Samsonite Red Cobbles Together Odd Couple Kim Woo Bin and Kim Yoo Jung for Fall 2016 Ad Campaign

I thought pairing up Kim Woo Bin and Kim So Hyun was weird enough for last year’s Domino’s pizza ad campaign in South Korea, and now here comes yet another strange set up of Samsonite Red bags using Kim Woo Bin with Kim Yoo Jung to shill luggage. Kim Woo Bin looked like a predator around Kim So Hyun, and here he just looks like Kim Yoo Jung’s nerdy hipster uncle. With that said, this time she’s riding on the current popularity wave with hit KBS sageuk Moonlight Drawn by Clouds while his own KBS melodrama Uncontrollably Fond didn’t incite those emotions in the domestic viewership. Kim Yoo Jung manages to have chemistry with all her male leads thus far but UF shows me that Kim Woo Bin’s piercing appeal doesn’t always work with any female lead and he’s going to have to hope his next drama costar taps into the visceral intensity from him the way Park Shin Hye did in Heirs.


Samsonite Red Cobbles Together Odd Couple Kim Woo Bin and Kim Yoo Jung for Fall 2016 Ad Campaign — 10 Comments

  1. HAHAHAHAHAHA @ ‘nerdy hipster uncle’

    Kim Woo-bin does need a better costar, it was painful watching him throw so much intensity at his UF one and she just stood there pouting and awkward. I feel like he should be paired up with an actress who’s at least decently expressive and has the kind of strong screen presence that can match him. Park Shin Hye, Kim Ji-won or even his Vampire Idol costar Lee Yoobi would be good matches.

  2. Oh please! It’s just an ad/commercial. They’re not playing a couple. They’re just models for the brand and here you act like it’s a sin to see these two together. I don’t see anything wrong with this at all. You’re being a little oversensitive here. If this is a drama casting news, then maybe I can understand you better, but this is just a freakin’ brand modeling.

    They both look great, no need to bring both of them down.

  3. I was waiting for an actual image with Kim Yoo Jung and Kim Woo Bin together to prove your point but… there is none? I don’t understand your problem.

  4. After watching KYJ in MDBC, now I understand why Koreans favor her over IU. Not saying IU isn’t pretty and nothing to do with her acting in SH either. It’s just KYJ is such a classic beauty that IU compared to her, appears so bland and colorless and underwhelming and…what to say…physically unfitting in historical style.

  5. For God’s sake loool They’re not paired up. He is Samsonite RED’s main and prominent model (that’s why in CF only he appears); she is there just to represent their appeal for female buyers. Plus, it’s SidusHQ who put both KSH and KYJ with KWB in his CF deals. I have no idea, why you so negative towards KWB (even if you don’t like UF or him, he did nothing wrong, yet you continue attack him for odd reasons), but guy is not paired up with your KYJ.
    And his chemistry with Suzy was great, they looked great together. They had to overcome almost non existent time together in drama. Not even your beloved PSH could do anything there. Cut your negativity.

  6. Speaking of intensity, I think that even if they were cast in a drama together it wouldn’t be a big deal. Actually I think they would be a power house on screen. Age gap means nothing in the acting world. It has been done before probably in some shows that we were not even aware of. That 70’s show the american sitcom Mila Kunis was much younger than her other cast members 14 years old at the beginning. Also recently in the drama Kim So Hyun starred with Taecyeon who is also 10 years older than her and there was even kissing. No harm no foul. Nothing sinister. They are on set and supervised. I personally think they are strong enough as actors to star together.

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