Lee Hong Ki Confirms Relationship with Actress Han Bo Reum


This news certainly feels anti-climatic arriving on the heels of momentous changing happening across ocean in the US. K-ent reported last night that idol-actor Lee Hong Ki of band FT Island is dating rising young actress Han Bo Reum. Initial dating rumors first popped up in August as the two were spotted at a bowling alley but both sides claimed to be just friends. Fast forward three months and the two have now confirmed this latest dating news, explaining that their friendship since filming SBS drama Modern Farmer developed over time into a romance. I’m happy for them and wish all the best for this noona-dongsaeng couple, as Han Bo Reum is three years older than Lee Hong Ki.


Lee Hong Ki Confirms Relationship with Actress Han Bo Reum — 26 Comments

      • There’s rumours saying he’s gay because he takes real good care of his looks. Like always getting his nails done, always using good products to keep his skin clear. He has a lot of friends that’s are primarily girls. Even now that he confirmed his relationship people think it’s a cover up for being gay. LOL I don’t know ahaha.

      • But I thought most Korean men are beauty conscious. It’s not unusual that he takes good care of his appearance since many are doing the same. Find it funny that they think he is gay.

    • I thought PSH is with LJS? Weren’t there were rumours on them last year? Anyway, I was shipping her heavily with Jang Keun Suk. Turned out, they were just good friends.

      • No! How come…. LJS so clingy and happy with HHJ *yeah i watched W bts they so lovey dovey really different when i watched pinocchio bts* if LJS in relationship with PSH, she’ll be angry LOL

  1. PSH and LJS were actually seen outside of their show going out , last time was having dinner with the Pinocchio group. Does it seem weird how they both took off for a whole year after the drama, almost doing things together, graduating college, re starting both their projects, the dramas and soon after their movies. Sending 2 food trucks to her show was interesting besides being so interested in what was going on in her show! I haven’t heard of him doing that, correct me if wrong. Both of their projects will end at the same time as well. Until we see these 2 show otherwise….these are good for thought. Just reading behind the lines ?

  2. I was wondering where I’d seen her. Turns our she played the dead ex-gf of Ju Joo Won in Masters Sun. hahaha What a small world.

  3. Hongki is player to girls and i hear from knetizen, he always dates rookies girlband/actreesse. I hope i’m influence hangul in order to able reading SEAS. hihihu

  4. those rumours are soooo out of point. if he didnt take care of himself they’ll say he’s dirty. and most of his friends are girls so automatically he’s gay? I have a girlfriend who mostly has guys as her friends but she’s not gay. wow, am surprised at how ppl think at times. lol, the internet really is a scary place.

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