Yoon Eun Hye Makes Appearance at L’Oreal Event in China and Still Mulling Over Future Projects

There’s finally an update on K-actress Yoon Eun Hye, and sadly it’s not an activity or event in Korea that may herald her return to K-ent. Yoon Eun Hye was in China last week attending a L’Oreal beauty launch event, dressed way too somber for a summertime fete with a black long sleeved dress with subtle contrasting panels in front. She’s also rocking thick bangs which is so popular this summer, her hair still long and  a lovely shade of burnt brown. Her movie After Love with Park Shi Hoo continues to get postponed from one tentative premiere date to another and honestly I could care less whether it ever sees the light of day despite my love for her. The project and her male lead at this point feels like a lost cause so all I want is for her to pick a Korean drama or movie and give it her all, even if she can’t ever reclaim all that promise from the post Coffee Prince days there is still much about her acting talent and onscreen vibrancy that adds color to the Korean acting world. Come back soon, Eun Hye!


Yoon Eun Hye Makes Appearance at L’Oreal Event in China and Still Mulling Over Future Projects — 84 Comments

    • Im slowly beginning to think that Suzy copies her or imitates her, did Suzy undergo surgery because her photo or stills are like copies with Yoon Eun Hye vibes or undetones. oh well, maybe only in photos, because the moving screen camera of Suzy is below par to YEH’s real goddess beauty.

    • Judging by the success of this even amid THAAD spat while many events performing Korean celebrities have been canceled lately, and also an international brand like L’Oreal still keeping her as a spokesperson, I would say that she’s still relevant in entertainment ind.

      • L’Oréal Is one of the biggest fortune in France . The biggest names work with them . Blake Lively, Eva Longoria Eva Green, Susan Sarandon, Naomi Watts, JLO, Jane Fonda, Kirsten Dunst, Fan Bing Bing, Ines de la Fressange, Julianne Moore , Laetitia Casta and many more Top models…So i think it’s an honor to have been chosen as a spokesperson.

    • She is still clinging to her popularity in China while in SK she is disliked. Plagiarism and sponsor issues will haunt her forever.

      • I don’t understand why she’s so disliked in SK. Song Hye Kyo overcome his taxes evasion, Lee byung hun is still doing movies despite his disgracing behavior, …So in Sk only big names can do what they want without prejudice. So disappointing !

      • Why are you so sure that she’s disliked by SK people ? I frequenly visit Korean medias/blog & reading their news about her. What I get it the comments aren’t always negative, there are still Knetz who give positive feedback/comments. Moreover Korean medias still searching for her news to this day. They’re even making her weibo acc. as their source lol (since her agency’s seldom releasing news). So to state that she’s disliked by ALL of people of SK is overreaching

      • This is a reply to Lal. Of course there are people who leave nice comments. If you see the comments on SK news, people will always bring her involvement with LBH and her uncertain film with PSH. She needs a strong projecf in SK or stay in China for good.

      • @Tycoon What about her involvement to LBH, are you talking about the news of LBH’s birthday party where YEH’s there ? I actually read the news about that on Korean site and also saw the pics. English blogs/sites just release the photo of YEH with LBH & SSH but they DIDN’T show the pic where LBH talking intimately to a girl (not YEH) which the journalist pointed as actress Cha Ye Ryun (the girl wearing black jacket with the back on the camera). The one who’s invited to the party is actually CYR, YEH’s just accompanied her there. They’re also not staying too long for the next party.

        I actually want to elaborate this issue since some people always bringing it up whenever there’s article about YEH

        Btw, while I agree that she needs a strong project in SK I disagree she should stay in China for good. There are still many Korean actresses/actors whose achievement are below YEH yet netizen didn’t asked them to go to China. So why should you ???!

      • The designer who you are referring is Yoon Choon Ho. This is a designer who accused Yoon Eun Hye’s stylist of coming over and picking-up the alleged plagerized coat, when in reality the stylist never did. He also called swore at her on his sns, and then deleted the post.

        The show was pre-recorded almost a month before it aired. Each person on the show was paired with a Chinese designer. Prior to this, Yoon Eun Hye created her own fashion line with a friend who was also a design called 84 over e.

        The whole process of Yoon Chon Ho’s allegations of plagiarism were unprofessional to say the least. Koreans may not have considered Yoon Eun Hye’s response appropriate because she is judged by a different standard. However, I am sure that the people that she was trying to defend appreciate her loyalty.

