Team 4 or or Team 8 as K-Bu Bu Jing Xin Hits Midpoint Airing

The K-version of Bu Bu Jing Xin hit the halfway mark this week so there’s been more than enough acting and story to gauge the audience preferences. By midway through BBJX it was clear who was firmly on Team 4th Prince versus Team 8th Prince, or was like me who appreciated both men for their love of Ruo Xi but was unequivocally certain that the one who she loved more in the end was 4. Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart: Ryeo (Bobogyungsim: Ryeo) has taken enough liberties and deviations from the story that most of each episode is spent watching something that feels fresh and different for me, and the same goes with the romance development between Hae Soo and 4 and 8. I am a billion perfect on Team 4, mostly because his character is way more interesting than 8 and also because he’s played by Lee Jun Ki. On the chemistry side I think IU has better chemistry with Kang Ha Neul‘s 8, but that’s mostly because Lee Jun Ki is acting circles around her so she always looks disconcerted in a scene with him. What’s your take – Team 4 or Team 8?

I’m so happy the K-version kept the iconic cape in the rain scene, and poor IU definitely looked completely wiped out emotionally and physically, making the moment feel more visceral in how 4 is the one willing to step up and protect his girl.


Team 4 or or Team 8 as K-Bu Bu Jing Xin Hits Midpoint Airing — 136 Comments

  1. After the ending of episode 10, I couldn’t help but be Team 4 100%! That was the biggest demonstration of noble love for me, and LJK played that scene too incredibly well!

    • LJK is doing such an amazing job, he is just blowing everyone else off the screen. His acting here is just incredible, no matter what this character has done you can’t help but root for him.

  2. Oh Koala, Thank you! Thank you! I thought you are never going to write about K-BBJX and I am so glad that you did. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

    Without a doubt, I am full onboard Team 4. Wang So is the man right from the get go and LJK is perfection.

  3. After this epidsode, Everyone will be on Team #4..I like this 4th prince! At least this time K-drama did not ruin the change by using amnesia ad they actuakly wrote a plausible explanation as to why Soo will stop loving 8th and start loving 4th. The C-version did not do this part justice. But I still think C-version reign supreme…If Lee Jun Ki was the 4th peince the C-drama would have been perfect. But then Nicky Wu did a great job as 4th too….

    • The difference between the K-version and the original version is that in the K-version, female lead character lives under the halo of the protagonist, so 8th must be the douchbag first in order to justify female lead’s change in love. Same goes with his wife in the beginning, she MUST die in order for 8th to be together with our female lead, because our female lead cannot be a home wrecker or a concubine. In the original version however, the plot was written from female lead’s perspective, so she made her own choices regardless of whether they will look good on her or not. Ruoxi decided to put her self above others. She initiated the break up herself. She had enough reasons why to break up with 8th though IMO (which includes the fact that ultimately deep down her heart, she didn’t love him enough to be ready to take his downfall together with him, also his household with Minghui and her jiejie was refraining her as well.). It was a choice made by a girl from the 21st century, because this man just wasn’t the guy she was looking for. She wanted someone who would be completely honest with her. Many people tend to forget that BBJX’s time spam lasted for more than 20 years, so things don’t happen right after other. There was a two year gap between the break up with 8th and when she started to actually FEEL something for 4th in a romantic way. I can write a whole essay on WHY Ruoxi broke up with 8th and WHY she started loving 4th. But I will spare you that, haha.

      • I understood why Rouxi did not choose 8th in the C-version. The C-version just made Rouxi moved on to 4th pretty quickly in the drama. Kang Ha Neul and Keven has the same aura as 8th prince to me.

      • I remember that in the c version Ruoxi was aware that he would die according to history. So she wanted him to live if she is to stays with him. So she asked him to make a choice; choose the throne or give up the throne to be with her. Of course 8th didn’t know she came from the future. Obviously 8th chose the throne. I think it was s compelling reason why she broke up with 8th.

        The bottom line of this is whether 4th and 8th battled out for the throne was because of Ruoxi’s warning to 8th to guard against 4th. So was it because of her warning that made them sworn enemies? Perhaps if she didn’t, 8th might not turned out this way and tried to take him down, while 4th was forced to defend himself as the outcome of their battle is either death or the throne.

      • Ultimately, the bottom line is the same isn’t it? In both versions, 8th prince chose the throne over her. And please, 8th isn’t a douchbag. Imagine if he sacrificed his mother, sister and his whole clan for love, then he would truly be a worthless chap!

        As for who’s going to initiate the breakup, we will only know next week. But Haesoo was already questioning her love for 8th in earlier episodes. I don’t think she was really in love with him, (they don’t really talk to each other), but rather he was her way out of the palace.

        BBJX’s time span lasted more than 20 years, but based on Goryeo history, SHR can last only around 8 years, so things have to happen differently and at a different pace.

      • @Livi – I’m not judging the choice 8th made in picking his family above our female lead, as I’ve pointed out earlier, I actually like how he struggles. I’m talking about how he was deliberately portrayed as a douchebag (the last 10 minutes of episode 11) in order to justify the reason for our heroine to stop loving him and for us, audience to turn our back against him and jump ship over to Team 4th without tainting our hero and heroine’s image and morals. I’m talking about Wook literally turning his back towards her when our heroine is already on the edge of being beaten to death, in her weakest and most fragile state covered with blood and wounds yet still kneeling in the heavy rain, pleading for the King’s mercy regarding Lady Oh. On the contrast we have a glorified hero who would give up his entire world for the girl, yes, even as far as taking poison for her. Like commenter D has pointed out below, what we are merely stating is that it is a pity that drama is painting 4th Prince as Prince Perfect-Swoony-Sacrificial-Hero so far, on top of that, he has some extra scars + wounds, a scattered past with bad memories and a terrible develish mother. Tadaa, enough reasons for heroine to pick him and “heal” him, and for female audience to be completely smitten by him and cry buckets of tears for this poor, great guy. Ultimately, there is nothing wrong with this, just a very typical K-drama hero set-up (BTW, I wonder why our K-drama male leads almost always have to suffer from a scarred past or any other trauma, in order to give room to the female lead to heal his wounds and pain?? LOL). Some people like it, some people don’t.

