Eric and Yoon Kyun Sang Join Lee Seo Jin as the Cast for This Season of Three Meals a Day

I’ve been lagging on Three Meals a Day: Gochang Edition despite loving the new season. Now Na PD is doubling my make up quota by bringing back a new season of regular Three Meals a Day with perennial gruff softie Lee Seo Jin by giving him two adorable dongsaengs to boss around who are my total biases. Eric (Moon Jung Hyuk) and Yoon Kyun Sang are the new additions to round out the cast of this deservedly popular show. Taecyeon and Kim Kwang Kyu are not coming back due to scheduling conflicts and that makes room to introduce a brand new dynamic just like the Gochang edition did so marvelously. Can’t wait to see Eric join his Pheonix hyung Seo Jin in the countryside, with affable giant Yoon Kyun Sang to do all the heavy lifting lol. Check out the teaser below.

Eric and Yoon Kyun Sang join Three Meals a Day:


Eric and Yoon Kyun Sang Join Lee Seo Jin as the Cast for This Season of Three Meals a Day — 6 Comments

  1. I saw this news yesterday and was like Eric???!!! Really Eric??? He never ever in variety show like alone. Though I enjoy his appearance in every shows he was in with Shinhwa. And the most memorable of course love line with Yoon Eun Hye in X Man. Someone must already persuade him a lot to appear in this show. A least he has Lee Seo Jin that he’s familiar with. I hope Lee Seo Jin not bossy around because I couldn’t watch someone order this and that to Eric and Yoon Kyun Sang baby.

    Hope to see more side of him a lot through this show. I wonder how he could maintain Shinhwa for almost 20 years. Something special must be in him.

      • Me too!… I really love to watch ERIC MUN & YEH…they have
        an awesome chemistry. I think the fans in Korea & around the world
        will request to the producers.
        I want to submit a summary or overview for a romcom drama for
        Eric & YEH that the fans & viewers would love it!… Cheers!.

  2. Does anyone else find the Gochang edition to be somewhat lacking compared to previous seasons, or is it just me? I actually started fastforwarding through some parts from the second half of the season onwards, even though I was so looking forward to Chajumma whipping up all sorts of delicacies on the farm. Plus I’m disappointed that they didn’t complete the season with the rice harvesting, and there’s no guests.

    I’m still excited to see Seojin back for the fishing village season, Eric and Yoon Kyun Sang seems to be great additions to the team as well. But fishing village means there’s no guests 🙁 I’m still looking forward to Seojin’s half-hearted grumbles though, and the refreshing dynamics from the new members. Can’t wait for October to come!

    • Yea, it was rather short and not a single guest came. Found it a little boring too. Maybe PD cld nt get any guest. Hmmm for the prev fishing village season they did hv guests so let’s see how this one goes. So happy to hv grumpy So Jin bk! Forgt Eric and he were in a drama eons ago.

  3. Lillith, I totally agree with you. I found Gochang edition so dull that even the cute ducklings and Chajumma’s wondrous cooking skills couldnt save it. Was wondering whether this was due to viewers getting tired of the same old concept or the two bland dongsaengs or both. Well, guess we will find out in October if this new cast can breathe life back to this show.

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