W: Two Worlds with Lee Jong Seok and Han Hyo Joo Ends Parallel Universe Twisty Story in Final Episode

I’m glad I watched MBC‘s Wed-Thurs world hopping drama W: Two Worlds all the way to the end, even if starting midway through it made increasingly little conceptual sense even within the context of a fantasy drama. Maybe the world building aspects in the beginning weren’t as solid as it appeared, or maybe the screenwriter got through the first big conflict too quickly and just started making repetitive problems for Kang Chul out of thing air. Whatever the case, if it wasn’t for Lee Jong Seok I wouldn’t have stuck through it, but in the end it wasn’t all that bad. W is like the reverse Uncontrollably Fond, starting out strong but ending without me caring about any of the characters, whereas in UF the drama faltered out of the gate but ended with impressive emotional depth and grab. I loved the most the ambition of W, how the set up was so far out and the execution smooth to the finish. Thanks for an odd ride, W!

So in the end, Yeon Joo’s manhwa daddy sacrificed himself so that Kang Chul could get his happy ending with Yeon Joo, basically the epitome of the parental sacrifice to the nth degree. It’s pretty depressing that the screenwriter needed to off the daddy just to give Kang Chul a happy ending but I’ll take the happy ending even if it didn’t make a ripple in my heart because my brain was all fried from all the lack of sense. I think the viewers felt the same second half confusion because the final episode drop back down to single digit ratings as some audiences appeared to not even tune in for the farewell. Oh wells, kudos for the effort cast and crew!


W: Two Worlds with Lee Jong Seok and Han Hyo Joo Ends Parallel Universe Twisty Story in Final Episode — 36 Comments

  1. The first half of the drama is so good and amazing. For the second half, it is still OK (still better than UF and others). I am also satisfied with ending. This is the very first drama that makes me love LJS. Since now, I am going to follow his works.

    • I was trying not to laugh b/c no tears were coming out of her eyes it was just her making weird noises. I was rewatching Iljimae the other day and I was shocked at how good she used to be? Maybe the 6-year gap made her forget how to act in dramas. She’s still good in her movies though.

  2. The writer is so brilliant. I like how she managed to be happy ending after all of these complicated things. Poor OSM writer, I am so sad about Dad’s sacrifice.
    LJS is so talented and I hope he’ll achieve more in the future.

  3. This drama definitely has mixed reviews. Such a shame, I think if script writer/producer has more time. This drama could be so much better. The first half draws you in but it loses its magic slowly the second half. I personally think the real problems is the lack of time given to produce a great drama. Rushing thru dramas these days is going to affect the KDrama industry long term. There have been a number of protential great dramas that underwhelm viewers half way till the end. I hope this change soon…

    • Yeah I think the earlier episodes were much better until they had to go on live shooting mid way. For a complicated setting as this, they should go for pre production all the way. Regardless I was fully invested in the show from beginning till the final episode and sincerely wish for W2!

    • LJS is someone who is very honest about himself. He never tries to over please anyone. Just like Park Hae Jin, both of confident actors that can be very honest in interviews. You can read report of LJS being arrogant and funny. Some likes him, some loves him some cannot stand him.
      I have a actor who dont pretend. They are honest about themselves and uses their acting talents to showcase themselves.
      LJS is truly a great actor. I am looking forward to his Chinese drama with Zheng Shuang. I watched the preview and it is truly captivating as always. .

  4. This drama had an excellent start. It was very frsh and the concept was new and intriguing. However that first half besides from the crafty plot was still Shallow. In this case it was similar to Descendants of the Sun. Where the beginning heavily focused on romance and making the lead character look cool.
    The episode he forgets everything anf time rewinds while she remained the only one who could remember was excellent. The familiarity he felt with her, her being drawn back to his world even though it tortures her to see him forget her.
    Then the story gets even messier with two villains and a faceless dad.
    The writer should have created one well developed villlain with somewhat a heartbreaking history with the main lead. We should also have had more interactions between her parents and to see where their feels are now.
    The second lead female was totally jipped by this drama. She got very little screen time and I basically forgot about her most of the time.

    Instead the last few dramas were messy and if you ask me the drama could have been okay with Just 14 episodes. It was like the drama was wittrn short and they tried desperately to turn into 16 episodes.