        BTW, you made a great point with the time span! I guess I have to keep in mind that K-version has a shorter time span (almost less than a half of the original version!). It explains why IU’s character doesn’t seem to mature or grow up “throughout the years” unlike Ruoxi. Thanks for reminding me!

    • I’m a sucker for scholars and strategists so I like the characterisation of 4th prince in the C-drama. LJK’s character would defo feel out of place there for me, but I think he fits perfectly in the world of Goryeo. I’m therefore kind of glad that there are two versions to suit two distinctive camps of viewers’ tastes 😛

  4. Im not a fan of IU, so I wasn’t watching but Lee Jun Ki has this power. I just started watching because the previews look so awesome…..OMG! Team 4!!!!

  5. In the Chinese version, I was crazy for 8th Prince. Probably also because of Kevin Cheng’s performance. Kang Haneul definitely holds his own ground, by it’s definitely hard to shine when Lee Junki is just killing it. Lee Junki just dominates the entire screen. I never even notice how inexperienced IU is as an actress, because of how he delivers his scenes each time.

    4th Prince won me over in this Korean version. But 8th Prince in the Chinese version still holds a special place in my heart.

    Ah I wonder how much more darker this will get. I’m so excited but at the same time I don’t think I could go through all that pain again.

    • Agree. I like 8th prince in Chinese version, 4th did nothing for me. But in this version i am sold on 4th from the very start. Maybe it is LJK or way he was written here. Never liked IU in modern dramas but she is good here. Maybe she improved a lot or Sagueks is her thing.

    • Omg you said it perfect, LJK did his part very well that I too also did not notice anything about IU’s acting until I read comments and ppl reviews and saw that people were discrediting her acting. She did own up to it in ep 11 tho. LJK is just superb!

  6. It somehow only just hit me that this is probably going to end like the original version of BBJX (we do not discuss BBJX2).

    Well, let me just rip my heart out now.

  7. Aw, Ms. Koala….do you even need to ask? Of course, it’s Team 4 His Royal Hotness Lee Jun Ki all the way.
    I like 4th Prince in C-version but no matter how good Nicky Wu was, LJK’s Wang So totally own my heart and soul.
    4th Prince Wang So not only is the man, but gosh, he is so freaking hawt and LJK’s acting in Scarlet Heart is totally on another level than his other previous superb performances.

  8. Am so glad you asked? The drama is getting so much more interesting, loving it even more and more.

    Could there ever be any reason that one would not be on Team 4, the ever very smexy Wang So? Lee Jun Ki….typing his name alone left me spazzing. LJK, what have you done to me? I am obsessed with Wang So. I know right from the original C-novel that 4th Prince is beautiful like a porcelain but K-version should come with a warning…”4th Prince is HOT! Self-combustion is at your own risk.”

  9. I was team 14 in the Chinese version. Ha! I never liked 8 and only liked 4 early on before he became emperor crazy eyes. Prince 14 will always have my heart.

    But in SC:R, are you kidding me? Lee Joongi as Wang So is a god and we are all just lucky to be witnessing his majesty. No prince in either version even comes close.

    • +1
      You said it all, my friend. Combining all the princes from both versions, he still reigning on top. When so many made fun of his one-eyed look before the drama even airing back then and look at what he had done…..4th Prince Wang So reigning supreme. All hail, Lee Jun Ki.

    • Agree completely! Never liked 8th prince especially since he was married to her sister or cousin before. It’s just icky to me even if they don’t have feelings for one another. 4th prince went a crazy with power lol. 14th prince was definitely the best! I’m surprised his character isn’t as prominent in the kversion.

      • +1. In the c version loved the 14fh prince. He was such an interesting character to me. Really hopes gets more development int Korean version. But as of now the 4 Th prince has the lead in my book.

      • I never like 8th prince in both version. I don’t fantasy other women husband. Eek.. Actually I afraid of the c-4th prince, he is cruel. I like the c-14th, he is such a gentleman and noble at love. I wonder what they have in pocket for k-14th prince? And for now, still need to askk? 4th prince LJK His Royal Hotness is the best!!

  10. Team 4th! Wook is a wimp. T_T this drama is driving me crazy, when it ends I am sure I am going to need rehabilitation. OMG episode 11 was so Epic, and sad, and brilliant… I can’t even… LJK I love you! ?

  11. I really like the 8th in the earlier episodes and wanted to really give the 8th a chance cause like you said, iU has better chemistry with KHN. But until this week, LJK just shows how much he commands this drama and his character. I finally admit it to myself that he is holding up the fort here in this drama. So 4th it is. LJK is quite amazing here.

  12. Team 4.

    LJK steals the scene no matter who is in the frame with him. And i think his screentime must be half of KHN. Or maybe it just feels that way because when its his scenes, i always feel that they ended way too quickly.

