Lee Min Ho is a Perfectly Coiffed Trickster in New Teaser Still for Legend of the Blue Sea

The mania stemming from Gu Jun Pyo in Boys Before Flowers feels so long ago, and it actually was as the drama aired way back when in 2009. Seven years is a long time to ride on iconic popular performance and to give Lee Min Ho credit he’s done many dramas and movies since to keep his popularity high. I’ve just never connected or loved any of his subsequent male lead roles since the curly haired high school Richie Rich with a desperately seeking love heart, but judging from the return of some curls in the hair in the teasers for mermaid drama Legend of the Blue Sea there may be some magic to come my way. The production released a perfect clarity teaser still that shows Lee Min Ho’s character in the drama gracing the cover of fake Trickster magazine. I love the entire look to pieces, please be good drama!


Lee Min Ho is a Perfectly Coiffed Trickster in New Teaser Still for Legend of the Blue Sea — 10 Comments

  1. I think curly hair is the current trend which (no offense to Lee Min Ho, in fact applicable to all actors) I greatly dislike. Anyway, I thought he had curly hair in “Faith”, is he not? The drama looks promising and having two powerhouse actors, I still think it will be a rating winner. And again nothing against LMH, he could basically pull in viewers even when “The Heirs” was completely crappy.

  2. I hate boys of flowers with passion…but his best roles for me so far are city hunter,faith and gangnam blues…I connected to his acting there a lot and love them but bof was a piece of trash to me

  3. I’ve only seen him in BoF and Personal Taste. Just like Koala I didn’t connect with him as in actor. There are actors I follow, whichever drama or movie they do. At least I start watching it and than I might dropp it, if I don’t like it.

    But LMH just doesn’t do it for me as an actor. And well, he also isn’t attractive to me. But that’s something, that can change with the right part.

  4. I’m not a fan of the wavy hair on most of these guys, but it is definitely a fad right now. My favorite LMH role is Faith. I am keeping my expectations at a reasonable level. I liked but didn’t love MLFAS unlike many others but this will be either a solid hit or a huge hit just based on the writer, star power and minimal competition (well at least one of the other dramas won’t provide much competition regardless of quality. I’m unsure of the other stations offering.)

  5. that was smart for sure!! and Lee Min Ho looks handsome, loved the hair style on him!! 😀 visually everything looks great so I hope the drama delivers as it looks!! 😀

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