park Bo Gum Can Break the Answer Me Franchise Curse with Moonlight Drawn by Clouds

There might not be a real curse on the tvN Answer Me drama franchise, but it’s legit real that the followup disappointment level is high with this one. The K-media covering the press conference of Park Bo Gum‘s upcoming sageuk drama Moonlight Drawn by Clouds asked if he could possibly be the first AM alum to break the curse that has befallen all AM leads so far with vastly underwhelming followup dramas right after their AM turns. Obviously he can’t answer that until the drama airs next week and audiences react with a yay or nay, but he is facing a tidal wave of post-AM fails that’s swallowed up his own Answer Me 1988 costars as well as the leads of Answer Me 1997 and Answer Me 1994. This year alone has seen AM leads Hyeri fail with Entertainer and Ryu Jun Yeol vastly disappoint with Lucky Romance. I sure hope Park Bo Gum picked wisely and emerges the one to buck the trend.

Jung Eun Ji had a supporting role in That Winter, That Wind Blows after AM1997 and it was mostly unmemorable and the drama rating flat. Seo In Guk did weekend drama The Sons and a supporting turn in The Master’s Sun after and didn’t factor much presence in either drama. Go Ara had the misfire You’re All Surrounded and Yoo Yeon Seok the even bigger misfire Warm and Cozy. I guess only Jung Woo has avoided the curse, by dint of not doing a K-drama since AM1994, not counting a cameo appearance in AM1988.

It’s easy to say that any followup drama to something as big of a ratings hit as the Answer Me dramas will comparatively seem a disappointment, but looking at the list above all the AM lead alum really did pick poor drama and/or role choices in their followup. It’s going to be hard for Park Bo Gum to vault Moonlight to the top of the Mon-Tues ratings but judging from the promos and trailers he’ll get lots of help from leading lady Kim Yoo Jung and maybe the doubling down of cuteness can buck the trend.


K-ent Wonders if Park Bo Gum Can Break the Answer Me Franchise Curse with Moonlight Drawn by Clouds — 33 Comments

    • IMO, there are really only several great dramas per year. The odds are not good for any actor wanting a big hit. Besides talent and an eye for good material, a good part of it is availability and the luck of being offered a great project.

    • Seo in guk good enough in TV cable, but in public Tv all of his work are flop! Don’t count master sun because he is just 2nd lead role, i think both bogum and seo in guk still suffering the curse of reply. (sorry im not native speaker)

  1. I feel bad lol I never was with the hype of AM19-
    I fell in love with him in Remember Me. That show was golden as far as the writing and acting for his character went. I’m watching this really for that alone~ a fun sageuk will be a great comeback IMO.

  2. I dont think it has something to do a curse but rather unable to choose a good project because they are still rookies in this business. Most of the best scripts will likely go to Hallyu or A listers stars like LMH, KSH or LJS because these people will be able to guarantee high ratings in or outside Korea. Besides, most of them are still not ready to become leading men with the exception of SIG of course. Looking forward to his next project.

    • Completely agree with you! It’s all about choosing a good project. And as for SIG: He acted in good projects and his acting is pretty fine. It’s just the ratings that weren’t high.

  3. Compared to other AM alumn it seems that at least RJY get better result . At least people respond on his acting were even better post Lucky Romance.

    And for Moonlight, people interest seems rather high on it, but so is their competitor.

  4. I still remember how disappointed I was after Yoo Yeon Seok’s Warm and Cozy, that was a horrible waste of his talent… but I have faith in Bogummie. To me he is the strongest of all these AM19- guys, the most talented, charismatic and shining new star. The only drawbacks are that he will be facing IU and LJK’s drama,and that saeguks are not everyone’s cup of tea. But I believe he can elevate whatever he is in, so I will be waiting for the best. 😀

  5. I think he will great in this from the promo he is very good. I do not know how the over all drama is but I am sure he is going to kill it. The chemi even before the romnace as student and theacher is very good. Good luck to all of them. I am so looking forward to this.