  13. Team 4! Lee Jun Ki.. He would do anything for her.. and thats love and care for a simple gal like our leading lady. If only we could find a guy like him we’d all be living happily ever after. 🙂

  14. Team 8 at first cos smoldering Wookie was so sexy and the chemistry was amazing.

    After 10 and 11, completely and irrevocably on team 4. I love how the audience can also follow how Su’s heart is turning towards him. When shit hits the fan, hw was the one who was really beside her.:)

    • So random..why did you bother give a comment?

      I don’t know how this LJK has this power that makes me totally fall for him. It begins since “my girl”. He is an amazing actor.

  15. Team 4 but in the end Team 8 will have the last word in the end. The Chinese version 8th said this to 4th,

    “Back then I gave up Rou xi because of power, abandoned the vows that we made to never leave each other, Now imperial brother, for the empire, and the past grievances, has also given up the chance to be together forever. Youre the same as me. The things you once had are gone in the end. With Rou xi, you’re the same as me. A failure.”

    • Idk if it would be the same in this version since this version makes the 8th prince become a despicable person and throws his intellectual out of the window

      • Just wanted to say that imo the 8th prince is not despicable. It was a hard choice he had to make, between the lives of his whole family vs Haesoo, so I guess his love for his mom > his love for Haesoo. But he did try to help by asking Court Lady Oh to persuade the king.

    • I don’t think the end twist will be same in this K-Version mainly due to the fact that they changed quite a bit about the characters, their personalities and even certain arcs as compared to the Chinese version.
      Here, Hae Soo has told Wang So beforehand that she has feelings for someone else and kept rejecting him so as to not hurt him whereas in the C-Version the 4th prince never knew about any of Rou Xi previous romance so when the 8th came out with this fact that really drove the 4th crazy. Whereas here, Wang So really has no grounds to blame her because she has already told him from the start… unless the 8th implies they had a relationship that exceeded more than holding hands.
      Also the korean history is different compared to the chinese one which is why they didn’t have the 13th take blame for the poisoning of the crown prince like in the c-version. All in all, this version has been quite interesting because of the fact they have kept the basic plot but changed everything else to keep the viewers guessing.

      • Exactly. I think what makes this drama so K-racktastic for me is precisely that it has been changed so much from the original. I mean, I still see the original in it, but I cannot predict what will happen from one episode to the next. This is not a qualitatively great drama (although episode 11 is great and Lee Joongi is an acting god in this), but it is extremely addictive and exciting.

        I am sitting with bated breath all week until Monday wondering where we will go from here. I really don’t know, but I do think it will be different than the Chinese version. And you are totally right about how positive it is that Hae Soo was honest about her relationship with Wook and her feelings. I hope this does prevent future misunderstandings. Plus, this being a Kdrama, I’m sure they didn’t “go as far” as Rouxi and 8th Prince in the original. Network Kdramas just don’t do that (on or off screen) with their leading ladies.

      • It is similiar in that all the prince including 4th thought she had feelings for 10th in the C-version. 4TH in the kdrama version still don’t know who she likes amd to what extent, so I can still see 4th in K-drama be schocked and angry knowing that Soo and 8th had intense feelings for each other at the end. This will probably cause 4th to marry 8th prince’s sister to go with the facts of history. Also, I have a feeling that 4th mom is not the biological Mom. I am speculating that the court lady that took the downfall for Soo is his biolgical Mother.

      • @browncoat:
        I agree with you wholeheartedly. These are all the reasons why I’m so addicted to this show at present and also because LJG, IU (yes, even IU is doing a really good job even though acting isnt her frst profession as an artist) KHN and many others are doing a brilliant job with their roles. The only problem I have with this show is the crappy editing and post production work done.

        I too hope that Su-So’s honest communication with each other wont be broken that easily by some third person. Despite everything, neither wants to believe that the other is capable of hurting them and this is because this show has emphasized on the unspoken trust beteeen them quite a lot. So I dont think it would be that easy for the 8th to break it unless Hae Su admits to wang So that she would rather be with someone else than him. The 4th prince won’t let her go that easily.

        4th will most definitely be shocked but it won’t hit him in the gut suddenly because he said it himself “As long as it isnt Baek Ah, I dont care”. But yes, we cant be sure how the coming episodes will change the 4th prince, he may become more possessive and obsessive about her.
        The only way for it to really hurt him is if her relationship with the 8th is manipulated to be presented in such a way that it looks like she had betrayed the 4th after she and the 4th got together.

  16. KHN and IU have intense chemistry in this drama. So for sheer screen presence together the 8th prince.

    LJK is so intense on screen that IU fades into the background. I can’t feel any emotions from her besides the bug eyed look every time she is near him. It is hard to imagine them being together. Together.

  17. Team 4.
    Lee Jun Ki’s Wang So is just amazing…dangerous, badass and smoldering hot, romantic and smexy. I couldn’t think of any other actor who could ever possibly pulled anything like that.
    No other prince could ever come close to his stature. LJK totally takes the character of 4th Prince to a whole new level.

  18. I like her with the both of them.

    Prince 8th : He always did what he had to for his family. And even if he married his wife for his family, he respected her and was king with her. When he met Soo, he can finaly have feelings for someone and it’s new for him. And it’s sad that he must protect his mother who already suffered a lot because Kang Ha Neul and IU had a great chemistry and now his character gives up on her…

    Prince 4th : He suffered a lot (I hate his mother :p) and to see his human side when he is with Soo is really great. The fact that she dares to say what she wants, it’s new for him and she cares about him. We don’t have lovey-dovey scene between them yet but I really except them !

    Lee Jung Ki and Kang Ha Neul are really great in this drama ! We really can share all the feelings of their characters.

