2016 Remake of 1% of Anything Drops Posters and Preview and Schedules Premiere on DramaX

K-dramas do so much retreading of its own plot lines as well as adapting from other countries dramas that it’s a testament to how long lasting this Hallyu drama wave has gone one for a K-drama to openly adapt an early predecessor. Such is the case for the upcoming 2016 edition of 1% of Anything, swapping out now movie star Kang Dong Won and relegated to supporting roles Kim Jung Hwa for present day leads Ha Suk Jin and Jeon So Min. The drama will air on mobile platform Oksusu on September 30th and a week later premiere on DramaX on October 5th.

This is a classic different social classes plus bicker and fall in love rom-com so I’m more interested to see if sprucing it up a decade later infuses new charm into an old trope. The recently released preview looks cute enough and it’s mostly due to Ha Suk Jin’s fantastic screen presence in this type of errant chaebol with underlying sweetness type of role. The two drama posters are also nice enough, the black backdrop lessens the saccharine tendencies and the chalk board plays up the school teacher set up of the female lead played by Jeon So Min.

Preview for 1% of Anything:


2016 Remake of 1% of Anything Drops Posters and Preview and Schedules Premiere on DramaX — 7 Comments

  1. Koala,

    I haven’t heard of Oksusu or DramaX. Is there a chance I’ll be able to watch this with English subtitles on Viki or DramaFever? The original holds such a soft spot in my heart, that I’m excited for the remake!

    • I don’t know about Viki, but it looks like it’ll be on DramaFever next month as they posted trailer #1 for it with the title “1% of Something” with Eng Subs and an Oct 2016 premiere! Here’s the YouTube link: https://youtu.be/2LwPGV3-nck

      I’ve seen and liked the original too, so I’m curious and interested in watching this one just to see how this will be updated and what changes they’ll make. I’m not fond with the main leads on this one, though I’m enjoying watching Ha Suk Jin as Professor Jin (his character is almost similar as far as his arrogant personality) in “Drinking Solo” with Park Ha Sun. Wish PHS is on this one too (as she would’ve been perfect as the main lead teacher here to update Kim Jung Hwa, who was very pretty and the main female lead in the original…though PHS is currently playing one now in DS, just different in personality, and HSJ is also currently playing the arrogant guy…they would’ve been great on this one too, lol) as I’m not familiar nor have I seen the female lead of this drama on anything before (or I may have, but just didn’t know which drama…).

      • Thanks so much, Jeane! I just watched the trailer, and I can’t wait! I’m also not familiar with the leads of the remake aside from watching one episode of Drinking Solo just now. I think HSJ will be great.

  2. The original 1% of Anything was the very first Kdrama I watched and it got me hooked on Kdramas ever since, kekeke! I’m really excited on how they’ll play the remake out.

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