    • @Lal lol why you so pressed? She is earning $$$$ in China and they love her more than those in SK. She has to feed herself, no? It has nothing to do with actresses whose achievement is more or less. And for your information, I saw some Knetz telling her to stay in China. Go follow her there as you are clearly a fan of hers.

      • @Tycoon, if you didn’t get the info firsthand and just reading Knetz reaction/comments, don’t act like the info is true or that you know about everything. You know how Knetz are…

      • @Lal Same goes to you. If you only read the comments or articles without proof then stop acting like you know everything.

      • @Lal dont mind this idiot @Tycoon, for all we know her idol actress cant even get big deals endorsement such as L’Oreal Paris. her idol either dont have the beauty and talent, dont have the sexy legs, dont have the perfect height, dont have the charm and appeal like real screen goddess as Miss Yoon Eun Hye. I believe in terms of beauty, appeal, sexiness, no one can still match Queen Yoon Eun Hye in SK, the newcomers will just try to copy her, but YEH is a rare gem like diamond.

      • @Black Forest she is endorsing L’oreal Hair ONLY and I believe she will be replaced this year, just like what Samantha Thavasa did. Unfortunately is YEH is easily replaceable as now too many idol-actresses in SK. FYI, my idol is not arrogant and self-centered like YEH.

      • @Tycoon “arrogant, self-centered” ?! What do you know about YEH that make you said that. It’s clearly you don’t know about her at all. If YEH’s really like what you said her career won’t be like now. She’s the most unselfish actress I know. She’s agreed to wait for the next “Love Song”‘s producer’s production after the drama was shelved. She’s waiting for movies “My Black Mini Dress” for 3 years since the PD is her friend. Go search this article if you don’t believe me. Lastly, she’s agreed to be paired with PSH on latest movie “After Love” which haven’t released yet till know. So tell me if those aren’t an act of Selfless of her.

        As for her endorsement, I just say the brand know what they do by hiring YEH as their rep.

  1. I do hope that she makes a comeback. Her scandal is really much overblown for her to take such a long hiatus. Even so I think the public (or just knetz) may not be very receptive to her appearing in the small screen again. They never forget. Still, I think she is a very charming actress and I wish to see her in a more than decent drama again. I can’t remember when that last happened really.

    • Funny thing about this so called “scandal” is that many news I read at Korean portal are saying it’s still debatable (not confirmed if it’s a plagiarism). They more focusing on YEH’s side reaction toward this controversy. So I agree that YEH made it hard on herself by taking a long hiatus

      • His “scandal” was exaggerated by knetizens. A lot of actresses or actors have worse scandals and overcame them. I don’t mind if she doesn’t reach the same star level as before. I just want her to return. Some haters are saying that she can’ t return with a lead role because of the strong competition. They may be right. So go Eun Hye ! It’s not a shame to be a 2nd lead, show them. For @LAL A Kim Yoo Jung says she saw a lot actresses in cross dressing roles and YEH sunbaenim in Coffee Prince helped her the most for his new drama !!!

      • She dig her own grave by condescending the designer. I will never get over her reply. Damn that girl needs a reality check. Coffee Prince was in 2007 and she has not been in anything good ever since.

      • Why didn’t he pursue her ! What a joke ! Coffee Prince was perhaps his last big hit but everytime she appeared in a drama a lot of products were sold out. She’s loved by ifans and this designer was a nobody for us. So thanks to her he was known a few minutes internationally. and seeing his designs i may say that he can be accused of plagiarism too!!!

      • The designer whom YEH condescended has been working with world-class celebrities (not YEH level of course) and is widely respected by fellow designers. When is the last time she sold out products? She was dropped from Samantha Thavasa as soon as the scandal broke. She is loved by naive fans like you.

      • To @Moon. I ‘m proud to be his NAIVE FAN . She’s promoting L’oréal . Samantha Thavasa doesn’t have the same fame . Even when she was acting in MHIYD who was a flop , She was wearing a pink DISCOVERY parka who was sold out even if she wasn’t their rep ! And to say the truth , i don’t care if she has or not endorsements! What i want is to see her acting.