    • Your made mistakes in your comments. Prince 8 totally had feelings for his late wife and he admitted that. If a man says that he don’t have any feelings or love for his wife..please keep away from him. You cannot trust him.

      And it is Lee Jun Ki.. Not “jung”

  19. Team 4. Wang So has always stand by Su’s side from the beginning. When Princess YeonHwa tried to whip her, when Su was abt to be married off (4th was asking her several times if she wanted to go to the palace), he’s ready to die for her by drinking the poison, fought the guards to save her, talked to the king and so on.

    8th? No action talk only. There is no reason that he could not do more. Yes he could choose and protect his family. But at the same time, he could do more to a girl that he promised to marry. He’s a coward.

  20. Eh. Now that everyone likes team 4, it will be up to the story to make everyone hates Lee Jun Ki. while still being helplessly in love in him.

  21. I am on team 4. I think the chemistry between her and the 4th Prince will much better than the 8th when she accept his love for her and she aknowlages she is folling for him. May I also say I am in love with Lee Jun Ki. He is so good. Usualy when I like an actor I just like how god they are. Now I want to be IU. I wish he is looking at me like that and saying those things to me.

  22. How can one be on team 8 when the drama is hell bent on making Wang So the Hero?

    It is so heavy handed that one can spot it from miles away. Everything has been written to glorify the 4th Prince. He’s the most wounded, most scarred, bravest, most loyal, most deserving of the girl and throne. If anyone misses this, you need to get your eyes or brain checked.

    • Yea, it’s rather unfortunate. You get the sense in the longer C-version that the faction leaders, 4th and 8th/14th, were all very formidable players for the throne – it makes for very powerful characterizations. And it makes 4th’s victory all the more stellar, precarious, and intriguing. It’s due to weaving K-history vs. C-history and 20 episode vs. 27-8 episode length series (adjusted for duration from 35 episode with 40 to 50 minute of air time) that create this lopsidedness. The editing exacerbates the imbalance.

      • I agree with you on the powerful characterization of the princes in the C-version. It wasn’t just on 4th and 8th princes either. I remember how much I rooted for 13th and felt so sad at how things turned out for him. Same with 14th and even 10th which was so much better than Wang Eun!

        However, I disagree that the problem is due to the fewer episodes and having to adapt the K-history.

        This drama is clearly Lee Jun Ki’s vehicle. The writer gave Wang So a scar, threw him into a pack of wolves, got people to throw poop at him and gave him a Mother From Hell. It’s all too blatantly designed to make fans cry for this poor tortured soul. And if these wasn’t enough, he had to drink poison for his lady love. That blood spewing scene was the epitome of theatrics. If the viewer hasn’t cried out her eyes for Wang So by now, she must have a heart of rock.

        Wang Wook’s obviously written to be inferior to Wang So. Let’s talk about romance first. Unlike the C-version, Wang Wook is made to look like a two timer. 8th Prince in C BBJX loved his wife but she didn’t love him back. Here, Wook was already making eyes at Soo. In C version, it’s obvious from start that 8th Prince was quiet but just as ambitious as the 4th. It made sense that he couldn’t give up the throne for Ruo Xi. I also liked that Ruo Xi was the one who broke up with him. You can say his love wasn’t great enough but then would the 4th have given up his throne for Ruo Xi?
        In this one, they had to make Wang Wook do a 180 degree turn literally! Not only did he forget everything he said he would do, he did the exact opposite.

        To drive home the point that Wook is a worm and So is the Man, writer nim made Wook turned and took off like a scaredy cat whereas So opened his cloak to shield the damsel like some marvel hero.

        The result is all the fangirls swooning and crying over the self sacrificing hero but for the non-fangirl viewer like me, it just doesn’t work.

      • They sacrificed a lot for fan service. Including making Rouxi a Goryeo Candy and making 8th a wimp and the most annoying kind of opponent to our hero that can be written. Worse is the fact that, it ain’t paying off. I still feel Lee Jun Ki deserves like double pay or something considering he made 10 pointless episodes worth anything.

    • Lol…8th does have more to lose than 4th for sure. But the narrative of this arc in this episode surprised me at how good the transition is for Soo to start liking 4th and not 8th.

    • Wow.. I think I nodded my head throughout your entire post.

      What made C-version’s princes formidable is that each character were neither completely good or bad. There was no protagonist amongst the princes, not even between the two biggest rivals 8th Prince and 4th Prince. Even the supposedly “naive, harmless” 10th Prince conspired along with Camp 8th against 4th Prince. They were all flawed and everyone made choices that benefitted themselves, including Ruoxi. Whereas, in the K-version, I feel like 4th Prince’s character is so heavily romanticized and glorified. The typical K-drama male lead I would say.. a broken heart + soul, scattered childhood, the “possessive charm”, the girl is his entire world, would give up anything for her including his life, hero rescues damsel in distress. Just like how you put it: they made it so obvious that he is the guy/hero every girl would wish for. Yes, swoony and romantic it may seem, but I like something meatier, more complex.

