Official Stills of Ancient Times Battle Worn Gong Yoo Still Immensely Satisfying

It’s going to awhile before I get bored with the visual of Gong Yoo in his best Korean Aragorn Lord of the Rings impression in the unexpected flashback previews from Goblin. The combination of Gong Yoo having never done a sageuk role whether drama or movie, along with how smexy he looks doing it now, creates the explosive force of catnip to a Gong Yoo starved masses. He’s rolling in the popularity this year for hit movies Train to Busan and The Age of Shadows but drama wise it’s been 4 years since the disaster known as Big. He’s certainly making the most dramatic impression possible with this drama comeback, starring in a high profile Kim Eun Sook penned project and getting to indulge in his inner battle warrior boy id. I’m dying the know the backstory with his immortality and how that sword which only the goblin’s bride can pull up plays into it.


Official Stills of Ancient Times Battle Worn Gong Yoo Still Immensely Satisfying — 7 Comments

  1. He doesn’t look good at all. it’s the long hair n the style . Just doesn’t cut it. Hope he is the modern goblin most of the time.

      • He looks very manly and sexy in that gear. Much more realistic than those Hwarang pretties. I actually thino GY suits this better than the modern look. Although I always think he is so sexy anyway.

        Look at all that long, lush hair.

  2. I am not a fan of Gong Yoo but seriously, not many men could pulled off that look with long flowing tresses. Take for example, those “Hwarang” boys looking very sissy and not warrior like at all. Aside from Lee Jun Ki, I really think Gong Yoo the one that could look gorgeous with this mane of glory.

    • I’m surprised Gong Yoo looks mesmerising in sageuks. LJK is always fantastic in saegeuk wear, plus his acting is top notch. Yes, the other guys in Hwarang and ML are too pretty most of the time. I want them looking “manly” not prettier than us girls.

  3. Based on the promos, I wish this drama was historical. All the present day stills and videos have bored me to death but of course people want pretty when it comes to kdramas. I just hope there’s at least some depth to the drama.

  4. I’ll NEVER get bored of Gong Yoo’s look in mane of glory!! he looks SOOOOOOOOOOO GORGEOUSLY MANLY that I want to see him badly in a sageuk movie or drama (or both)!! 😀

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