Zhao Li Ying Radiant in Mermaid Blue at Gala Event in Beijing

It’s been a hard last week for C-actress Zhao Li Ying, one of deceased C-actor Kimi Qiao‘s close entertainment industry friends. Not only did she have to grieve the loss of her good friend, she also got attacked online by netizens upset that she wasn’t posting grieving tributes or updates on weibo in the days after Kimi’s suicide. Zhao Li Ying continued to attend all her scheduled entertainment activities in the immediate days after Kimi’s death but paid tribute to her friend by wearing his favorite punk rocker style outfits during her appearances, though she couldn’t help but tear up. This weekend she attended an opening gala for a new resort in her home region, donning a stunning and vibrant azure blue gown that made me think she’s ready to play a mermaid if C-dramas ever wanted to remake upcoming K-drama Legend of the Blue Sea. If Jeon Ji Hyun is the sassy sultry mermaid then Zhao Li Ying is the sweet girly version. 


Zhao Li Ying Radiant in Mermaid Blue at Gala Event in Beijing — 7 Comments

  1. It was actually an event to name her as a tourism ambassador to Hebei.
    She looked beautiful in this dress. Love the dress.

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