      What I like about C-version’s princes is that ultimately, none of the princes would give up the throne or this fight for a woman (we are talking about our Marysue leading lady here).. yes, not even 4th Prince. Heck, even honey-tongued 8th Prince who tends to make empty promises made it CLEAR to her that he will not give up on the throne, not even for her sake. None of the princes LIVE for LOVE, whereas in the K-version, their actions seem to be all driven by love and from a romantic perspective. 4th Prince Yinzhen was nowhere near Prince Perfect or Prince Romantist, not even during the first half of the story. I’m 100% sure Ruoxi would never be his utmost first priority. All the men had other concerns besides women. I liked the fact that Ruoxi initiated the break up with 8th. It was her choice. It’s a typical element in dramas that alternative boy or girl needs to be DEAD (aka written out of the story) or a douchebag in order for us to root for the OTP and the protagonist (*cough* Myung-hee.. Wang Wook *cough*). I liked that C-version shied away from that halo that the protagonist is given to live under. Yes, it made a lot of viewers dislike Ruoxi, but I like the fact that she made her own choices, whether they look good on her or not. K-version’s transition regarding Hae-soo’s love from 8th Prince to 4th Prince is based on the fact that 8th abandoned her in the most cruel way, so that our leading lady doesn’t have to “get her hands dirty” herself by dumping him. C-version’s transition from 8th to 4th on the other hand is based on Ruoxi’s disacknowledgement of her relationship with 8th, and the comparison between 8th and 4th because 4th Prince treated her they way she wanted to be treated, which 8th Prince failed in doing so. She only started to have romantic feelings for him a few years after the break up. 4th Prince is not a better man then 8th Prince, he was just more suitable for Ruoxi than 8th Prince.

      I just watch MLSCR as a romantic, idol fushion sageuk, so it makes sense that our female and male protagonist are glorified and romanticized. But I personally prefer something that is different with less heavy theatrical approach. It doesn’t matter that our male lead won’t give up aka sacrifice his life for the female lead. I like that.

      BTW.. 20 x 60 min and 35 x 40 min, practically speaking, C-version only has 3 episodes more than K-version.

      • As someone pointed out before, the K-version is going as far as from the very beginning, where most of the princes (excluding 3rd) have totally no ambition for the throne whereas in C-version, the fractions were clearly there right from the very beginning.
        We didn’t see character flaws in Wook in the beginning but now the cracks begin to show. The same will happen to So. Once he got himself entangled in the battles and scheming, he will eventually crack and at this point, we will see that our protagonists are neither good nor bad and very much a flawed characters. As LJK himself mentioned, So will grow more possessive and once he has the ambition, would we all the viewers still be swoony over him (the most that we will is because LJK is so freaking hawt)??? And if Haesoo’s premonition is any indicator, I think there’s more than meet the eyes when come to Wang So.
        Having watched the C-version as well, what I like about the K-version is that they just decided to maintain the main character figures and story direction. Apart from that, everything feel so new including the characterization and relationship development.

      • Honestly, I wouldn’t want to watch a K-version which is exactly the same as the C-version in terms of characters, story arc etc. Why would I want to waste my time??? So Boring!

        I’m happy that the K-version is different and I don’t know how the characters and story are going to develop, it’s a lot more interesting that way!

    • 4th Prince K-style – drama telegraphing THIS IS THE HERO OF THE SHOW to one and all!!!!!! Also drama K-style is to take drama with a female lead and make it all about 4th Prince and love.

      Also scratching my head over LJK acting circles around IU and making her disconcerted. Don’t the best lead actors bring out the best in their co-stars? Unfortunately the way it is phrased it appears he is intent on being the only star and actor in the show.

      • @K NO, the extracting a performance out an actor is the job of the director. Matching your fellow actors lead and improvising is asking a lot here, what lead is IU giving him, her super dilated pupil aka the deer in headlight look. This is funny, what now Lee Jun Ki is the bad guy. Because, let me get this straight, because he is a good actor and can simultaneously convey like a thousand simultaneous emotions in one go. So what should he do?? Lower the bar, this is it?? I’ve seen every form of criticism for this one show alone.

      • Just because LJK is the center of attention in the drama, now he is receiving the blame for stealing the thunder and making his co-stars appearing no more than a shadow and not bringing out the best in his leading lady? This is ridiculous. For once, please understand that LJK is a veteran actor in contrast with IU, which is a very much inexperienced actress and so does most of his other co-stars, the younger princes. It’s not his job, he acted to the best of his ability to deliver what is expected of him. It’s the director’s job to make sure all actors under his direction hitting the right notes. I guess now that most crediting LJK for his outstanding performance just not sitting well with some people. If you really watched this drama, LJK is such a powerhouse, nobody can deny that. Please find some other reasonable flaws to pick on if you so desperately need to be negative.

      • I was pointing out Koala’s statement which is odd. And drama is collaborative and Director is not God with sole responsibility.

        LJK is a veteran and gets lots of love but he is not Mr Perfection to everyone. Please do not be so thin skinned every time you perceive some criticism. IU gets about 10X more criticism and no one cares.

      • I disagree with you too. Pleasee do not be an idiot and blame LJK for stealing IU’s spotlight. Yes the story revolves around Su meeting So, so basically IU suppose to be the foremost of attention and LJK secondary but in this case LJK is great at what he does that IU seems to be the 2nd main cast. Anyway like I was saying don’t compare IU and LJK saying he veteran and she”s nit so she should get more sympathy and no critism. Even some of LJK’s very first drama/movies his acting still good whereas IU goes; shes already been in how many drama within the last couple years and her acting is still just soso (until ep 11 which she improved a bit), so your argument towards experience comparison between the two is an excuse to cover up IU’s lacking acting skills is laughable. Of course if it’s to compare IU and LJK’s singing then IU is better but LJK still a good singer also. IU was born with singING talent as LJK was born with acting talent.

    • D, bravo to your comment. Completely agree. But the k-version is popcorn entertaining enough to me since I stopped expecting depth from it.

