Park Shin Hye is Sweetly Square in New CF Pictorial and Preps Thriller Movie Silent Witness

Park Shin Hye‘s agency provided an update this week that the actress has been in preparation for her next acting project since wrapping up SBS drama Doctors in August. A film shoot isn’t as grueling and immersive as the live-shoot drama schedule so I expect to see her out and about on occasion, but then again this upcoming movies sounds like it will need a lot of prep. Park Shin Hye will be costarring with famed veteran Choi Min Shik and recent drama breakout star Ryu Jun Yeol in legal crime thriller Silent Witness.

It sounds like a cross between Miracle in Cell #7 and The Crucible, with Park Shin Hye playing the defense attorney hired by rich Choi Min Shik to defend his daughter played by Lee Soo Kyung from charges that she murdered Choi Min Shik’s new fiancee. Yikes. Park Shin Hye has become more and more versatile in recent years so I’m looking forward to her next iteration for Silent Witness. In the meantime have some perky and conservative new CF pics to sweeten your day.


Park Shin Hye is Sweetly Square in New CF Pictorial and Preps Thriller Movie Silent Witness — 15 Comments

  1. She is in USA for a Vogue pictorial right now.
    But filming should start this month as planned.
    She has been MIA unexpectedly after the drama… I miss her

  2. I somehow think she’ll be in a drama before the year ends. Just a random gut feeling. Though really, I hope she goes back to acting with younger stars. She and Kim Rae Won had zero chemistry on top of an initially icky premise.

    • She has no time for another drama this year with Silence filming and Hyung promotion.
      Her schedule is fully booked until next year.
      Personally I think she has better chemistry with older actors and I’m glad Korea agree with me on this. They like KRW-PSH couple.

      • That was more a gut feeling as I said. And nah, I don’t agree. She did have fantastic chemistry with Go Soo in whatever little scenes they had together in their movie but mostly, nah. As for ‘Koala’, I disagree with her most choices in almost everything so I’m not surprised. Eh.

      • @meemee We don’t have to agree about the chemistry. They barely had loveline in that movie.
        And I wasn’t talking about Koala, but Korea- which is her main audiences. They like the pairing very much.

  3. I really miss her, she is one actress that i always looking forward for her next project and always end up loving every of her project. Silent witness seems like a great movie. I watch the hongkong version with aaron kwok and it was great so i am looking forward for the korean version.

  4. I like the first photo. The second and the third looks like high school pictorials. She is getting prettier partially due to the weight loss. I think she has great chemistry with Kim Rae Won but I dropped Doctors by episode 10 because the drama came across to be rather boring. But she has been consistent and considerably successful and I hope she will continue to challenge herself as an actress.

  5. I would like to see her be the model for a more cool brand. She would be great in H&M , Mango, Vanessa Bruno, Vivienne Westwood , … Just saying.

  6. Love to see the K-version of Silent Witness. C-version was exciting but did have its drawbacks as a whole story. Hope K-version ramps up the storyline. Can’t wait to see PSH and CMS interaction in the film.

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