K-Bu Bu Jing Xin Releases First Stirring Teaser OST Track “For You” by Baekhyun, Chen, and Xiumin of EXO

This is such cruel teasing by the production of SBS drama Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart: Ryeo (Bobogyungsim: Ryeo). How can they release such a stirring first OST clip for the Korean adaptation of Bu Bu Jing Xin and not expect me to be chafing for the entire track. I was wondering which of the drama leads would be contributing songs to the OST since many are singers in addition to actors, namely IU, Lee Jun Ki, and Baekhyun of EXO.

It’s maknae Baekhyun that gets the first release in a collaboration with two of his EXO mates Chen and Xiumin in the track “For You”. I loved all the songs from the C-drama adaptation which added so much depth to the drama watching experience so the K-version has a high bar in musical accompaniment in addition to acting and chemistry, and if the rest of the Moon Lovers OST are so soaring as “For You” then it’s one more thing to look forward to and also not worry about.


Teaser for Moon Lovers OST by Chen, Baekhyun, and Xiumin:


K-Bu Bu Jing Xin Releases First Stirring Teaser OST Track “For You” by Baekhyun, Chen, and Xiumin of EXO — 29 Comments

  1. I really dislike the modern song that they are incorporating into this drama. Totally feel out of place. Come on, the production is so grand and BBJX features one of the best love stories ever, the music is supposed to be haunting. And how can a saeguk comes with this kind of modern feel music? I am getting furious listening to the music while watching Lee Jun Ki riding off into the sunset. Totally unmatched. I would rather see PBG doing his bombastic dance.

    • I totally agree with your statement. I hope that in the future, they will release an OST that has a traditional theme to it. Because after all, a drama’s OST is the backbone of the drama itself!

    • I’m completely with you on this score. I had doubts about the drama the day it announced its idol casting, but decided to give it the benefit of the doubt as even though I’m still not sold on IU’s acting, she has improved with every drama she was in and I’m willing to see how she will prove herself worthy in this one. My trust in the production team has gone up a notch when I watched that 5-minute preview for Chinese market, only to drop like a ball when I watched the two most recent teasers. The background music, though perhaps good on its own right, is a bad fit for this drama imo, and this is what I call the consequence of money-oriented production. The drama viewing experience has been partly ruined for me with this kind of music.
      Even for many previous sageuks that I don’t like (Moon Embracing the Sun, Scholar Who Walks the Night, The Royal Gambler) at least they have beautiful soundtracks. I can’t fathom what has got into the head of the music PD to include these modern songs into a serious sageuk, one with a haunting love story at that.
      Let’s hope that the other OSTs to be released later will be a much better fit.

    • I hate the song. The last two teasers are really underwhelming unlike my interest that was so sky high when they released the trailer for China. They announced earlier on that the OST would be similar to the Lee Sun Hee’s “Fate” from The King and The Clown yet they give this kind of crappy modern music???? I can’t understand the music PD here. How is that possible to be immersed in such a spectacular visually appealing scene when the music is totally mismatch. It’s like doing a happy dance during funeral! I am furious. I am angry that they are screwing this drama which had looked to be so promising when they released the trailer back in June.

      • Woaaa… chillax. We just heard one song of… how many song?

        But yeah… i kinda expect something more grand, traditional, and saequk-esque… something like Queen Seon Deok OST…

      • @nchoe: I feel the poster’s frustration. This is in addition to the rap song (yes, rap for a sageuk) that accompanies trailer 3. This one actually goes with trailer 2.
        The music can be good for another youthful, modern drama, but definitely not a serious sageuk with a haunting love story that is bound to be a tearjerker.

    • that’s why DONG YI’s most remains one of my fav. saguek drama most. it was so…..traditional,and it blended with the drama.

  2. The scene where Lee Jun Ki is riding in the sunset is definitely a visual appealing affect; it kind of reminds of The Princess Man in the beginning. However, it doesn’t give off a suspense and haunting feeling like how The Princess Man did simply because of the lack of the background audio compatibility.

    • You are on point. That is exactly what I thought. The scene is so cinematography gorgeous yet lacking the feel because of the mismatch background music. I feel like strangling the music director of this drama for screwing this up.

  3. I’m wondering about IU’s song. Didnt she sing a chinese version during a fanmeet in china or was that a diff song, not intended for this drama? I keep seeing previews and teasers popping up everywhere. Pretty good work of the production theme drumming up interest with less than a week to go. Interesting a simultaneous broadcast in Korea, in most of SE Asai (on One HD) and in China, wonder if it would achieve good ratings.. Not to forget 3 of the guys on RM this weekend..

    • That song is the OST of the Chinese drama Bu Bu Jing Xin so it won’t be destined for the Korean adaptation. I would wish for a similarly sweet soundtrack for the Korean drama SH though.

  4. Actually I prefer instrumental musics than song for saeguk. See how beautiful Jewel in The Palace or Princess’s Man. They also include some foreign artists to those OSTs.

    For this big budget drama, I don’t know… I got feeling this not gonna work well as they hope. But, they have opportunity since Doctor had higher ratings means, people will be curious about this drama than other drama at the same time slots.

  5. I just don’t have strong feelings about songs and music in dramas. I have liked some soundtracks over the years, but it generally doesn’t make or break a drama for me. My biggest issue is when the music is overused. I notice this on Doctors Crush right now. Constant background music.

    Koala gets to pick and choose what she puts here but generally with the big dramas , I see the same stuff on DB. What I appreciate is she has info on Chinese dramas that I don’t see as much about. Also some other dramas like the new one about tailors. This is the only site I have seen anything about it.

  6. Why didn’t they release Taeyeon song first? She is the most popular OST singer, and her voice singing a soft ballade will definitely suit this type of drama than this modern type of song.

  7. Taeyeon song and the other will release in the mid of story i think, for better impact when the story become complicated XD

  8. Agree on most of the comments. The short clip of OST sounds too Kpopish, not really going well with the romantic sageuk setting. Without watching the MV, I could imagine EXO boys singing something like this in their concert. LOL

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