Legend of the Blue Sea Blows Away Wed-Thurs New Dramas with First Episode 16.4% Ratings


It’s like taking candy from a baby.This past Wednesday night saw the premiere of three new prime time Wed-Thurs drama to change up the landscape. There was Legend of the Blue Sea on SBS, with KBS airing Oh My Geum Bi, and MBC offered up Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo. I was only interested in Legend of the Blue Sea but oftentimes the domestic Korean audiences has their own preferences that greatly differ. This time they were aligned in wanting to check out Legend as the drama premiered to a fantastic 16.4% AGB ratings nationwide. Poor Geum Bi came in second at 5.9% and even sadder was Kim Bok Joo rounding out the rear at an anemic 3.3.% Whatever the reason for the audience preference, Legend clearly delivered on its high profile leads of Lee Min Ho and Jeon Ji Hyun along with famed PD Jin Hyuk and popular screenwriter Park Ji Eun.




Legend of the Blue Sea Blows Away Wed-Thurs New Dramas with First Episode 16.4% Ratings — 41 Comments

  1. Legend of the blue sea was so good for me that when it ended I was in disbelief!! Why did episode one go by so fast?!?! Can’t wait for next episode!

  2. Legend of the blue sea definitely captured all the eyes. However I have a feeling Oh My Geum Bi might travel through word of mouth and get more viewers in the future. I can’t watch it though as I definitely know it’ll be a tear jerker.

    Really like the short sweet cameo by Krystal in Legend of the Blue Sea too. Still can’t believe how gorgeous JJH looked in the episode, so flawless.

  3. they did well maybe too well.this drama look almost perfect by the first episode but i salute the director PD Jin Hyuk you will forever have my respect DAMN.

  4. Looks like package of DotS repeats, star power + popular writer + decent PD + oversea filming + pre production. And unfortunate rivals from the orther 2 channels, doomed. LOL

  5. Legend of Blue Sea 1st episode is stunning in cinematography and funny, it’s easy to follow even when they have those magic con artist,
    but I think it deserved the high profile

    Oh my geumbi shows a very interested child actress and she is the star of this drama, I hope the story to become better

  6. As expected and the debut rating is way higher than DOTS. I have not checked this drama but with JJH on board, I have already known that it must be a solid one to lure a mega star like her to do a TV drama. Based on the plot and drama quality, will LOTBS surpass DOTS? I could not get passed one episode of DOTS and it would be great to join the fun of drama watching experience of a mega hit drama if LOTBS is really that good.

  7. I really loved Legend Of Blue Sea, it was visually stanning and I’m in to know and see more of the OTP and their story!! but I’m sad for Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo, I checked on it as well (for Nam Joo Hyuk/our 13th prince) and it was a fun and promesing drama that I’m planning in watching as well!! congratulations for Legend Of The Blue Sea and I hope the rating increases for Weitlifting Fairy as well!!

    • I was checking on Weighlifting Fairy and I like it. I was expecting it to take second place, though. I think both KBS and MBC pretty much ready to accept whatever ratings they may get since SBS putting on all their power players for LOTBS. I have not checked Legend yet so I don’t know how mind blowing good it is.

    • I wasn’t planning on watching WFKim Bok Joo but it was light and fun. Sad for the dramas but kbs and mbc didn’t want to fight against “the bulldozer”. It’s like The avendgers against an independant movie!!!

  8. I just finished watching episode 1 and something is missing that I can’t quite put my hands on. I am missing something. Well – I mean I’m not disappointed at all since I do like this pairing and want to see the rest of the story. I think I need to watch ep 1 a few more times to fully appreciate it. Cinemtography absolutely gorgeous. LMH in joseon garb is a must see. He really needs to do a joseon era sageuk, although I don’t know how modern his speech is. Anyhow I digress. JJH is just so pretty… I am glad that the antics of a mermaid were subdued. A nice balance. But i did find the transitions kinda odd. Anyhow, I think it’s the oversea part of the shoot that makes it odd even though the location is oh so beautiful. The first part was lovely.

    • I felt it too. Something missing.
      Maybe it’s the connection to us viewers. I just marathoned King of High School, maybe I am still absorbed in the life of a normal hardworking Korean(almost normal) Seo In Guk shines in that role.
      But I have to admit, JJH is freaking awesome. I am staying tuned to LOBS(ter) because I am liking the gradual awakening of love. Or will it be as tempestuous as the stormy seas that brought them together???

    • For me, the start of the story was missing. There was a presentation of the characters and overall how they met. But we don’t really know what is the drama about.

      The visual was really great.

      But I think if JJH wants people to “forget” her role in her last drama, she had to choose a non comedic drama. Because if her character is different, her way to play is the same…

      • It was good but not great.
        I was only intrigued by what happened between the OTP 400 years ago. The modern setting kind of bland.
        You are right about JJH. I still can strongly feel the vibe of YFAS here. The comedic moments feel kinda slapstick.

    • The story was missing. The start was so boring I just stopped watching. I’ll just wait on see how it goes before deciding whether to continue.

