Lee Min Ho and Jeon Ji Hyun Get Spanish Newspaper Coverage on Filming of Legend of the Blue Sea

It’s pretty amazing how mainstream and widespread K-dramas have become in the nearly two decades since it started proliferating beyond the domestic borders of South Korea. Last year the Greek newspapers covered the overseas filming of Descendants of the Sun when the production chose the country as a stand-in for the fictional war torn Urk, and now the Spanish newspaper has splashed a post on Lee Min Ho and Jeon Ji Hyun filming Legend of the Blue Sea in Spain.

Legend doesn’t have as much early filming head start as DotS did in full pre-production but there’s immense buzz for the SBS scooped up drama when it premieres November 16th after Incarnation of Jealousy. Fans snapped additional pictures of the visually compatible and glamorous leads filming, this time less fight on the steps and more romance on using a bike. I see arm around shoulders which makes their onscreen relationship seem like further along in the drama narrative, likely the overseas scenes won’t air in the very start of the drama.


Lee Min Ho and Jeon Ji Hyun Get Spanish Newspaper Coverage on Filming of Legend of the Blue Sea — 14 Comments

  1. LMH looks in his element and JJH is gorgeous as always.

    Maybe they’re pretending to be a couple? I wouldn’t want to see scenes from ep 15/16 for example, when I have yet to see ep 1.

  2. I have really missed seeing LMH on the screen. It would really hurt me seeing him enlist after this show. I felt like I have grown to know him very much thru out the years since he was just barely a kid.

    It’s weird but somehow it feels like we have all witnessed lmh grow literally inside the screen and most of us recall since him being a skinny tall boy in secret campus and being chased around by a tiny Park bo young and just being 18 and now his almost 30. woow time to do fly.

    Honestly it was a pleasure watching lmh and in my honest opinion one of the best experience was watching lmh evolve. It seems like i know him more then i know him. it’s indeed weird feeling but its still there and i’m 100% sure more of you share this emotion with me and one of the reasons we can’t explain why we just love lmh

    • Nostalgia.. the first time i saw BOF what i did was download some of this early dramas and movies on torrent.

      I enjoyed that one secret campus. lmao since you have recalled the old good days I also recall liking very much a little known TV-film with him and a black korean student called rhyme and they were both very young and beat the shit out of each other in most of the FILM while lmh was chasing his girlfriend who he had a beef cross the country on rythme’s motorbike.. all in all it was silly but i enjoy it. It was kind innocent and had teenage euphoria and sensation

  3. @bae

    I remember watching that film or tv or whatever it was. I watched it raw since there was no where to find sub back then and even now. it was silly i agree but really funny and it was not a serious thing but they managed to capture the story and the fun part was that it was funny af. I don’t know where the black guy is nowadays and he looked like someone who was from the US and perhaps had some korean relatives as well and spoke well korean.

    I would love to get the sub version on my hands. hihi it’s one for the library collection and a true gem

  4. I have recently come across a commenter who claimed somewhere that K-dramas are less known by people (not sure what people she/he referred to) than K-movies are. Well, I disagree: if a K-movie was being filmed in Spain, I doubt the press would cover the news.

    I hope November comes sooner… The current dramas (with the exception of Fantastic and Drinking Solo) are quite foolish or are becoming more predictable and boring with every new episode.

    • Not only that, but it says that they are filming the second season of the series which is a bit already airing on chinese tv. Really?! Otherwise just proud to show off their part of the country (Galicia) to millions of asians.

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