Goblin’s Premiere Episode Notches 6.3% Ratings on Cable and Breaks Time Slot Record Set by Answer Me 1988

The first volley out of the gate is a resounding hit that has the legs to be a home run. The first episode of cable network tvN‘s Fri-Sat new drama Goblin garnered a 6.322% AGB nationwide ratings, breaking the record set on that network time slot by Answer Me 1988 with 6.14% AM1988 went on to become a national drama obsession when it aired last winter, with the final episode breaking 18% ratings, which is unreal on a cable channel. Basically anything breaking 5% ratings on cable is akin to breaking 20% ratings in the big three networks on prime time. This is such a relief for me because I need my precious Gong Yoo‘s first drama return in 4 years to not be a dud after Big, and for screenwriter Kim Eun Sook it means yet another hit under her belt.

The first two episodes of Goblin have a long airing time of 90 minutes so Kim Eun Sook is really packing in the goodies right off the bat. I can’t wait to dive in and hopefully ogling Gong Yoo won’t distract me too much from digging into the plot.


Goblin’s Premiere Episode Notches 6.3% Ratings on Cable and Breaks Time Slot Record Set by Answer Me 1988 — 42 Comments

      • And who’s and what kind of standards are we talking here. Yours?? Given that you began by insulting others peoples taste just because you don’t agree with their opinion of the drama. I said that reflect more on you as a person than this drama’s quality. However, to each it’s own, right?

    • I think everyone has the right to like or not like a drama, for those individuals that dont like a drama the choice is very simple, watch the drama you like and let others enjoy what they are watching the drama they like. There has been many movies, dramas that I have not like or has not called me to watch it, and I did not watched or currently not watching. There are a few drama currently on air that many people like but for some reason they dont call me and that is okay. That is why we have choices and the freedom to pick and choose.

  1. I’m only halfway through and OMG it’s so, so good. It’s not even over and I want to watch the first episode again!!! It’s such an experience, very set apart from 99% of kdramas. It deserves the ratings and if it stays this good or even gets better, I can see the ratings getting insane.

    Also I can’t express how wonderful it is to see Gong Yoo in a kdrama. I’m so excited every single time he’s on screen!!

  2. It was like I was watching a movie. The Cinematography is insanely beautiful and the music was just right. Can’t wait to see we’re this show will take us.

  3. yay for the ratings- thats the first thg i google AGB nielsen page for cable.
    tvN ends 2016 with the best yet from Goblin.
    Congrats to cast and crew of Goblin but most of all hope the show continues to go well both plot wise, writing and editing.

  4. I normally have allergic with anything Gong Yoo but surprisingly, I like him here. But KGE really annoyed me with her over the top aegyo. Again like LOTBS, i like the goryeo portion but not so much the present day story.

  5. Kim Eun Sook is really invicible. I am wondering the highest rating debut is because of KES or Gong Yoo returning to dramaland?

    • It’s a lot of things. Yes, 6% is great, but this is TVN’s most popular timeslot and 4-5% debuts are normal. KES also just came off a megahit drama and Gong Yoo did as well, though in a movie. LDW is also popular and it has a lot of buzz. Plus PD Lee deserves a lot of credit for the beautiful first episode. I don’t think you can give credit to just one person.

      • I mean 3-4% debut, not 4-5%. Those happen too, but it’s rarer. Still, the best sign for this drama is good word of mouth, which will go a long way to improving ratings in the future.

  6. Yaaaas! The pilot was EVERYTHING! The cinematography, the music, and 2 Daddy for the price of one! Man I was a puddle by the end of the episode…

  7. Somebody mentioned it and i also feel the same way : this drama feels like a MOVIE! The fast paced intro and background story, and the music and special effects,I was overwhelmed in a nice way. Nice acting by the all especially GY and LDW

  8. yes! nice acting by GY & LDW! who watches this drama for the female lead without the two very good actors… Nice drama with a good start.

  9. Yes yes yes!

    Fingers crossed that it can keep the momentum… I’ll try to hold of (probably unsuccessfully) until a few more episodes air.

  10. The first episode was great. This is how a fantasy with fairy tale elements should be done (unlike LOTBS and Mirror of the Witch).
    I don’t particulary like the cast, but I don’t particulary dislike it either, so I’ll continue watching it.
    Anyway, whatever people may think about Kim Eun Seok, she started the year with style and leaves it alike. That is sure.

  11. Not that bad but not resonating with me either. Pretty much expected that KES writing just not up to my taste. I like the male leads though but Kim Go Eun is annoying. The bright girl persona that she tried to exude really irked me. Idk if it’s the writing or her acting but I just couldn’t…

  12. I loved the first episode!! The action sequences were well done, the characters are interesting and the acting is great imo. Can’t wait for more!

  13. A really good start – very enjoiyable.

    And is it me or are the various people making negative comments really the same person under different names? If so, how sad and pathetic that you have to scoop so low…

    • I believe is the same person with different names. It really is sad but this is the world of internet and nothing we can do about people like this.

  14. I see the same salty comments in this post having the same icon of purple ornament under different names. Anybody see it too? Haha.

    If you don’t like it, don’t watch it then. Bye.

  15. I love this,it little bit remain me with xxxholic,but I love it more, very beautiful cinematography,great chemistry,awesome story,nice music and ost.
    I just hope,this drama solid until the end episode.

  16. so happy to have Gong Yoo back to dramaland 😀 and that the drama started with a big and promessing start!! I really loved the 1st too episodes and can’t wait to see where we’re going and I hope it keeps getting better as it’s promessing!!
    congratulations to Goblin’s entire team!! hope the rating keep getting better and better!! 😀

  17. That was like watching a movie. Very good start. But we can’t compare the ratings of both. Reply 1988 hasn’t any stars only newbies ! So their achievement was really something to be proud of ! Here we have a drama with top stars , top star writer with many hits…ratings are more understable… Bye SHK/ SJK couple and other contenders We have the couple of the year GY/LDW.

  18. sjk, Blinded, Trash, Gummy, Crucial, Happy, goblin – is the SAME person!!! This person should be forever banned in this blog, Ms Koala. “Trash” is the best suited name!! LOL… SMH…Please remove all these useless comments. Many thanks!

  19. I love Gong Yoo and to be able to see him for the first time as a warrior “Saguek” like, Oh My! Hopefully in the future he’ll do a historical drama. What a great start! It feel as though as a I was watching a movie. All the cast members were awesome and on point. Fighting, Goblin!!!

  20. the lead female sux. she look like a kid next to Gong yoo. her acting idnt help too. drama would have higher rating if they ast a lead that know how to act.

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