Swarovski Crystals Shine on Park Shin Hye in New 1st Look Pictorial

The holidays are for shiny festive adornments and bling bling jewelry certainly fits that bill. It would be great if simply wearing the same elegant and youthful Swarovski pieces as modeled by Park Shin Hye in the latest 1st Look pictorial will make us look as fetching. 2016 is ending on yet another career high note year for Park Shin Hye, there was hit SBS Mon-Tues drama Doctors with Kim Rae Won, and now the female lead role in the currently in theaters bromance hit movie My Annoying Brother (Hyung) with Jo Jung Seok and D.O. Doctors was too herky jerky for me both in the medical and romance narrative as well as fleshing out the main characters, but it was a good pick for Park Shin Hye to play a tough smart role and continue her evolution into a A-list leading lady in her own right.


Swarovski Crystals Shine on Park Shin Hye in New 1st Look Pictorial — 23 Comments

  1. There are more pretty pictures.
    And yes 2016 was supposed to be a good year for her until that stupid controversy ruined half of it…
    But I hope she will come back soon next year… with a better project.
    Doctors was successful mostly because of the cast

      • Actually medical dramas are either really high or really low.
        They aren’t the one in the middle…

      • The nail controversy and people didn’t please with her twitter post.
        I don’t think it affect her badly but she disappeared after a rating hit because of it
        Media won’t get a chance to make a big deal out of it but she couldn’t get the benefit of Doctors as well..

  2. Love that in between her successful dramas and movie, we read about her charities and good deeds. A fine example to her fans and to others in her industry to do so as well. Here’s to hoping we hear about next project, fingers crossed for it to be with Kim Soo Hyun! ?

    • Suzy is probably the most beloved and popular idol. She is a CF queen so she will have good offers no matter what… since idols are taking roles of actresses for reasons and she is the most popular one among them

      • Suzy CF Queen?!? umm, not sure about that, you should have seen Koalas new article, Yuna is higher than her.

      • @swan Yuna had been Korean queen for years… and it doesn’t mean Suzy isn’t a cf queen herself. She is in top 3 and I believe she has been for a several year.
        She got a lot good offers because of the attention and endorsments she has

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