Ha Ji Won Pairs Fancy Fashion with Flowers in the October Issue of Marie Claire

If you love vibrant color flowers and striking fashion then this photo spread will tickle your fancy. K-actress Ha Ji Won is on the cover and pages of the October 2016 issue of Marie Claire Hong Kong showing off her lush ladylike features and enviable figure. Behind her is a wall-sized bouquet of pink and purple blooms that beautifully accentuate without overwhelming the frame. I love all her outfits and styling for this shoot, going from playful date to cocktail party and finally grand dame with a modern sensibility. Her mahogany colored tresses suits her so well going into fall when colors go darker as the weather cools down.


Ha Ji Won Pairs Fancy Fashion with Flowers in the October Issue of Marie Claire — 14 Comments

  1. Always love HJW. Despite I really hate her last drama TWWNIL, I couldn’t help but feel that she was most beautiful there and boy, she’s getting prettier as she gets older. Guess whatever remake or adaptation just won’t work with K-audiences. Hoping to see her gracing my tv screen again soon and gosh, I really hope for her to collaborate with my darling Lee Jun Ki.

  2. I like her. But I just can’t with her in In Times with You. She seems scared with Lee Jin Wook especially during their kissing scenes LMAO.

    I hope she gets better role and better co-star for next.

    • It is a blog though not a new site. Its ok to ask for an article too see Koalas take on it but not need to be offensive or too demanding.

    • she looks ‘gorgeous’ cuz she was photoshopped to death lmao! it’s excessively done, not real and misleading. nowadays probably it’s okay to look fake as long as you look beautiful.

  3. fam I am not Saying she is not gorgeous or that other celebs don’t get photo-shopped.

    All i am saying is that the Photoshop was way too much

  4. My wish is to see her act with Kim Mu Yeol in an intense action drama, that’d be so great at it and will make such an awesome pair. I love the pictorial, she is graceful as always and seems to becoming more pretty with her age. I love the softness and the floral setting, seems like a way of saying goodbye to summer with one last floral shoot.

  5. I love the last photo! I know it’s a dress and all but it looks like a modern-day interpretation of traditional garb. I think she’s one of those K-actresses who can pull off the hanbok really well. She depicts the classical Asian beauty in traditional wear.

  6. Have always love Ha Ji Won! She looks gorgeous as always. I just want to see her again in a drama, hopefully with a darker role with the action combo and a strong male lead.

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