  2. I just love her . She was the first who introduced me in dramaland. And she’s still my fav . She may be not the most beautiful and the most talented but i’don’t care. She has a unique aura , charisma. I miss her photoshoots and dramas. Don’t forget she was the fisrt so it’s the others who ressemble her. A lot of fans are allways bragging about photoshoots of park shin hye and Suzy. Look at those of Yoon Eun Hye at the same age , you can see the gap. She managed graduating at 23 years even if she was at his pick of popularity and was the first younger actress to win the baeksang award. So please don’t say she looks like Park Shin Hye Or Suzy. They are different. And yes i respect park shin hye ,she’s a hardworking girl but she never have to overcome the idol actress label.

      • @cahill, I third you on this. She wasn’t the first to introduce me to dramaland, that would be the two Jangs in the kversion of Fated to Love you, loved it. So saw a couple other k dramas, then I saw the Tdrama, Autumn’s Concertro, oh man, what a great drama, then a couple more t/d dramas, then I saw Coffee Prince, THAT cemented my love/obsession with asian dramas and remains my absolute favorite drama. So I then found and watched everything with YEH in it. She’s one of the few actresses, like Jang Nara and Ku Hye Sun, that can make you cry with her, very believable actress. She’s not perfect, but so is everyone else, and I have enjoyed all of her work.

  3. Ah…..i miss her, love your dramas r like goong, coffee prince, take care of agasshi/my fai lady,lie to me,missing you/i miss you,marry him if u dare, u can act all character.

  4. I believe part of the reasons why she’s reluctant to come back to k-ent is due to the lack of female-centric projects or where the female character is the driving force of the story, just like in her previous projects. And not to mention the big dud that is MHIYD.

    • Like Putori said, she can act any character. I happen to NOT agree that MHIYD was a dud, the premise was excellent, I think the biggest problem with that drama, was that there was NO chemistry between her character and Lee Dong Gun’s!! There was more chemistry with Yong Hwa. And most people hated the ending because they couldn’t figure out who she ended up with, but she did up picking one if you listened carefully to what she told Se Joo, Yong Hwa’s character, who then gave her back the ring. The plain reality about dramas is you need a great script and the perfect cast, it’s why Coffee Prince is so great, I cannot imagine any other actors but Gong Yoo and YEH playing those roles, as well as his cousin and Yoo Joo, and the princes.

  5. I haven’t made it through many YEH dramas bar Coffee Prince and Vineyard Man (both of which I like a lot) but there is an immense likeability about her and she seems to give even ordinary stuff her all. Don’t know about scandals but I don’t think actors should be compelled to take dramas, perhaps she is OK with her hiatus.

    • You should try Lie to Me. The OTP, the chemistry, the kisses. So hot! Unfortunately, the writing of the show was so meh. So yeah.

      • I should yes. Somehow I never got around to it but I heard on the whole it is pretty good.

  6. She can act circles around all of the younger actresses in Korean showbiz. All she needs is one project, just one, that will make us forget about “Coffee Prince”… maybe, she’s been searching high and low hence the weird drama choices and this long hiatus away from the screen. If only Gong Yoo can exert his influence since he’s such a big star right now….

    • I don’t think she’s somebody who would want the influence of a friend actor to help her. She’s has proven to be an independant woman. She even didn’t go to the VIP premiere of Gong Yoo movie what she used to do in the past . And if it was the case haters would attribute success to Gong Yoo And failure to her.Just my opinion.

  7. A sponsor. You are funny indeed ! She’s a selfmade woman. Lee Santa even doesn’t help his wife to get roles and Watch with whom he is going to work in his next movie…. OMG it’s not YHE but another actress. Is she sponsored by Lee Santa too ? Lee Byung Hun has his own stuff to take care. Oh I forgot… Son Ye jin was at his son’s birthday party Is she sponsored to ?

  8. She is one of Korea’s best performers, and yes, it is an honor to be a L’OREAL Rep. This talented woman knows how to fit the moment, it takes lots of talent to be able to pull that off, and she nails it every time. If she needed a rest and took it, more power to her, shows she not only is talented but smart.

    Lie to Me was a cute drama, I liked it.

  9. Yoon Eun Hye certainly can act (I especially liked her in “Coffee Prince”, and “Take Care of the Young Lady”). The only problem is the way she pronounces the words; I think as an actor one should speak more clearly. Pronunciation seems to be a frequent problem among younger actresses. I hope she improves in that respect.
    That said, I don’t understand why she still hasn’t made a comeback. I mean, really, what she did (or, as a matter of fact, did she actually do anything?!) can’t even be called a scandal.