  9. Wow those ratings surpassed a little of DOTS first ep. And i thk its about the same rating from JJH’s previous drama My love from the star. Anyhow it clearly reflected korean audience interest. If they keep up with the pull and interest it would really be a nation hit.
    Im more interested in weightlifting fairy compared to my Geum bi. Scoring less than 5% is quite ouch for a non cable network. Feel nad for the cast. Hope abysmal rating wont cause either drama to be cut short.

  10. The first episode was ok for me. I am more intrigued by the Joseon backstory but not quite liking the modern setting. Anyhow, both LMH and JJH are top Hallyu stars, so the ratings are very much expected. Feel bad for Weightlift Fairy…the drama is actually good and enjoyable.

    • I had a feeling that Bok Joo would end up like this.. Sadly coming of age youth sports drama tend to not do well.. Sassy go go, Triple, Basketball and To The Beautiful You.

      Shame cause I really enjoy these types of drama the most. Since they center around friendships, hardships, romance and perseverance.

  11. I have just finished watching epi01?can’t help it I thought i wanted to wait lmao!, this episode was just so so, not really mind-blowing like many people said but I’m sure it get better.

  12. I am a bit ambivalent on this drama? Is it as good as it is being hyped up? Reason being, I am not a big fan of LMH so that’s not inducing me to tune in…..

  13. I liked W kim bok joo more than the other two drama the cast also is a good cast i watched LOTBS i think it is ok and i don’t think i will watch it even if i liked all of lee min ho dramas and i think because of the mermaid thing but i wonder if all a drama needs is hallyu star to be a hit why it didn’t work with moon lovers and i enjoyed it a lot.

    • I actually feel that WF Kim Bok Joo is better. This one feels like You From Another Star 2.0. It’s not that great and the main reason it got high rating is the combine starpower of JJH and LMH. Both leads basically in their comfort zone playing characters which pretty much have the same vibes as their previous ones. I read elsewhere that everyone rave over JJH but why do i feel she kinda OTT? Not that excited and I will only check it probably after it completed airing.

  14. Yes, I got it. This is a drama of whole package and it is destined to hit high ratings. I am supposed to be excited about it. But why am I not and still keep watching other dramas without having desire to even check it out? I used to MUST watch LMH’s dramas including disappointing the Heirs. Now I feel that the acting is all predictable, specifically on JJH’s share, regardless of how unexpected the storyline could be. I just can not get over that predictable rom com vibe she exuded times and times and times again in most of her dramas and films. Need a fresh look to woo me as a viewer, really. Does not matter if you are a diva of the same type of roles for decade.

    • @drama 2016, I feel the same way. I fear the predictable 2 top hallyu stars showing the same acting and their “godlike” looks . But the feeback is good. I’ll Watch later, after Romantic doctor teacher kim ( good acting) and W Kim Bok jo ( 1st ep was enjoyable and i pity the poor ratings)

      • Romantic Doctor Teacher Kim featured acting god Han Suk Kyu but the premise is boring. I can’t take another medical drama despite how much I admire HSK.

      • For me, it is because of Han Suk Kyu that I can’t watch Romantic Doctor Teacher Kim. He may be a good actor but I find his character so unrealistic and annoying. Great skills come with experience and continuous practice – no doctor will be great in a godforsaken place with one patient a week.
        I would have watched this drama if not for this character… Pity…

  15. Lmh, didn’t know he had such a high pitch unmanly voice. I just checked out the light scene on YouTube ep 2 , first time seeing this actor play n it was a put off. AlThough he’s can’t be blamed for this.

  16. I don’t know why I’m not even a bit curious about this drama, maybe because I still cannot get over with Moon Lovers (SHR). Dear, Drama God, I need help to move on with my life. I’m trying now by watching The Man Living In My House, which is quite amusing. But I lost interest in watching K-Drama .. *hiks*

    • There was once an article posted by Koala which said that bad drama is better than a boring one (no offense, Koala was referring to sleeper hit “Doctors”). Many viewed SHR as a bad drama though I don’t totally share the view, in fact addicted to it for as long as 16 episodes. I have checked on LOTBS mainly due to the rave reviews but I am not that attracted because I find too much of YFAS in here. Maybe the setting would worked should JJH not casted but the writer featured a distinctive style when she is paired with JJH and JJH brought in the same set of aura all over again. And minus the con-artist badness, LMH still bring in the same game. I say LOTBS is worth checking but I don’t feel emotionally attached or addicted in any way yet. And it’s funny that almost every comments i read in DB raved over JJH but basically no one mentioned LMH as if he is just there to form one half of the OTP.

    • @RINI i understand your feelings , Moon Lovers still lingering in my mind. I’m starting to Watch Kim Bok Joo and it’s refreshing.

    • Count me in as another one who’s still not over Scarlet Heart. That one could be so bad but it had me gripped by the end of the first episode in a way this drama just hasn’t done so far, despite starring an actress I love (JJH)

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