Life Stirring Feels and Laughter Aplenty in New Stills and Preview for Fantastic with Kim Hyun Joo and Joo Sang Wook

Hoo boy, this is going to be one complicated watch for me with upcoming jTBC drama Fantastic. In paying homage to it’s title, the previews indeed look absolutely fantastic, with great music and visuals and tons of charm. But then the looming threat of the female lead starting off with a terminal illness diagnosis can’t be overlooked, and feels so superfluous like having a third boob. Why, drama, whyyyyyyy? Can’t she decide to live life to the fullest after having an epiphany, why must individuals in dramas only decide to pivot when the end is in sight, it’s such a terrible point to make and not realistic in the least. With that said, maybe the drama will cop out and she won’t die – I’m okay with that lame twist as long as Kim Hyun Joo and Joo Sang Wook have tons of fun bickering their way to love, and toss in smexy Ji Soo, back to form Park Shi Yeon, and goofy Kim Tae Hoon. I’m all good with that.

New previews for Fantastic:


Life Stirring Feels and Laughter Aplenty in New Stills and Preview for Fantastic with Kim Hyun Joo and Joo Sang Wook — 15 Comments

  1. the only one thing I don’t like from this drama is heard the the female lead character has some kind of sickness? my cousin told me that when we talk about KDrama, there’s always someone is sick or dying, so true. But I like two things in this drama, Park Si Yeon, she’s so plastic but watchable, and JSW’s hairstyle ? So I’ll watch.

  2. I guess the whole terminal illnesses are a trend in Kdrama land again…….um *tiny voice* yaaaaay….. I think last season was older women going for younger men…

  3. Theres sth about this drama that makes me want to watch. Mostly i thk the bravest people are those given the short end of the stick but try their hardest to be happy and live life to the fullest. Just that measage alone deserves alot of brownie points.i also thk hyunjoo can deliver. Not sure if it will pan out like Marriage contract’s open ending with the known context nothin has changed regarding her illness, she will diebut she had gained love and support from her man. Or as koala says writer will cop out. I prefer the latter too to be honest.

  4. I have high hopes for this drama. I’ve always liked a mixture of melodrama and comedy. The actors are great (especially Kim Hyun Joo), so the writer and director would better do their part well…

  5. Love all of the cast, especially Park Si Yeon, so will definitely watch this! The only thing I don’t like is the terminal illness but hopefully some miracle or misdiagnosis happens, as cliche as that sounds.

  6. Joo Sang Wook is really the king of physical comedy. not too many people have the necessary flexibility, timing and dedication to the funny. some look so uncomfortable you´d think they are doing a commercial for salty pickles. for him it is his natural element. he´d be great playing some iconic, absurd comic book hero /villain in a movie.

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