Yoona Readies for K-drama Comeback with The K2 and Featured in Fall Issue of Vogue Taiwan

Idol actors continue to get a mixed reception with Korean drama audiences, it’s not enough to rest on one good performance but one bad performance seems to tar the opinion for a long time. Yoona of SNSD has been acting for so long she’s more like an actress who is also an idol, doing equal parts of both rather than moonlighting with the acting. With that said, she doesn’t have a ton of K-dramas under her belt but all are playing the female lead, and now she’s wrapping up her three year hiatus from K-dramas since Prime Minister & I in 2013 to comeback with the tvN political thriller The K2. Not sure how the domestic audience will respond to her going the serious thriller route after getting good feedback for her rom-com appeal in PM but she’s got a great cast around her in PD Kwak Jung Hwan and drama leads Ji Chang Wook and Song Yoon Ah. As a early promo, she’s got her cover pictorial in Vogue Taiwan this month that highlights all her lithe feminine appeal.


Yoona Readies for K-drama Comeback with The K2 and Featured in Fall Issue of Vogue Taiwan — 21 Comments

  1. Not all idol actors are bad and not all original actor are good. From senior idol-actor, they have Eric Mun and Eugene. And nowadays, idol-actor is growing more such as Im Siwan, Exo Do, Lee Joon, UEE and even Nana. As long as they’re watchable, I don’t mind.
    Yoona is indeed visually pretty. Her acting also not bad. So, I’m okay to see her as long as the story is good.

    • Actress Yoona is daebak!! i really love actress yoona’s dramas (love rain, pm&I, yamd and gowzy). Now, i am so excited for her next drama (thek2)
      Actress Yoona is legend.
      She is the only one korean actress-idol reaching over 41.5% rating with her drama.
      She is the first and only one korean actor&actress reaching more than 10 BILLION of views.
      She is the only one korean actress obtained #1 on list of actors for many times ( more than 17 times ) she also beating to many hottest asian male actors. She is wow.

      • Yoona and top are two of my favorites korean actors. their acting are even better than many supposed “k-actors”.

        I remember that a director of movie said that yoona and top have biggest potential as actors because Both are great young actors.

      • In Asia an the World, tons of people (nonkpop/nonkdrama fans) really love actress Yoona and her dramas.

        Even her drama gowzy become the best selling chinese drama imported to japan. Her drama love rain too. Her drama yamd become the best selling in many countries of asia.

        SUCH A QUEEN Of QUEENS !!!

      • we are agree. Yoona is the best actress of SM and one of the best korean actresses. American Directors and producers on game of thrones chose actress Yoona as female lead for their new american-chinese projects. Great. She deserves the best.

        Plus, We are so excited waiting her first k-movie and next k-drama.

  2. She didn’t impress me in “PM and I”, maybe because of the male lead’s age made their romance become somewhat uninteresting in the beginning. I’m going to watch this show with the hope she can shine through and getting more skillful as an actress as well.

    • If this were a rom-com, then being a visual couple would be important – but this is supposed to be a political thriller. Having seen her work in PM and I, which was pleasant and inoffensive and vanilla, I have my doubts about her ability to pull off anything the least bit dark and gritty. She’s pretty, but there’s just not much more to her.

    • haha, JCW beat Yoona’s PM& I with Empress Ki as it aired the same timeslot in SK. remember that? and now they’re together.

  3. Thanks for the spread on Yoona❤️ @ockoala.

    As an actress, Yoona has a big room for improvement to harness her craft. Every project is a step towards that.

    Can’t wait for K2???

  4. I agree with others that she is improving and wish her much success and growth as an actress with each new project. That aside, i LOVE her shoes in the 2nd to last shot. Those would look great in my closet! LOL

  5. MEHHH, didn’t she know anything looks to express but that creepy and awkward
    look in her eyes? Both photographer and editor failed.

  6. Yoona is very beatufil with elegance and so chic. She is also so great actress. I really love her dramas and acting. Congratulation because she is the only one korean actor reaching more than 10 BILLION of views. And because she is the only one korean actress reaching #1 for more than 17 times on list of actors,and she even beating a lot of hottest male actors. Actress Yoona is the Queen Actress.

  7. Goddess Yoona so stunning and beautiful. She is the goddess of goddesses<3~~

    Ofc actress Yoona is one of the best young asian actresses <3 i am waiting her new kdrama with jcw. Cool!

  8. She always slayyying!
    Yoona is the most multitalented, the prettiest, the smartest and the most hardworking member of snsd as always.

  9. Yowza, this thread has really become creepy fangirl corner. I guess it is nice that there is a place to work on your English skillz AND demonstrate your abiding love for “Goddess Yoona,” but still – practically puts chills up my spine.

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