Seo Hyun Jin is Pretty in Pink for Fall 2016 Issue of Elle Korea

The striking and unique beauty of Seo Hyun Jin is on full display for the September issue of Elle Korea, marking her long overdue arrival on the big leagues all thanks to breakout hit drama Another Oh Hae Young. I’m so glad the drama didn’t purposely dowdy her up to hammer home the point that she was the ugly duckling Oh Hae Young while Jeon Hye Bin is the swan Oh Hae Young. Seo Hyun Jin was just styled as herself in a casual effortless presence, clearly she’s very attractive even if the drama was saying otherwise in comparison to Jeon Hye Bin, but it was a believable point that her self-esteem was always being chipped away at whenever the other Oh Hae Young is around. I’m glad she’s getting the full pictorial treatment in this and other fashion publications, K-ent needs more of her grounded genuine beauty.


Seo Hyun Jin is Pretty in Pink for Fall 2016 Issue of Elle Korea — 8 Comments

  1. Just love her. Kdramas needs more actresses like her. Another great actress who was underrated. With or without make-up she looks exactly the same. Suddenly i can see her with Lee Jun Ki instead of IU. She Has a great presence.

  2. Who is this girl??
    On another note, just wonder why Koala doesnt feature Seolhyun, is Koala allergic to naturally beautiful actresses or idols, lol, would rather feature those that are obviously have enhanced their face with surgeries haha.

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