  6. As far i know the fail is not from them, but some plot from they new drama is too chessy,and not natural as reply,reply have great team, strong natural story,and they had awesome supporting actors. I think bo gum new drama is interesting too, he have chance to get out from choi taek character,( I was still annoyed by the end of the story of reply94.88. Until now lol)

  7. This boy has got a good head on his shoulders…It’s a pity his answer was not included in this article because it shows uncommon wisdom…

  8. He is still young and very talented. Even if his follow up the drama not doing well in the rating but still qualitatively good and if he display good acting, I am sure he will be fine. If there’s anything, I have a feeling that Moonlight is just to test the market as it would be the first drama featuring PBG and KYJ as leads and I am sure he will have many more dramas coming his way to showcase his talent. I don’t really think it’s a curse, perhaps it’s just a bit unfortunate that the drama selections from the Answer Me alumni(s) turn out to be on the crappy side. Always this kind of thing depending on luck and timing.

  9. I disagree koala, That Winter the Wind Blows is a hit & ratings winner. It was the number 1 show on Wed-Thurs during its run and Song Hye Kyo & Jo Insung were praised for their performances as well as Kim Bum & Eunji. It has higher ratings than Its Okay, That`s Love which is both Noh Hee-Kyung penned drama. It even ranked number 4 in the 2013 Content Power Index beating The Master`s Sun & Gu Family Book..

    • Oh.. please dont drag Its ok that love, it was my fav drama until now, have decent rating tho! How can you compare IOIL with TWTWB?? IOIL is the most memorable and the best performance of Jo In Sung, he got daesang for his role. TWTWB didn’t give anything to him just ‘special award from sbs’ -_-

    • Maybe in term of rating TWTWB is the winner in its timeslot but for quality IOIL is the best (the competitor of IOIL drama is no joke! ) Jang Hyuk & Jang Nara / Lee Jun Ki and Nam Sang Min.. , while TWTWB rival is not that hard.

  10. The campus drama (including saguek) that landed the career take-off for his main cast is Sangkyunkwan Scandandal. Look at where YAI, SJK, and PMY are now. Without the nasty scandal, the leading man PYC had been also doing extremely well.

  11. Wait…what? Ryu Jun Yeol was amazing in Lucky Romance. I would not consider that a disappointing performance at all. Also, Seo In Guk was wonderful in Master’s Sun…

  12. The whole Answer Me franchise is over-hyped. Park Bogum was phenomenal in I remember You along with Seo In Guk. Jun Yeol chose poorly but he did his work in Lucky Romance exceptionally well and the script which was a sad mess in general. I am angry at Hwang Jung Run post the show, Bo Build was a pathetic character and a snooze inducing lead. I hope this does well, obviously this is the underdog drama as Scarlet Heart is running on huge buzz but I hope both do well like Yong Pal and She was Pretty did in the same slot. I can’t choose between Bogum and Join ki….I love them both.

    • I totally agree that the boys of I remember You were great in that series.

      I guess its just a matter of the viewers’ taste in drama plus the time slot the drama is shown. Another main factor to consider is the rival show at that period. Just like this August — people are torn between W, Uncontrollably Fond and Doctors; and now Cinderella and Four Knights are slowly playing along the ratings game.

      oh, well…

  13. I think Park’s drama will be cute enough to create some buzz.It might not be great, but it will do well. I’m just excited for his first leading role.

  14. I hope koala do recapping on both Scarlet Heart and Moonlight. I’m more lean towards Scarlet Heart due to LJK, but not a huge fan of IU. But Moonlight have KYJ as heroin, which a huge plus for me; apart from PBG. With W and Good Wife dramas, it feels so full for the whole week to watch every drama (sighhhhh?, too much for me to take at the moment)

  15. Well looks like the K-Drama gods are with Park Bo Gum. Moonlight is a runaway hit, thanks to wonderful casting (great chemistry all round), good script and a director that delivers.

  16. PBG broke the curse! Moonlight is doing well in the rating game! A lot of peeps were concerned because of the competitor drama, but netizens have supported and proven the PBG effect! PBG virus is contagious!

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