New Drama Stills Show the First Meeting of Sunny and the Grim Reaper and a Startled Goblin

Cast chemistry is firing on all cylinders in the first two episodes of Goblin, even supporting and side characters like the little boy version of Yook Sung Jae and Lee El as the mysterious old woman/hottie in red are eye-catching. The only thing not seen in the first two episodes is any interaction between the second leads Lee Dong Wook and Yoo In Na. If Kim Eun Sook‘s style holds true then they will have their own romance and pathos that could rival or even surpass the leads story.

In this case both character are well rendered right off the bat, the petty grumpy Grim Reaper and the super sexy oddball chicken shop owner Sunny. I can’t wait for them to meet, and it’s clearly no coincidence that her name is Sunny an he’s the harbinger of death. I can’t wait to see the full scene of their first meeting shown above in new drama stills, and there’s also new goodies for Gong Yoo’s goblin as he looks supremely taken aback while in pajamas and a robe.


New Drama Stills Show the First Meeting of Sunny and the Grim Reaper and a Startled Goblin — 13 Comments

  1. ommoo.. cant wait to see this second couple … such a cute chemistry.. lee dong wook really matching with his role in this scary cute funny grim reaper. he got that all..

  2. I heart it. Love it.
    I never expected i’ll become very invested in its story..

    Sunny is the one that pointed out the “lonesome” in Eun Tak’s character even when she masks it with her bright and chirpy personalities.

    Kim Go Eun IS NOT miscasted. I feel her as Eun Tak.

    Its right that people shouldn’t judge Kim Eun Sook only by her Heirs and DOTS.

    Hope it stays true to its good premiere.

  3. So the grim reaper can be seen by people? I thot both he n goblin were serum only by select ppl. Am not watching the series, don’t have the time, but just read little stuff here.

  4. finally..this couple has so much feels already. gy n kge looks like ahjussi and teenager so this second couple will burn the screen with fire. I don’t mind if KES write the story for GY as the guardian only and no romantic feeling attach.Love can come in many ways.

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