Stylish Drama Posters for Korean Entourage Sets the Stage for Entertainment World Bromance

Dang, so much hats off and kudos to the production design team of tvN‘s upcoming remake of hit US show Entourage. The drama posters are excellently stylish and evocative, blending sleek entertainment world glamour with bromance insouciance. The top one takes my breath away without even showing the faces of the five famous leads beyond side profiles, their suited figures illuminated by the setting sun as they converse conveys so much mood. The teasers below are also hilarious to boot.

The remake went from a Im Si Wan vehicle to a Seo Kang Joon headlined one as he takes on the role of the movie star with his own entourage navigating the world of South Korean entertainment as opposed to the original set in Hollywood. His pack will include Jo Jin Woong, Kwang Soo, Park Jung Min, and Lee Dong Hwi, with the production lining up countless famous Korean star cameos to play either themselves or fictional stars in the drama. The drama premieres on November 4th on tvN Fri-Sat.

Teasers for Entourage:


Stylish Drama Posters for Korean Entourage Sets the Stage for Entertainment World Bromance — 6 Comments

  1. Only time will tell if Im Siwan was wise or stupid to turn this drama down….

    Love the posters and I’m excited to see this!

    • Mmmm, I don’t know, maybe it was a good thing. Anyway, to me Siwan looks too much the “boy next door” type to embody a huge entertainment star. I know that he already is a star, haha!! but I can’t help but feel that SKJ looks better on the role, and he was already showing some nice acting skills in Cheese in the trap, so I am looking forward to see him in this.
      And just to make it clear, I adore Siwan 🙂 He made an awesome job in Misaeng. Maybe because he was that good I expect to see him in something more serious (Entourage seems to be on the comedy side, isn’t it?)…anyway, looking forward next project of Siwan too. 😀

      • But wasn’t Im Si Wan courted for the role of the manager aka the character that is now being played by Park Jung Min? The manager is supposed to be the more level-headed one of the group. I am curious if this role was always supposed to be secondary to the top star or if they changed the focus after ISW declined.

      • @Blue Hmmm interesting comment. I think the role offered to Im Siwan was the manager’s role and the main lead but it looks like the SKJ’s role may have been expanded with a different cast member.

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