      • YES, D! Oh my God, I totally agree with everything you said. There really is no comparison here, the C version is so much better and it’s also a lot different.

        But that’s just the way K dramas roll. It’s Hero, Hero, Hero, and other characters are not fleshed out much or explored properly.(Granted, this is not the case in every K drama.)

        It’s laughable, really, how much they’ve done to So. How many blood bags is this show going to use? Why not just make him a cripple or something? It would save a lot of money and earn more sympathy points.

      • @Rinoa
        For the reason that I cannot fathom, why the heck are you even here? If you dislike the drama so much, then just scroll over. The posting clearly asking which team between 4 and 8 which understandably meant for those who actually watch and enjoy the drama enough to root for one.
        Go watch the drama you like. Just because you don’t appreciate it as much as those who do, you do not need to rub to our faces of what you think so laughable when those may hit the right notes to the rest who love and enjoy the drama so dearly. Preference is subjective. What you think is so grand may be laughable to others. Your negativity not appreciated here.
        Go get a life!

      • Hey rinoa or whatever you call yourself, don’t you realise that ‘hero’ is the classical theme ever since people know how to produce a movie? Hollywood, british and european movies or even bollywood..all use that hero theme to entertain people. Human loves that typical we just need the creativity from writers and producers on how to deliver it in a show. Are you a real person?
        Just to let others know, besides the comments similar to yours that keep saying the C version is better than K one, I don’t feel like I have interest in watching the old version. No, thanks..that is just not my preference. I’m watching a drama just for entertaining.

    • I can see it very clearly that the scriptwriter is manipulating the viewers into rooting for 4th Prince and his being with Hae Soo at all cost. I hate when writer’s use this kind of tactic, the writer could’ve written the 8th and 4th Prince to be formidable rivals for the throne and Hae Soo in a more organic,complex way. There was no need to trash the 8th Prince just to justify Hae Soo turning to Wang Su. I am also tired of writer’s using the “wounded puppy” approach with male leads,then using this trope to excuse their awful actions and trying to have the female lead fix/heal the male lead.

      • It’s the same as the female. Either way theyre trying to stay with the main point if view to be different but following the same path of C version. Are you trying to say, leave her on 8th”s side or not? ‘Cause if they changed it then it wouldn’t be SH. The only thing I still didn’t like 8th”s character in both versions and IDK how great a chemistry either had with lead actress, is that 8th is already married and still cheating on good wife with female protagonist. I can’t stand movies where married men cheats. 8th prince in both version loss my vote even before they start flirting. Of course the female lead character in both is disgraceful in both version both C version worst because she actually was the one who initiated/anticipated the affair whereas k version she tried to hold back until lady Hae passed. Overall, I still liked this drama allot despite the Lil awkward moments/scenes and annoying acting here and there by one or 2 characters.

  23. Team 4 of course. Should make a pool so we can know the actual figure.
    Prince 4 go all out when it comes to protecting his girl. Prince 8 chose his family. Its an easy pick.

  24. Hands down Team 4! Even though So and Soo have the more complicated relationship they just have this potential love that could become epic if they can endure all the hardships and bloodshed that are to come. Soo and Wook were nice on the outside, but their relationship just seemed like puppy love or young love and more like a fairytale without the happy ending. Wook always said the right things, but he never seems to be able to act on his words or stand up and defend his love for Hae Soo unlike So who has always been by her side (even when he wasn’t being nice to her).

  25. From episode 1-10, it was firmly Team 8 cause KHN was just so swoony and he had great chemistry with IU.
    BUT after episode 11, it’s now without a doubt Team 4 from here onwards! It was sad n disappointing that 8 abandoned Su (that bitch yeonhwa!!!!), but I guess we needed that so 4 can swoop in and take over Su’s heart! Go LJK!

  26. Team 4!!!!

    Also I liked Lee Jun Ki and IU’s chemistry before even if it wasn’t the kind of sexy chemistry she had with Kang Ha Neul but in episode 11 she finally showed how emotional and expressive she can be – now I am totally Team So/Soo and I want to shoot the PD for making IU stuck with all those wide-eyed look earlier.

  27. Team 4 all the way… I’m just imagining the twist in the k version will go something like this:

    Others will continue to play behind the scenes creating havoc and mayhem while framing Wang So as they go along with their badassery power moves by killing, etc, etc. The k version of Wang So has proven his loyalty to his brothers…I don’t see that going down hill. Maybe he’ll come out smelling like a rose and history will be changed. Or, the truth is never know and ….time jump HS meets him in the present.

    • This is cool. Let’s play “how will it go”
      Because BBJX has a bitter ending, I want Scarlet Heart to have sweet ending, so my version will go like this;

      Wang Mu will sit on the throne and grant Soo-So marriage. Yo killed Mu for the throne, and So will revenge Mu (and in between Yeon Hwa and Queen SMS will die in agony). Once So become king people will oppose Soo’s low status to stand as a queen. Then Soo will sacrifice herself to shield So from assassination. She wakes up in modern era like time just stop from the moment she jump to the lake, only to find future Ji Mong died to save her from drowning. History changed, Soo’s modern family changed (I wish to see court lady Oh and lady Hae return here). Soo cannot let go her feelings for So, on another solar eclipse she got drowned for good. She returns to Goryeo and finding So and Wook wailing on her deathbed. Wook will beg his mother to adopt Soo as his last present to the woman he ever loved. Sending her with a title befitting a queen, and a new name Dae Mook. And everybody kiss and make up and world peace.

