Drama Poster and More Teasers for Woman with a Suitcase Starring Choi Ji Woo and Joo Jin Mo

The drama train is prepping to leave the station next week, with a Woman with a Suitcase on it headed for narrative depths unknown. As a lawyer I can be nitpickier with legal dramas but there have been plenty I’ve loved, just none in recent years as the tendency towards ham-fisted morality plays trump procedural accuracy. I love the Woman cast with near same age leads Choi Ji Woo and Joo Jin Mo plus fantastic younger second leads Lee Joon and Jeon Hye Bin, but I’m not sure if the drama is aiming for legal or humanistic growth and development. The drama poster above puts the foursome around a conference table in front of bookshelves of legal tomes, and I wish Choi Ji Woo weren’t placed on her knees picking up sheaves of fallen papers like she’s clumsy. Put the lady front and center, tall and proud! She really is super charming in the new teaser, it’s crazy how makjang crying queen of early Hallyu has morphed into cute older woman with a twinkle in her eye and a smart pout to get things done.

Teasers for Woman with a Suitcase:


Drama Poster and More Teasers for Woman with a Suitcase Starring Choi Ji Woo and Joo Jin Mo — 6 Comments

  1. Joo Jin Mo oppa, don’t marry just yet. Wait for me! Oh My God, when will there ever be another korean man with his deep eyes and dark complexion. Also his butt chin is really attractive.
    Please date with a beautiful and strong woman.

  2. CJW is adorable.
    I really miss those time when Koala posting recaps for the drama that she’s watching. Perhaps, she could at least give her two cents and share her perspective for the drama that she’s currently watching, at least for those that has run halfway by now.

  3. Good, another new show to check out. Monster had been running like forever and kept a steady pool of viewers throughout. I doubt this new drama is going to make any major shifts in Mon/Tues ratings. MDBC and SH have already built their base of loyal fans and this new drama doesn’t look like the type to draw a wide range of viewers.

    I adored CJW in her last drama, hopefully she will be as kickass here.

    • Most of viewers in the big three like melodrama or saeguk more than romance. But tvN is popular for romcom. But who knows, She Was Pretty also doing well so lets see.

      • I didn’t see it that way. I was thinking the audience for Monster were more likely older and therefore would continue to watch this since the leads are more mature. I forget the genre is different, haha.

  4. Not sure this will be a ratings winner, but who cares, it looks worth a try – legal plus some mature romance is right up to my a─║ley.

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