Lee Jun Ki Sleek and Pensive in Fall Issue of Marie Claire

The evolution of Lee Jun Ki continues with the upcoming K-drama version of Bu Bu Jing Xin, and despite this being his nth sageuk role in both drama and film I’m expecting to be wowed once again. The promotional circuit for Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart: Ryeo (Bobogyungsim: Ryeo) has been nothing short of a full court press, with the entire cast gracing magazine spreads together. Leading man Lee Jun Ki gets his own solo spread in the fall issue ofย Marie Claire Korea in colors that evoke an Indian summer. Lee Jun Ki lost 15 kg for the role of 4th Prince, bringing back his butter slicing cheekbones and beautifully androgynous features. Apparently he’s trilled with the drama-related weight loss and plans to maintain it as long as he can. I’m just glad he’s not too skinny and no matter what all I like is for my beloved stars to be healthy and happy with any look. So can’t wait for K-BBJX!


Lee Jun Ki Sleek and Pensive in Fall Issue of Marie Claire — 14 Comments

      • Yes, he was supposed to be considered obese, for lead k-actors’ standard, till about a month before the drama filming kicked off. He once mentioned in an interview he had 80kg (178cm height) when he decided to begin doing workouts and diet. If you watch the recent release clip of the drama script reading session, you may see that footage of his pre-weight loss look xD

  1. I prefer the masculine Jun Ki. No doubt he looks younger but I think he is too elfin and the sharpness of his features making him looking feminine and I do not like that he is not looking healthy. But I just have so much love for him and hoping that Scarlet Heart will be a huge success critically and a ratings hit.

    • The only one believing UF will be a big hit is KBS. I knew right off the bat that the drama will flop since there is nothing refreshing about the storyline especially up against W which is so qualitatively satisfying. I have a feeling Scarlet will do well. It has a solid storyline to sell and the wow factors in the actors and I just can sort of feel that this is Lee Jun Ki’s year and that he will come back on top.

    • As a fan of the drama who always wait for the update and promotion, I can honestly say… SBS promotions are slow. It’s one more week before the premiere but only 2 teaser were released and some stills, compare to other dramas.

  2. Did he even have 15 kgs to lose?! I just hope he eats properly and takes care of his health, both he and IU are too skinny right now.

  3. Look at his jawline, sharpened V shaped! I never thought he needed any weight loss to fit any roles. Why did he have to be on diet for this sageuk project? I actually like him with a bit muscles better. Now these pictorials gave me anorexic feels. ๐Ÿ™

    • Actually, he didn’t have strong muscles throughout his career xD He just started doing the strict diet plus regular workouts from this time, and he’s gained quite muscles. Watching some bts clips, seems he might tease the audience of his transformation in this drama, kk

      • You are right, his answers were such as: “I don’t want to be stuck in one shape. An actor’s body should be formless, ready to change into any form. I don’t kike weight training. I like running about outdoors but not lifting heavy equipment in the stuffy indoors. It’s not my stile” (from his interview for kdramaqueen, 2008/07)

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