      Hahahahahahaha…. Damn I will be crushed later if it’s end up like BBJX…

  28. Well team 4 of course. I actually am ok with IU and LJK chemistry because in the story she still is focused on 8th prince so now we will see the shift and see how it goes.

    I haven’t seen every single thing Lee Joon Gi has done, but I have seen most…imo he has never been better.

    Also I agree they are keeping this fresh. I loved the cdrama, but I don’t want to watch the same thing here.

  29. Team 4th Prince Wang So, all the way heaven and earth.
    I love the C-version and not dissing Nicky Wu in any way because he was splendid but Lee Jun Ki is just amazing in here that he totally overshadowed any other princes be it the C-version or the K-version. His takes either due to the writing or that because of his superb acting, the 4th Prince in SHR is just in a total class of his own. Idk what LJK did but there is just no reason not to be hooked by him right off the bat. This drama is so lucky to have secured a leading man in LJK…he is an acting god in here, nailing every scene and definitely the one anchoring the show. I love his interpretation of 4th Prince and love him even more as an actor.

  30. This drama is so polarizing. A flop in its homeland yet a hit with international audiences.
    I don’t care but Scarlet Heart is my ultimate drama cracks, my addiction. And thanks to my ultimate bias LJK, I have given my heart totally to 4th Prince Wang So. I don’t care if he turns evil towards the end, I will stand by my man through good and bad times. My love for Wang So is unconditional and LJK is my drug.

    • I have made that decision too! Don’t matter if he go berserk later, I’ll like it. It’s Gwangjong”s destiny so what if he become evil, still a good drama.

  31. Team 4 through heaven and hell. LJK all the way.
    Me loving the far deviation of the characterization and relationship development from the C-version.
    You just need to vote either one rather than dissecting and finding flaws. I think this post is main for those who enjoy the drama and we do know LJK’s 4th Prince won’t be all swoony once he become Gwangjong but can’t stop ourselves from falling in love with him. Guess the effect of his charm just not sitting well with some people.

  32. Since episode 1, love them both, but a my feeling slightly leaning to 8th, even I cannot resist the charm of 4th. I know Soo eventually will fall for 4th. Since Ep 1, I’m always curious of how things would turn out so that Soo finally have a changing heart on 4th. I pity 8th but I cannot stop falling more and more on 4th. I watched some of LJK Drama, but this one is the best. I totally falling for him in here. Cannot wait for the next episode to come. He got me hooked, I’m finding a new Drama God here. As for KHN, I found him have a similar facial expression with Park Hae Jin. They both can play dark character

  33. NO contest!!! 4 all the way.
    I don’t feel like this drama gave Soo the chance to decide between them.
    8 chose not her, so she had no say.

    I guess she could still NOT take 4 and go the distance alone. That would be interesting.
    In this one, I would be OK with her and 13, too.

  34. I was a solid team 8th before, but it slightly fading now, sadly. Whoever Hae Soo choose in the end, I just hope she doesn’t suffer anymore after her two-timing modern bf and now Wook :'(

    Please don’t demean Wook’s love. It’s his love that grabbed Hae Soo’s hand to enter Goryeo, it’s his love that push her to avoid arranged marriage, it’s his love that make her stand painful leg screw torture. Never once Wook did Soo wrong on purpose, he is an upright decent man who is also hopeless in front of love.

    My heart pains for Wook as much as for So. Situations drove both of them to the wrong corners. I am content if Soo will end up with So.

    • Not exactly. His love didn’t do any of those in justice. His love was just a kind of love on the outside thing. He only verbally fought to protect her where as So physically protects her.

  35. From the beginning we know who is the main leader. Anyway I’m team 4, of course. But by physical I prefer the 8th prince. 😉

    At side nore: I’m glad both are very good actors.

  36. Team 4…awww the rain bittersweet, realizing that the one you sought for protection, to be by your side would walk away from you. The producers did great in justifying why Soo would move onto the 4th prince. In the chinese version. it was too quick for me, there was no closure. I love both version equally. Wook, ah…he was forced into making a decision. I love the scene where you see his darker side slowly coming out. He easily would kill if necessary to gain or protect his family. Sadly he abandoned Soo:(

  37. I agree with a lot of you that LJG totally makes the drama so incredibly good. Like someone said, you don’t even notice IU’s mediocre acting because LJG is just so amazing (his facial expression is just something). Even though I am a super fan of Kang HaNeul, and because he acts so well in this drama, that I have to hate him.
    The drama is getting really good.

  38. I was so sure I’d root for Team 8 all the way but wow the show had a way of making me jump ship in a heartbeat. I still love Kang Ha Neul though!!!

  39. I’ll stay away from the buzz for awhile and come back later. My Kpop bias comeback clashing with drama buzz is just too much for me to handle. LOL…Hold it hold it.

  40. Team 8 for the 1st 10 episodes and Team 4 for the next 10 episodes. I’m fair that way, lol.

    BTW, I’m really impressed with Kang Haneul, and will be looking out for his future shows.

  41. Option C: Neither. Or team heroine finding a wormhole and hightailed the hell away from Mr. Impotent and Mr. Potential Abuser Alert.

    Not fond of 8th characterization here. No goals, no plans, no drives. Nothing. He was just there for half the series and now he’s getting played by his sister? It’s just pitiful. If Hae Soo marry him she won’t be safe.

    Speaking of our heroine, she’s and 8th are perfect for each other since they both live on a hope and a prayer. The whole, 8th will never change, he’ll get me out of here and we’ll live happily ever after delusion was just sad. How naive is she? Her body might be 17 or whatever, but mentally she’s 26, does she have any common sense at all?