    • She’s already fixed it long before starring in her movie “My Black Mini Dress” since she knows it’s an important factor in characterization. In one of her old interviews she said she’s constantly improving her pronunciation by biting on a pen or a piece of cork. So now that’s not becoming her “issue” again.
      If you take some time to understand her and reading her interviews instead of only looking for her flaws you will know about this fact…

      It’s too bad that they don’t release her recent movie “Love After Love” yet cause the people who already watched the movie said YEH’s acting is good

      • I second you in everything you have write! Thanks to you to say what i can’t. There’s a saying in France about people who badmouth ” La bave du crapaud n’atteind pas la blanche colombe ” . My engish is bad so i can ‘t traduce it correctly. But once i read this ” The bigger a tree is the more Wind he takes” …

      • What I said can hardly be called bad-mouthing…

        Anyway, as I’m not her fan, I just left my comment based on my own observations after watching her dramas, and not based on her personality, interviews etc. In “I Miss You”, for instance (that drama came after “My Black Mini Dress” – I didn’t watch this movie), she showed more mature acting (as I said above, she is good at acting), but her pronunciation was pretty much the same.

        I’m not saying it’s her fault and I can guess it’s not easy to improve (though it’s very good that she’s trying), but bad pronunciation is just not desirable for an actor.

      • To sganarel. Sorry my comment about badmouthing wasn’t for you. You were only giving your opinion and i respect that.

  10. Isnt that ‘scandal’ been overblown. Other actors can return after having been found to have cheated on taxes by the billions over a few years or misused the national flag or killed someone due to drunk driving, etc etc what is so scandalous about her ‘scandal’ in comparison?Perhaps its true ‘bigger’ stars can get away with lots of nonsence. I just want to believe that she is staying out on her own terms and priority. Not being in the limelight all the time doesn’t been she is not living a full life.

  11. if they let rapist PSH retrun. no readon YEH cant return. korean have double standard. they let man get away with rape.yet a woman who tell the designer not to use her name.cant make a comeback in korea.

  12. To@MOON . Who are these world class people ? Because in my fashion magazines i never saw his name. He must be only well known in Asia. So i apologize because i’m not asian. But i Google him and saw a very few models . but apparently he must know our designers because a lot of them should pursue him for plagiarism.

      • you didn’t answer the question . Designer World ! He was so depressed to see” his creations stolen” that he forgot to pursue her !!! Great brands still lending her theirs clothes. Burberry, Giambattista Valli , Vivienne Westwood…Sorry they are newcomers…you may not know them.

    • @Moon, I think you do aware that media is always being used for smear campaign by some people from time to time ?

      “Smears often consist of ad hominem attacks in the form of unverifiable rumors and distortions, half-truths or even outright lies. Smear campaign are often propagated by gossip magazine. Even when the facts behind a smear campaign are demonstrated to lack proper foundation, the tactic is often effective because the target’s reputation is tarnished before the truth is known”

      It’s clearly that the news you’ve quoted is aimed to tarnish YEH’s reputation and making her looks guilty. I remember I read an article on NB which stated that Chinese viewers don’t know about YEH and that’s she isn’t famous there ( just a nugu) but later on she got a prestigious award in China “Huading award” for best actress category. It’s clear for me that she won’t get that award if she isn’t famous enough or been acknowledged by Chinese people. So I won’t believed whatever media said without proofs.

      • All theses articles just prove how popular she is. Media is all about money and you don’t make money talking about NUGUs and butterflies!!!!

      • I never said she is a nugu. I stated NB as a source because OP was asking which other ‘world-class people’ designer Yoon Choon Ho worked with. My point is that he has worked with other celebrities whose level is definitely above YEH (not going to argue about this with you as you are clearly her fan) and doesn’t mean she can condescend and blatantly accuse him of using her name. She thinks she’s all that and her statement backfired to herself.

      • @Moon you’re missing my point here. I was mentioning NB’s article about YEH’s nugu just to make a comparison that NB isn’t a trusted blog to me. She (NB) always posting negative articles about K celebs which mostly questionable. I won’t argued about the designer’s reputation since it’s clearly you’re his fan. But just for the record, I never heard of him or about his reputation in fashion world before this controversy.

        Anyway, are you and Tycoon are the same person ?

