Kang Sora Radiant in Deep Blue at Camera CF Event in Seoul

Things are quiet on the Kang Sora front now that she’s finished her usual one drama a year, this year being the KBS drama Neighborhood Lawyer Jo Deul Ho with Park Shin Yang. It was a solid effort from her and a smart project choice, the drama did solid enough ratings and better yet improved consistently in viewership. Kang Sora is always naturally believable playing professional roles whether a lawyer or doctor, and the times she falters for me is when she’s supposed to convey ineptitude or deep seated self-doubt. I like her for being so put together and comfortable in her own style, and this week she attended a brand CF event in Seoul rocking a deep vibrant blue dress that shows off her dancer legs to full advantage. I’m super surprised electronic manufacturers are still churning out point and click cameras which I thought would be obsolete now. Thankfully a talented actress will never go out of fashion.


Kang Sora Radiant in Deep Blue at Camera CF Event in Seoul — 8 Comments

  1. Time to return to dramaland Kang Sora!

    She seems to be work well with senior actors like Park Shin Yang.
    Perhaps we can see her work with Cha Tae Hyun in his next drama.

  2. wow how long are her legs?

    She’s talented and beautiful, I hope she breaks out with another great project after Misaeng. Jo Deul-ho was successful but I feel that impacted Park shin-yang more than Kang Sora. It’ll be nice to see her do a drama with Kim Woobin or Lee Jong Seok next, or reunite with her Misaeng costars Im Siwan and Kang Haneul.

  3. I love her since she is talented as well as beautiful but somehow regardless how good her dramas are it seems she never get enough exposure.

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