    And 4th. He’s the most torture, most wounded, most devoted man ever. There might as well be a giant neon arrow pointing towards him proclaiming “YOU MUST LOVE HIM”. He’s a walking cliche and in the hand of a less talented and let faced it, less pretty actor, I would have checked out a while ago. And that forced kiss followed by the non apology and inability to take no for an answer throw up all kinds of red flags. Hae Soo should have send him off to a therapist to work through his abandonment issues before attempting to have a relationship because that extreme possessiveness and neediness is a recipe for disaster. Come to think of it, since 4th already have temperament and the pitiful background (complete with shitastic mother), if we throw in some BDSM we could have Fifty Shades of Grey: Goryeo edition. Now that would be entertaining.

    Before fans of this series whine about why I’m being so negative and why I’m here if I hate the show, I don’t hate the show. While I find the characterization, the plotting and characters/relationships development to be poor, there are things about the show that I enjoy. Lee Joon Gi is mesmerizing and oh so pretty. Same goes for Kang Ha Neul and I do love to stare at the pretty. The last few episodes have been much better and as long as I don’t look for it to be a thoughtful, serious drama the show is pretty entertaining. I’ve sat through and enjoyed worse. And who knows, maybe the show will end up surprising me in the last 9 episodes. So while the sentiment behind my comment is sincere, it’s meant to be read with tongue firmly in cheek.

    • Go write a blog, seriously. Your comment is amusing and entertaining in the same time. Now that you said it, I’m frustrated in the earlier episode when lots of people commenting IU’s childlish acting because she’s 16 or something. Isnt she supposed to be twenty something or did I miss the memo?

      I prefer KHN than LJK though in this drama, if only the writer didnt resort to that cheap plot…

      • The real Hae Soo is supposed to be in her teen while our modern heroine is in her mid twenty (I think). So when she traveled back in time and inhabit real Hae Soo’s body, mentally she should be 20 something.

        I didn’t find IU too childish. She certainly was no worse than Liu Shi Shi’s Ruoxi chasing that rabbit. Good gosh that scene was bad. Liu Shi Shi is not good at playing cute and playful. She handled the crying and sadness scenes much better. Overall i think IU is doing a fair job although I do wish for a stronger actress with more substantial presence to really match up to Lee Joon Gi. There’s just something waif-like about IU. she’s like a cute damsel in need of saving rather than a competent, thoughful heroine. Of course it doesn’t help that the writing for Hae Soo has been pretty bad (IMO). Lack of agency, all shallow spunk and not much brain or common sense. She fared better opposite Kang Ha Neul since he has a much quieter presence compared to LGK, so it doesn’t overpowered her.

        Speaking of KHN. This is the first time that I’ve seen him in anything and he is really lovely. His calmness is a great foil for LGK’s intensity. It’s a pity that he hasn’t been given much to do, although hopefully this will change in the second half with the fight for the throne heating up. At this point I’m more interested in seeing KHN and LGK go head to head since the romance is a meh for me.

    • Actually he did apologize for the force kiss. He didn’t say sorry but what he did say meant he’s sorry and he did felt bad for it.

  42. And also, the time travelling plot proves to be useless because female lead head is not any different with Goryeo era maiden who probably herd sheep for living.

  43. C BBJX: rooted for 8th prince since I personally dislike Nicky Wu’s version of 4th prince. The romances and relationships in the C version were also more dynamic, sophisticated, but also well justified and comprehensible at the same time. Even I don’t appreciate Nicky Wu, he did have great chemistry with the leading lady.

    K Version: Is there even relationship worth discussions? LOL..It feels fairly strong that this drama is about LJK alone vs. the rest of the cast whenever he’s on screen. LOL. So no team for me to ship. I never cared how the romance between Wang So and Hae Soo has fared so far neither do I have interest in seeing how that’s gonna be developed. I may be more curious how the writer is going to twist the history that has already labeled Wang So as a ruthless tyrant. At least the 4th prince in the Chinese history is identified by historians to be one of the most intelligent emperors of all time. But Wang So???? Idk. It’s hard to root for him as an admirable hero, not to mention a romantic figure. Charismatic SJK doesn’t help either.

  44. I actually wanted to see more of Lee Joon gi as I didn’t feel he had enough screen time, so if he dominates the second half of the drama it is a big welcome from me ?

  45. Team 4 from the get go all the way to the end. Will stick with him through thick and thin.
    Funny thing is….in the polling for Favourite Prince on ONE TV Asia, 4th Prince votes has decreased to 64% and 8th Prince has rosed from 8% to 26% right after episode 11. Means, many more loving the bad-ass Wook now?
    Love them both, LJK and KHN are great but I am still on Team 4, all for Wang So and LJK.

  46. Team #4.

    I didn’t watch the Chinese version, but started watching the Korean version for LJK. So I watched the end of the Chinese version and totally wish I would not have watched the ending. I spoiled the ending for myself, unless the Korean script is going to end completely different from the Chinese script.

    Sigh… (Wacks head repeatedly against wall)

    • So I watched K version first then tried to watch c version as I wait for new k version ep to come out and… I couldn’t get past ep whatever that mail girl and other princess fought and I’m thinking “ok main girl character too childish and annoying” then I skipped to parts where 4th would come in and yeah nah that didn’t help either. C version is too slow for me like hardly any action yet, no romance between 4th and ruoxi, 8th prince and ruoxi relationship feels awkward, ruoxi too damn childish and just seems to be roaming everywhere like a little girl at child’s play… idk, c version drama is not enough drama or areas seems like it’ll be light years until there’s a dramatic part.

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