      • And just for your record too, before that “famous” statement of YEH, the designer’s bad mouthing YEH first through his SNS but later he deleted it

    • Cahill, learn English first. I’m dizzy reading your comments. Anyway, CFDK (Council of FASHION DESIGNERS of Korea) backs Mr. Yoon Choon Ho’s claim. Good thing is that she is still popular in China that some brands still lend her some clothes while in Korea she’s basically ruined.

      • you moron Moon, wtf is that nonsense issue with Yoon Eun Hye, about fashion design??? and of all to accuse her is an asian fashion designer? my gosh, just look at all products of Chinese, its all pirated or copies, who the hell cares, that designer should be proud, if not for a big name Yoon Eun Hye, no one will ever notice him, period with a big exclamation mark!

      • Moon , I said that i’m learning English by myself since a few months. Some people here are kind and understand that ‘ difficult. Idon’t think to try to communicate with different people is a crime. We are all citizens of the world!!! Go to learn something too !

      • Yes, I’m french ! A country where sometimes Anna Wintour comes to see some of our designers ! and like NB seems to be your database you can see that a lot of korean top stars “above Yeh” run to Paris to see their fashion shows. How come there ‘s no single article about them to see famous designer YOON CHOON HO. If you don’t understand my sarcastic comment others will !!!!!

      • Please point to this article. The CFDK stated that they were investigating the incident and nothing ever came of it. This is when YEH came out with statement that the stylist never came to pick up the coat after he accused the stylist of doing so.

        Again, I am not sure Yoon Choon Ho is aware of the damage he did to other, not just YEH by going off on sns without checking his facts.

      • Please point to this article. The CFDK stated that they were investigating the incident and nothing ever came of it. This is when YEH came out with statement that the stylist never came to pick up the coat after he accused the stylist of doing so.

        Again, I am not sure if Yoon Choon Ho is aware of the damage that he did to others not just YEH by going off on sns without checking his facts. If he did this to people he knows in the industry, then eventually the truth will come out about his behavior. Time reveals all things.

      • If YEH was wrong, why the designer not bring it to the legal process?actually now adays i’m so lazy for watching Kdramas, because the acting. And i think the designer is not professional, he announced to SNS without confirmation to YEH’s agency. I hope all is finished.

  13. When some stars are very good, there are always netizens dragging them down. Plagiarism??? That’s a joke, Yoon Choon Ho didn’t plagiarize ‘fitting’ a dress?? Oh, he went to school to learn it, righ? Come on! When he created those sleeve frills, that was the first time they were ever seen??? The whole thing is such a joke. I don’t think YEH did anything wrong, and don’t care about all the negative things said about her here. She is my favorite asian actress of all time, regardless of her ‘imperfections’ as some are quick to point out here. I love all of her work and cannot wait to see her in more.

    • I agree with you . Thanks to say what i can’t because i’m Learning English by myself since last year and i know i’m still lacking.

      • Don’t worry, @cahill, you are doing a fine job, I understood all that you said. I am a die hard Yoon Eun Hye fan, there are many K actors that are paid tons of money nowadays that don’t hole a candle to her, and I am not a fan of many, but I don’t go around bashing them. I enjoy Korean food, the dramas/films but I find a lot of the netizens very hypocritical, I just don’t understand it. They crucify some celebrities as others aren’t human. Drives me nuts. But I just can’t say nothing when they attach YEH.

    • To EMCHI, thanks for your kindness ! I understand very well but it’s difficult to write. If i could give a piece of my mind to MOON in french ,it would be great ! I’ m a hard fan too and she gave me confidence to post here to take his defense. Thanks to her i discovered another country, another culture and people like you.

  14. I miss YEH so much. Please do a drama or movie soon. She’s my number 1 fave korean actress. Now I settle for anybody with a nice script just to satisfy my kdrama cravings. Dont mind those who criticize you. Believe that there are still millions of fans who loves you.

  15. Just because you don’t speak perfect English doesn’t mean you’re dumb. A person can be fluent in Chinese or French and can speak little English and they can have a higher than average IQ. To those who can speak perfect English such as that commenter “moon”; are you able to communicate in perfect French? Don’t judge a person based on their way of speaking or writing; you don’t know and that makes you very ignorant.

    I have loved YEH ever since I was in 2nd year high school. It was because of her I started getting obsessed over Korean dramas. It was also because of her I watch dramas based on the women who act on it; not the male lead (I am female). “Any male actor can be the lead as long as I can relate to the female lead”. I miss you YEH. I really am awaiting the day your new drama airs. There are many of us who love you, please come back.

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