    In terms plot both leads have bern in far better and well developed works.
    In terms of acting both leads have performed much better on their past work.

    It was a drama with so much potential that just frizzled.

  5. The first half was really intriguing but I agree with Koala, the drama loses its momentum halfway through its run but still, I was surprised that it didn’t receive a proper sent off with a rating drop to less than 10%. Having said that, I always prefer a drama that off to a slow start but getting better and giving me a satisfying ending than the one that catapulted with a banging start only to flatten out towards the end. But W definitely is one of the best and most refreshing dramas this year.

  6. The drop is because of the mid-autumn festival during which most of the Koreans travel back to their hometown in the countryside to spend time with their family. The Master’s Sun dropped about 5% for the same reason in 2013. MBC could have aired two episodes last Thursday, but W has sold out all of its air time commercials, so they chose to sacrifice rating for money.

  7. Never seen a couple kiss so much but be so damn underwhelming. This drama wasn’t as great as it’s fans said, but in the beginning it was interesting, but yeah fizzled out towards the end.

  8. I really loved the first half of this show. I haven’t even watched the final three episodes, just read recaps.

    I am disappointed in the writing. I really loved Queen In Hyun’s man. This drama I felt should have had only 12 episodes. Way too much did not make sense in the end.

    Lee Jong Suk though. Wow! <3

  9. I love the writer! These days it is really rare to find a writer willing to write outside of the box and avoid the typical drama cliches. For the first time in a long time I can truly say the drama was unpredictable. Even though I agree there were plot holes in the story, it was refreshing to have one very unique drama on my watchlist for a couple of months.

  10. agree with Ms. Koala… i have lost interest half way through… just couldn’t keep up with the back & forth between two worlds, in the end, the story is written off to a happy ending… however i feel this drama could possibly drag on for a few more episodes with more rapid cyclings between the two worlds like a maniac until its rating dwindles down to zero. LJS never disappoints, he is such a very talented actor. HHJ started off good, but her tears dried up & emotions evaporated past the half way mark… maybe she is confused with the script as much as i do… LOL…

  11. Agree that the earlier episodes were both interesting and intriguing with a lot of promise. The second half the story got messier and confusing. The last episode was very underwhelming BUT I still loved it for Lee Jong Suk. He is a talented and charismatic actor and his presence fills the screen. Am eagerly waiting for his next project, hope it will be a drama as I have limited access to K movies.

  12. The last few episodes of W weren’t as exciting as the first few. Nevertheless it was still unpredictable. But the logic behind the writer’s plot design all makes sense to me. I believe she was inspired by certain philosophy or belief about the meaning of human existence that isn’t foreign to me at all. That’s why I’ve never had any trouble following the flow of her narrative. And I think the concepts are pretty deep. So I love it! BTW, the revelation of the power of the creator was really horrifying, on the end of the evildoers!

    Overall I still like W better than UF in terms of storyline creativity and acting. There’s a huge discrepancy in the presentation of the works of UF’s writer, totally depending on the lead casts. Suzy is a miscast to UF. Her slightly better performance in the last 2 episodes can’t make up the huge liability she brought upon the drama for the first half of UF. Besides, other than crying a river over those sensational acting in the last episode, I first time removed LKH’s drama from my bookmark the second the ending theme song started to ring. LOL…That means UF isn’t a memorable drama to me albeit I always have high regards for this acclaimed melo writer and love all her leading OTPs most of the time. But sorry not UF.

  13. Lee Jong Suk is the main reason for watching this drama but after watching find the storyline has lots of potential if writer spends more time writing it out as a whole story first before production. LJS is superb as always. HHJ fizzled out together with the drama. She also pales out in acting compared to LeeJS’s previous female leads namely Park Sin Hye n Lee Bo Yong.

  14. W really deserve a higher ratings, despite losing some heat later. LJS and HHJ look supe good together.

    I wonder why I don’t really see LJS complimenting HHJ much in the special episode, it’s always HHJ talking about him.

    Anyone know if LJS is so close with PSH Pinocchio bts compared to W?

    • He is close with everyone but with HHJ is bit extra (just watch BTS). in special ep is like MBC cut the compliment from LJS to HHJ, probably want sell the bluray dvd lol

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